LPJ A.R.PENCK Nachtcafι Deutschland (A + B = C? Oder Was??) 65,00 M--/EX--Weltmelodie ‎– WM-LP-4717/1+2 Early double LP free jazz release from German visual artists / musician
LPJ AA VV Just blues 15,00 Disques Vogue FRA orig DizzyGillespie,DjangoReinhardt
LPJ AA VV Low Down OST 20,00 M/M new copy SS Cinewax gatefold cover (Ohad Taylor, Joe Albany, Coleman Hawkins, Thelonious Monk)
LPJ AA VV Tender feelin's-Blue Note 24,00 2LP Blue Note 2003 silky cuts for cool cats
LPJ AA VV That's The Way I Feel Now - A tribute To Thelonious Monk 18,00 M--/M- 2LP gatefold cover A&M Records ‎– AMLM 66600
LPJ AA VV The greatest jazz concert ever 20,70 2LP GF C. Parker, D.Gillespie, B.Powell, C.Mingus
LPJ AA VV  Jazz for a sunday afternoon 18,10  Vol. 3 italt UAS 18037
LPJ AA VV  Jazztone society 35,00  10" J-SPEC 100 w cover booklet USA EX
LPJ AA VV  The Birdland stars 28,00  vol.1 10" RCA ITAL. A10V0089 EX-EX
LPJ AA VV  The king jazz story vol.7 20,70  Italy KJIT 1007
LPJ AA VV  The king of jazz vol.4 20,70  Italy KJIT 1004
LPJ ABRAMS MUHAL RICHARD Duet 20,00 M-/M- ITA press Black Saint BSR 0051 feat. Amina Claudine Myers
LPJ ABRAMS RICHARD MUHAL Spiral: Live At Montreux 1978 12,00 M--/M-- Novus ‎– AN 3007, Arista ‎– AN 3007 USA 1978
LPJ AHMED ABDUL-MALIK with RAY NANCE and SELDON POWELL Spellbound 12,00 M-/VG reissue Klimt Records ‎– MJJ388
LPJ AKIYOSHI TOSHIKO Farewell To Mingus 10,00 EX+/EX+ Jam ‎– JAM 003
LPJ ALAN SILVA and his Celestial Communication Orchestra Luna Surface 15,00 M-/M- Get Back ‎– GET 312-Actuel – 12
LPJ ALFREDO PONISSI ENSEMBLE Don't Say Goodbye 15,00 M/M-- Fonit Cetra ‎– PL 696 Pellicano
LPJ AMMONS GENE Live! In Chicago 15,00 M--/EX+ reissue Prestige ‎– P-7495, Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-395
LPJ AMMONS GENE/ GREEN BENNY Juggin'around 13,00 euro press Atlantis 1
LPJ ARMSTRONG LOUIS Town Hall concert plus 18,00 ITA press original RCA Victor VG/VG
LPJ ARMSTRONG LOUIS  An early portrait 10,40  Milestone 2010 USA
LPJ ARMSTRONG LOUIS  Really ther jazz 13,00  EMI ital.
LPJ ARMSTRONG LOUIS  Satchmo en el symphony hall 20,70  vol.1 Argentina EX
LPJ ARNOLD BILLY BOY More Blues On The South Side 20,00 M--/M-- Ace ‎– CH253 Ger press - reissue
LPJ ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO Certain Blacks 25,00 M--/M-- USA press Inner City Records ‎– IC 1004
LPJ ART STUDIO Diagnosi 35,00 cover VG CMC records CMC 101 w Carlo Actis Dato
LPJ ART STUDIO Presagio 15,00 CMC records w booklet
LPJ ART TATUM On The Air 15,00 M--/M- Aircheck Records ‎– AIRCHECK 21
LPJ ASHBY DOROTHY Soft Winds 22,00 M/M new copy SS reissue - limited numbered copy The Swinging Harp of Dorothy Ashby with Terry Pollard, Jimmy Cobb, Hernan Wright
LPJ AYLER ALBERT Bells 30,00 Base Records ITA press, LP Single Sided ESP 1010 
LPJ BAKER CHET For Lovers 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180G pure virgin vinyl - deluxe gatefold set
LPJ BAKER CHET Italian Movie Soundtracks 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180G pure virgin vinyl - deluxe inner sleeve
LPJ BAKER CHET Sings 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180G pure virgin vinyl - deluxe gatefold set
LPJ BAKER CHET & CREW Chet Baker & Crew 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180 gram Jazz Track
LPJ BARBIERI GATO Chapter Four: Alive In New York 20,00 EX/EX Impulse! ‎– IMP 446 ITA press
LPJ BARBIERI GATO El Pampero 15,00 EX/EX gatefold cover Flying Dutchman ‎– FD 10151
LPJ BARBIERI GATO Fenix 20,70 Flying Dutchman USA GF Stereo original FD10144
LPJ BARBIERI GATO In search of the mystery 10,00 HQ 180 gram pure virgin vinyl
LPJ BASIE COUNT Count Basie and the Kansas City 7 13,00 ITA press Jasmine records
LPJ BASIE COUNT Sing Along With Basie 15,00 Roulette FRA press
LPJ BASIE COUNT The Complete Count Basie vol.1 to 10 1936-1941 50,00 box 10LP CBS euro press CBS 66101 w booklet
LPJ BASIE COUNT The essential Volume 2 10,00 euro press CBS
LPJ BASIE COUNT  The world of 46,50  3 separate Lps R52111/2/3 USA
LPJ BASIE COUNT  With Kansas city seven 35,00  Mercury 10" MG 25015 EX-EX
LPJ BASIE COUNT and his Orchestra Breakfast Dance and Barbecue 20,00 Roulette FRA press
LPJ BASSO VALDAMBRINI QUINTET Fonit H602 H603 34,00 M/M new copy SS gatefold cover 2LP w CD included Milan 1970
LPJ BEIRACH RICHARD  Eon 13,00  ECM1054 trio
LPJ BIG BEN BANJO BAND  Let's get together.. 15,50  7" SEG7738 UK
LPJ BILLY BANG QUINTET Rainbow Gladiator 18,00 Soul Note SN 1016
LPJ BLAKEY ART and the Jazz Messengers Drum suite 15,00 M--/M-- ITA press reissue Columbia ‎– CL 1002-Jazz 33 Giri – 72-180G
LPJ BLEY PAUL Axis solo piano 20,00 Improvising Artists 37.38.53 USA
LPJ BMN TRIO Live At Tunnel 20,00 new copy qbico 86 Thomas Borgmann (tenor sax, soprano sax, ocarina) Wilber Morris (bass) Reggie Nicholson (drums)
LPJ BOWIE LESTER The 5th power 30,00 Black Saint ITA press w Arthur Blythe, Malachi Favors, Amina Meyers, Phillip Wilson
LPJ BRAFF RUBY  Little big horn 31,00  10" Orpheus ital. J1011 ex-ex
LPJ BRAUFMAN ALAN Valley Of Search 20,00 M-/EX-- the first ever reissue of the 1975 free jazz album - NY'creative improvised underground
LPJ BRAXTON ANTHONY Alto saxophone improvisation 1979 25,00 2LP GF record M- cover VG+ Arista USA
LPJ BRAXTON ANTHONY Duets 1976 20,00 M-/M-- with Muhal Richard Adams USA Arista press USA Arista ‎– AL 4101
LPJ BRAXTON ANTHONY  Alto saxophone 1979 20,00 cover VG- cut corner, adhesive 2LP USA GF
LPJ BROWN CLIFFORD Remember Clifford 20,00 EX++/M-- Mercury ‎– SR 60827 USA press
LPJ BROWN LES  More from Les 25,90  Coral ARGENTINA CRL57058
LPJ BROWN MARIO Why not 15,50 ESP 1040 reissue 180 GRAM VIRGIN VINYL 
LPJ BRUBECK DAVE  Jazz at the College Pacific 15,00  SS USA OJC
LPJ BRUBECK DAVE QUARTET Brandeburg gate Revisited 20,00 ITA press record VG CBS SCP 133.318
LPJ BUDDY RICH BIG BAND The New One! 10,00 EX/VG+ original USA press Pacific Jazz Records ‎– ST-20126 gatefold press
LPJ BUICKNER TOM - GERALD OSHITA - ROSCOE MITCHELL New Music For Woodwinds and Voice 15,00 M/M new copy SS 1750 Arch Records ‎– S-1785 1981 free jazz
LPJ BURATTI GIORGIO Homo Sapiens? 30,00 M-/M- New Jazz Collection 1977 ITA Vedette Records ‎– VPA 8334
LPJ BURRELL DAVE Round Midnight 40,00 M-/M- Nippon Columbia YX-7541ND JAP press w insert
LPJ BURRELL DAVE Windward Passages 40,00 2LP Hat Hut records FIVE (2R05) GF
LPJ BURTON GARY  Crystal silence 14,50  ECM GERMANY 1024
LPJ BURTON GARY / CHICK COREA  Crystal silence 20,00 ECM 1024 ST 1973
LPJ BYAS DON Live At Minton's 1941 15,00 Musidisc FRA 30 JA 5121 
LPJ BYAS DON/BUD POWELL A Tribute To Cannonball 18,00 Columbia USA JC 35755 cover EX Promo print on back cover. Some scratches on front cover
LPJ CARKA WHITE/MANNY DURAN BAND Andruline 20,00 Stash 1984
LPJ CARTER BENNY  Alto artistry 10,40  reissue TRIP JAZZ
LPJ CARTER BENNY  Swingin'in the 20's 13,00  Contemporary S7561 USA yellow
LPJ CCMC Vol.4 Free Soap 20,00 cover EX--/EX Music Gallery Editions MGE 22
LPJ CECIL TAYLOR UNIT Akisakila - Cecil Taylor Unit In Japan 50,00 M-/VG-- 2LP gatefold cover JAP press with OBI and insert - Trio Records ‎– PA-3004~5
LPJ CENTAZZO ANDREA / CARLO ACTIS DATO / FURIO CHIRICO / GIGI VENEGONI  L'altro lato 30,00 VG/EX Edizioni Augusta ‎– MS 1009, Edizioni Augusta ‎– MS 1007 1985 ITA
LPJ CHERRY DON Mu First Part 15,00 record M/coverITA press Affinity
LPJ CHET BAKER & ART PEPPER SEXTET Playboys 20,00 M--/M-- World Pacific Records ‎– PJ-1234, Pacific Jazz ‎– PJ-1234- 140G  late 200's reissue
LPJ CHRISTIAN CHARLIE The Genius Of The Electric Guitar 18,00 CBS Jazz masterpieces
LPJ CLAYTON BUCK & BUDDY TATE Kansas City Nights 16,00 Prestige 2LP GF
LPJ COJANIS CLAUDIO  Metronomes 9,30 solo piano ICTUS
LPJ COLEMAN ORNETTE Skies of America 15,00 UK press Cover EX CBS 65147
LPJ COLEMAN ORNETTE That's jazz 20,00 GER press Atlantic 50 240
LPJ COLEMAN ORNETTE The art of the improvisers 15,00 Atlantic ITA press 1971 cover VG+
LPJ COLEMAN ORNETTE Twins 20,00 M-/M- open, like new -USA reissue SD 1588
LPJ COLEMAN ORNETTE  Prime design 13,00  CDP85002 USA
LPJ COLEMAN ORNETTE  Prime design 15,00 CAN press
LPJ COLLINS DICK  Horn of plenty 15,50  Fresh sound SPAIN GF reissue
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN A Love Supreme 25,00 EX++/EX ITA press gatefold cover ITA 1976 Impulse! ‎– IMPL 5000, ABC Impulse! ‎– AS 77
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN A Love Supreme 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Bahia 30,00 EX++/EX++ USA 1972 Prestige ‎– PR 7353, Prestige ‎– PRT-7353, Prestige ‎– 7353 - Lime green center labels
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Ballads 20,00 M/M new copy SS 180G reissue Jazz Classics
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Black Pearls 18,00 2LP Black Pearls/The Believer 2LP GF ITA press Jazz θ bello cover EX
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Bye Bye Blackbyrd 20,00 M--/VG 1981 ITA press Pablo Live ‎– PBL 6002
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Dakar 20,00 M--/EX Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-393, Prestige ‎– P-7280 GER press
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Dusseldorf March 28th 1960 20,00 M/M new copy SS Doxy numbered copy (369)
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Giant Steps 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissueVinyl Lovers
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Interplay 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue Jazz Classics 180 gram
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN My Favorite Things 100,00 VG--/VG-- ITA press original mono - Atlantic ‎– 1361 - black Atlantic label - Sleeve Printed in U.S.A.
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN My Favorite Things 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180 gram Includes free MP3 album download
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Olθ 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN Plays the blues 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180G Jazz Classics
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN The Believer 50,00 VG/VG+ original ITA press PR 7292 VOL.14 (some noises/fruscio)
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN The Stardust Session 20,00 M-/M ITA press Jazz θ bello - 2LP gatefold cover Prestige ‎– HB6014
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN & DON CHERRY The Avant-Garde 25,00 M-/M- ITA press Atlantic ‎– K 40231, Atlantic ‎– (SD 1451)
LPJ COLTRANE JOHN/JOHNNY HARTMAN John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman 20,00 M/M new copy SS 180G reissue gatefold cover - the classic ballad jazz album-
LPJ COOPER BOB Coop! The Music of Bob Cooper 15,00 C7544 OJC-161 (C-7544) reissue
LPJ COREA CHICK Inner Space 25,00 M-/M- 2LP gatefold cover Atlantic ‎– K 60050, Atlantic ‎– SD 2 305 ITA press compilation w unreleased
LPJ COREA CHICK  Piano improvisation vol.1 15,00 EX+/EX ECM 1914 ST
LPJ COREA CHICK  Return to forever 25,00 ECM 1972 GER press 1022 ST
LPJ COREA CHICK/RETURN TO FOREVER Where have I known you before 14,00 EX/EX ITA press
LPJ COUNT BASIE & ZOOT SIMMS Basie & Zoot 20,00 Pablo USA 2310-745
LPJ COURSIL JACQUES Black Suite 30,00 2LP GF EX/EX BYG Records – 529.349 Series:Actuel – 49 FRA press
LPJ CRAWFORD HANK Night Beat 15,00 new copy SS Milestone M 9168
LPJ CREATIVE IMPROVISORS ORCHESTRA The Sky Cries The Blues 40,00 M-/M- CMIF Records ‎– CMIF #1- 1982 USA
LPJ CROSBY BING  The early 30's 15,50  vol.2 UK Decca red Mono AH88 EX-EX
LPJ CROSBY BOB  & his orchestra 1936 10,40  London UK HMG5021
LPJ DAVIS "LOCKJAW" EDDIE  Afro-Jaws 20,00 M--/EX reissue - Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-403, Riverside Records ‎– RSLP 373
LPJ DAVIS MILES Agharta 34,00 M-/M- 2LP gatefold cover reissue Music On Vinyl exclusively remastered 180G
LPJ DAVIS MILES Amandla 18,00 M--/EX++ euro press inner sleeve
LPJ DAVIS MILES Ascenseur pour l'ιchafaud (Lift To The Scaffold) 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue of the original soundtrack 180G
LPJ DAVIS MILES Birth Of The Cool 20,00 M/M new copy reissue SS
LPJ DAVIS MILES Bitches Brew 29,00 M/M new copy SS 2LP reissue gatefold cover We Are Vinyl 180 gram
LPJ DAVIS MILES Black Beauty: Miles Davis Live At Fillmore West 30,00 M-/VG+ 2LP euro press gatefold cover - euro press Columbia ‎– 487528 1
LPJ DAVIS MILES Early Minor - Rare Miles from The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions 26,00 M/M new copy SS RSD limited
LPJ DAVIS MILES Miles Davis 22,00 M--/EX++ 2LP Prestige ‎– HB 6001 Jazz θ bello - compilation ITA
LPJ DAVIS MILES Plays Ballads 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180G pure virgin vinyl - deluxe gatefold set
LPJ DAVIS MILES You're Under Arrest 20,00 euro press GF
LPJ DAVIS MILES / MONK THELONIOUS  At Newport 30,00 ITA press original M-/M- CBS ‎– S 62389, CBS ‎– XSM 76765
LPJ DAVIS MILES SEXTET Jazz At The Plaza Vol.1 20,00 M-/M euro press CBS S 65778
LPJ DAVIS RICHARD Muses For Richard Davis 20,00 special guest: Freddie Hubbard BASF MPS stereo light ringwear on cover
LPJ DIEGO CARRARESI QUARTET Attrezzo 15,00 M-/M- Splasc(h) records H140
LPJ DIXON BILL Bill Dixon in Italy 18,00 Soul Note ITA press
LPJ DODDS JOHNNY  Heritage on six records 18,10  2LP King Jazz NLJ18019 ITA
LPJ DODDS JOHNNY  s/t 20,70  London UK AL3505 VOL.1 10" EX
LPJ DODDS JOHNNY  The immortal 14,50  RCR LPD7802 ITA
LPJ DOLPHY ERIC  At the Five Spot 20,70  USA press Prestige 7826
LPJ DOLPHY ERIC  Atthe Five Spot, vol.1 20,70  USA press Prestige 7611
LPJ DON BYAS  1945 15,50  Alamac  USA
LPJ DORHAM KENNY Kenny Dorham Quintet 25,00 M--/EX++ USA reissue Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-113, Debut Records ‎– DLP-9
LPJ DORSEY TOMMY  El caballero sentimental 25,90  RCA AVL3028 Argentina n°2
LPJ DORSEY TOMMY  The best 13,00  RCA Victor 1967 USA
LPJ DREAMS s/t 15,00 USA press w Michael & Randy Brecker & Billy Cobham
LPJ EARDLEY JON The Jon Eardley Seven 20,00 M--/EX--  Prestige ‎– P-7033, Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-123 with Zoot Sims and Phil Woods
LPJ EAST RIVER CONSORT  Laurasia 25,90 EX-/VG--- heavy ring wear great & rare!Oregon style.Private
LPJ ELLINGTON DUKE and JOHNNY HODGES Back To Back 18,00 M/MM new copy SS reissue 180G pure virgin vinyl - newly remastered - deluxe inner sleeves
LPJ ELLINGTON DUKE and RAY BROWN This One's For Blanton 20,00 M-/M- reissue 180G ITA Pablo Records ‎– 2310 721 - Jazz 33 Giri – 84 -
LPJ ELLIS HERB Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre 20,00 EX+/VG-- ITA press 
LPJ ELLIS HERB / JIMMY GIUFFRE Herb Ellis Meets Jimmy Giuffre 18,00 M/M new copy SS 180G ITA reissue Verve Records ‎– MG V-8311 - Jazz 33 Giri – 95
LPJ EVANS GIL Live at the Royal Festival Hall 40,00 Mole Jazz Stereo Mole 3 1981 UK
LPJ EVANS GIL Priestess 15,00 Antilles USA press
LPJ EVANS GIL The british orchestra 20,00 Mole Jazz UK MOLE 8
LPJ EVANS GIL & The Monday Night Orchestra Live At Sweet Basil 25,00 M-/M- 2LP Electric Bird ‎– K19P 6455-6 GER 1987
LPJ EVANS GIL and TADD DAMERON The Arrangers'Touch 15,00 M--/M-- Prestifge 2LP gatefold cover Prestige ‎– PR 24049
LPJ FARMER ART  Something you got 13,00  w Lateef CTI USA
LPJ FARMER ART  The Time And The Place 12,00 M-/M- CS 9449 reissue
LPJ FEATHERS LEONARD  Flow gently.. 13,00  ITA Orpheus
LPJ FEYER GEORGE  Echi di Broadway 35,00 10" VOX copertina di Guido Crepax
LPJ FITGERALD ELLA More Ella In Concert 25,00 M--/EX- Verve Records ‎– SGVL 51.015 ITA press original
LPJ FITZGERALD ELLA Ella Sings Gershwin 20,00 VG/EX-- USA reissue 1977
LPJ FITZGERALD ELLA  Ella and Chick Webb 32,00  BRUNSWICK87501 See note
LPJ GALBRAITH CHARLIE  Portrait 10,40  british jazz
LPJ GARNER / MARMAROSA  Contrasti pianistici 31,00  Orpheus ITA J1001F EX
LPJ GARNER ERROL Campus Concert 10,00 M--/VG++ Polydor ‎– 2393 004 - FRA press  Reissue
LPJ GARNER ERROL s/t 15,00 FS-245 Everest Records Archive of Folk & Jazz Music USA
LPJ GARNER ERROLL  Gems 33,60  Columbia CL 383 USA Red orig.cover
LPJ GARNER ERROLL  Plays Misty 13,00  Mercury France 135 008 MCY
LPJ GERSHWIN GEORGE  4LP 46,50  box Nuova Accademia w Armstrong,Fitzgerald
LPJ GETZ STAN Stan Getz 20,00 EX++/EX 2LP gatefold cover Prestige PR 24019
LPJ GIBBS TERRY/BUDDY DE FRANCO Jazz party-First time together 20,00 EX/EX Palo Alto Jazz ITA PAJ PA8011 GF
LPJ GILLESPIE DIZZIE Bop Best Band 20,00 M--/M-- Vik ‎– K VP 186 ITA press Jazz Series
LPJ GILLESPIE DIZZIE In The Beginning 20,00 M--/EX++ 2LP gatefold cover - Prestige ‎– S 66.028
LPJ GILLESPIE DIZZY  vol. 49 18,10  Vogue France LD 65130
LPJ GLOBE UNITY ORCHESTRA  Intergalactic Blow 30,00 EX++/EX-- JAPO 60039, 811874-1GER press cover EX two corners bends, tear on upper spine, promotion copy sticker on back
LPJ GRAY WARDELL  Memorial, Vol.1 12,00 M/M new copy SS Original Jazz Classics USA reissue OJC-060
LPJ GREENE BURTON Burton Greene Quartet 15,50 M-/M-  Get Back ESP 1079 reissue 180 GRAM VIRGIN VINYL
LPJ GRIFFIN JOHNNY Studio Jazz Party 20,00 M--/M-- JAP press - Riverside Records ‎– RLP-9338 (WWLJ-7018) -
LPJ GRYCE GIGI (THE ORCHESTRA AND THE QUARTTET OF) Nica's Tempo 20,00 M--/M--Savoy Records ‎– SA 6023, Musidisc ‎– MU 6023 The lonious Monk - Percy Heath - Art Blakey - Jimmy Cleveland - Art Farmer - Horace Silver - Oscar Pettiford - Bill Barber - Eddie Bert - Kenny Clarke
LPJ HACKETT BOBBY  Don't take your love 15,50  Capitol USA T1002 VG+
LPJ HALL JIM Jazz Guitar 20,00 M-/M- limited reissue Jazz Track ‎– JT1012
LPJ HAMPEL GUNTER Enfant terrible 50,00 Birth 0025 GER press
LPJ HAMPTON LIONEL 50th Anniversary Concert-Live at Carnegie Hall 10,00 ITA press
LPJ HAMPTON LIONEL Sentimental journey 10,00 with his Orchestra and featuring Sylvia Bennett
LPJ HAMPTON LIONEL  The Hamp in Paris 30,00  10" Felsted EDL87008 UK VOL.2
LPJ HANCOCK HERBIE Inventions & Dimensions 27,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 
LPJ HANCOCK HERBIE Sextant 25,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180G
LPJ HANCOCK HERBIE Takin'Off 27,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 
LPJ HARPER BILLY Soran-Bushi, B.H. 20,00 EX/EX--Denon ‎– YX-7522-ND-JAP press with insert 1978
LPJ HARRIS EDDIE & LES MCCANN Second Movement 25,00 EX-/M-- USA original Atlantic ‎– SD 1583
LPJ HAWES HAMPTON / CECIL MCBEE / ROY HAYNES Live At The Jazz Showcase In Chicago 20,00 M-/M-- Enja Records ‎– enja 3099 GER 1981
LPJ HAWKINS COLEMAN The Essential Coleman Hawkins 20,00 M--/EX++ Ger press gatefold cover Verve
LPJ HAWKS BILLY More heavy soul from the new genius of the blues 17,50 Prestige reissue SS USA
LPJ HCLIFFORD JORDAN QUARTET Royal Ballads 18,00 cover EX+ Criss Cross Jazz 1025 with Vernell Fournier - Kevin O'Connell - Ed Howard
LPJ HEDGES MICHAEL Live on the Double Planet 15,00 USA WH 1006 little cut on cover
LPJ HELFER ERWIN/ANGELA BROWN/ DEAN CLARK/ODIE PAYNE JR. Live at the piano man 13,00 Red Beans USA press
LPJ HELLMULLER RISSO ZANOLI Studio Konzert 20,00 M/M new copy SS Neuklang ‎– NLP4114 gatefold cover Live - Direct - To - 2 - Track - AAA limited edition numbered copy 180G
LPJ HERMAN WOODY Giant Steps 15,00 M/M-- new copy SS reissue Original Jazz Classics OJC-344
LPJ HERMAN WOODY  Al Carnegie Hall 15,50  MGM 10" QD6009 ITAL. VG++
LPJ HERMAN WOODY  Hey! heard the hero 10,40  German reissue 2304 509 MGM
LPJ HERMAN WOODY  World class 10,40  USA Concord CJ 240
LPJ HIBBLER HAL Here's Hibbler! 35,00 Decca original EX/VG
LPJ HINES EARL Fatha & His Flock On Tour 20,00 M-/M-- MPS Records ‎– CRM 749, BASF ‎– 654 484 S gatefold cover with Marva Joise on vocal and blues attitude. Hot! Original
LPJ HINES EARL  In paris 15,50  America France AM 6107
LPJ HIRT AL  He's the king 13,00  RCA LPM LSP 2354 ITA
LPJ HODGES JOHNNY At The Sportpalast, Berlin 20,00 VG+/VG-- Pablo Live GER gatefold cover 2620 102
LPJ HODGES JOHNNY Everybody Knows 15,00 VG/VG ITA press Impulse! ‎– IMPL 5063
LPJ HOLIDAY BILLIE Lady In Satin 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue - bonus CD dipack inside
LPJ HOLIDAY BILLIE Velvet Mood 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180 gram w free bonus CD
LPJ HOLLAND DAVID / DEREK BAILEY   Improvisations For Cello And Guitar 50,00 M--/VG+  ECM Records ‎– ECM 1013 ST 1971
LPJ HOUSTON PERSON Goodness! 18,00 M-/M- Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-332, Prestige ‎– P-7678 reissue 1988
LPJ HOWARD RUMSEY'S LIGHTHOUSE ALL-STARS Oboe/flute Vol.4 12,00 Contemporary C3520 USA
LPJ ILORI SOLOMON and his Afro-Drum Ensemble African High Life 20,00 M-/M- Blue Note reissue
LPJ JACKSON MILT  Modern Jazz quartet 32,00  7" Vogue France EPL7082 EX-EX
LPJ JAMAL AHMAD Happy Moods 18,00 M-/M- reissue WaxTime ‎– 771915 180G + download
LPJ JAMES NEWTON TRIO & QUARTET Binu 20,00 M-/M-- 1978 -Circle Records ‎– RK 21877/11
LPJ JAZZ COMPOSER'S ORCHESTRA s/t (box JCOA) 80,00 box 3LP w booklet/insert JCOA USA Cecil Taylor/Don Cherry/Gato Barbieri/Pharoah Sanders…
LPJ JENKINS LEROY and MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS Lifelong Ambitions 30,00 Black Saint ITA
LPJ JOHNSON BRUCE Sea Serpent 25,00 M--/M- Dire ‎– FO 353 with John Abercrombie, Enrico Rava, Chip White, Hugo Heredia and Bonnie Brown
LPJ JONES PHILLY JOE Showcase 20,00 EX++/EX++ Riverside Contemporary Series
LPJ KAGEL MAURICIO Heterophonie (1959/1961) 30,00 GER WER 60043 studio reihne neuer musik
LPJ KARUSH LARRY  May 24 1976 13,00  raro ECM USA SS con G.Moore (Oregon)
LPJ KENNY CLARKE-FRANCY BOLAND BIG BAND Off Limits 15,00 M-/M- reissue Rearward ‎– RW118 LP ITA press
LPJ KID THOMAS VALENTINE and his CREOLE JAZZ BAND Kid Thomas 15,00 EX/VG Arhoolie Records ‎– 1016
LPJ KING PLEASURE Golden days 15,00 Moody's mood for love USA press OJC
LPJ KLOSS ERIC Grits & Gravy Vol.11 25,00 M-/M- Prestige 7486 ITA press
LPJ KRUPA GENE Jazz History Vol.11 25,00 M/M 2LP ITA press Verve gatefold cover
LPJ KRUPA GENE  Plays G. Mulligan 10,40  Verve France reissue
LPJ KUHN JOACHIM Sound Of Feelings 30,00 M-/M-- (little cut on cover) GF original FRA Actuel 17 mono/stereo 529.317 versatile album ranging from 'out-there' free improvisations and spiritual sounds to funky breakbeat jazz. Holds a funky jam in 'Scandal' plus the moody Coltrane cover 'Welcome'. 
LPJ LAKE OLIVER Passing Thru 15,00 M--/M-- Africa Publishing ‎– AF 101 FRA 1974
LPJ LAKE OLIVER - JULIUS HEMPHILL Buster Bee 20,00 Sackville Recordings 3018 CAN press
LPJ LAKE OLIVER QUARTET Clevont Fitzhubert (A Good Friend Of Mine) 20,00 ITA press Black saint BSR 0054 1981
LPJ LANDRY DICKIE Fifteen Saxophones 22,00 M/M new copy SS long overdue reissue of classic 1974 recordings from founding Philip Glass Ensemble member - limited edition of 500 - direct metal mastered vinyl - includes download code
LPJ LATEEF YUSEF Concerto For Yusef Lateef 15,00 EX++/EX (cut cover) promo copy USA press
LPJ LEROY JENKINS The legend of Ai Glatson 20,00 cover EX- BSR 0022  Black Saint Italy
LPJ LESTER BOWIE'S BRASS FANTASY I Only Have Eyes For You 20,00 ECM 25034-1 E cover EX Cut copy, two stickers on front cover
LPJ LEWIS GEORGE - DOUGLAS EWART Jila - Save! The Imaginary Suite 20,00 M-/EX+ (light wear ring on cover) Black Saint ‎– BSR 0026 ITA 1979
LPJ LIGUORI GAETANO Collective Orchestra 22,00 M/M new copy SS reissue italiana avan jazz w Massimo Urbani (sax lato)
LPJ LIPSKIN MIKE  California here I come 15,50  Flying dutchman USA
LPJ LLOYD MCNEILL QUARTET Asha 25,00 M-/M- like new -Soul Jazz reissue - gatefold cover - space age ajazz originally 1969
LPJ LOUISS EDDIE/JOHN SURMAN/DANIEL HUMAIR Pur Kind of Sabi 50,00 record M-/cover VG++ MPS JS-038 (H)
LPJ LUTER CLAUDE  Jazz nouvelle orleans 14,50  MDint 9180 France
LPJ LYTLE JOHNNY The Village caller! 14,50 OJC-110
LPJ MACKAY STEVE & THE RADON ENSEMBLE Tunnel Diner 15,00 M-/M- orange vinyl 2006 Qbico ‎– QBICO 49
LPJ MAGLIOCCHI MARCELLO Secret Life 35,00 M-/M- like new - featuring Roberto Ottaviano / Carlo Actis Dato / Irene Robbins - CMC 105- 1986
LPJ MAIETTI ALDO  L'ora del tango 30,00  10" AM 01 Crepax cover rec. poor
LPJ MANFRED SCHOOF  Manfred Schoof Sextett 30,00 EX--/VG Wergo ‎– WER 80 003 GER 1975
LPJ MANGELSDORFF ALBERT Trombirds 30,00 MPS GER press 21 21654-
LPJ MANGELSDORFF ALBERT  Albert Mangelsdorff and His Friends 45,00 M-/M- MPS Records ‎– MPS 15 210 ST, MPS Records ‎– MPS 15 210 1969 gatefold cover
LPJ MANN HERBIE Live At The Whisky A Go Go 20,00 M--/M-- Atlantic SD 1536 featuring: Roy Ayers/ Steve Marcus/ Sonny Sharrock/ Miroslav Vitous/ Bruno Carr
LPJ MANN HERBIE The Music Of Herbie Mann 15,00 M--/M-- Atlantic ‎– SD 1371 USA press
LPJ MANNE SHELLY  Vol.2 25,90  Contemporary C2511 10" yellow VG++
LPJ MARIO RUSCA TRIO Reaction 25,00 M/M new copy SS reissue Sonorama SS 
LPJ MARIO RUSCA TRIO Reaction 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue Sonorama - Recorded 1974 at Fontana Studio in Milan, Italy-
LPJ M'BOOM Collage 10,00 Soul Note ITA
LPJ MC INTYRE KEN with ERIC DOLPHY Looking Ahead 20,00 M/M new copy SS Doxy reissue
LPJ MC PARTLAND JIMMY  Dixie for moderns 28,50  10" Orpheus ital. J1034
LPJ MCCANN LES The Truth 30,00 M-/M-- Fontana Pacific Jazz recordings 688 101 ZL printed in Holland
LPJ MCLAUGHLIIN/HOLLAND/SURMAN/MARTIN/BERGER Where Fortune Smiles 22,00 M-/M-- reissue Get Back ‎– GET 2013 5 great free jazz improvisation tracks
LPJ McLAUGHLIN JOHN Where Fortune Smiles 40,00 M-/M- ITA press original - Pye Records ‎– SLAP 62017
LPJ MELLY GEORGE It's George 10,00 Warner Bros UK with John Chilton's Feetwarmers
LPJ MEZZROW MEZ  Swingin with mezz 15,50  Vogue France vol.10 LD518330
LPJ MILTON MARSH Monism 45,00 EX--/VG-- Strata-East ‎– SES-19758 1975
LPJ MINGUS CHARLIE Ah Um 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue
LPJ MINGUS CHARLIE Blues & Roots 20,00 M/M new copy SS 180G pure virgin vinyl - deluxe inner sleeve-
LPJ MINGUS CHARLIE The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady 25,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 
LPJ MINGUS CHARLIE The Charles Quintet + Max Roach 22,00 M/M new copy SS 180G pure virgin vinyl - deluxe inner sleeve-
LPJ MITCHELL ROSCOE/TONY MARSH/JOHN EDWARDS Improvisations 28,00 M/M new copy SS 2LP Otoroku ROKU006
LPJ MOBLEY HANK Soul Station 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180G pure virgin vinyl - deluxe gatefold set
LPJ MODERN JAZZ QUARTET Plays For Lovers 20,00 M--/EX++ USA press Prestige PR 7421 green label
LPJ MODERN JAZZ QUARTET Three windows 10,00 w the New York Chamber Symphony, euro press cover EX
LPJ MONGO SANTAMARIA Mongo At The Village Gate 15,00 M--/EX++ reissue Riverside Records ‎– RLP-93529, Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-490
LPJ MONK THELONIOUS Monk (Jazz θ bello) 20,00 M-/M- 2LP gatefold cover ITA press Prestige PRI 24006
LPJ MONK THELONIOUS The Prophet 15,50 180 Gram virgin vinyl reissue Get Back SS
LPJ MONK THELONIOUS & JOHN COLTRANE Monk/Trane 20,00 M--/EX++ 2LP gatefold cover Milestone Records ‎– HB 6027 Jazz Θ Bello 1975
LPJ MONTGOMERY WES Jazz History Vol.8 25,00 M/M 2LP ITA press Verve gatefold cover
LPJ MORRISSEY DICK QUARTET Here and now sounding good 40,00 GF JAP limited reissue
LPJ MULLIGAN GERRY Relax! 28,00 VG+/EX- Fontana original ITA press
LPJ MULLIGAN GERRY  Inedit vol.7 15,50  Vogue LD 494 30 France
LPJ MULLIGAN GERRY  Sextet 20,00  7"EP65O3 VOL.3 italy Crepax cover
LPJ MURRAY SUNNY An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker) 20,00 M--/M- ITA reissue gatefold cover 180G - Get Back ‎– GET 332 - Actuel 32-
LPJ MURRAY SUNNY Homage To Africa 20,00 M-/M- Get Back ‎– GET 303 - Actuel – 3 - gatefold cover
LPJ MUSIC COMMUNITY Music Community 35,00 M-/M- AMAYANA ‎– A 4502 GER 1975
LPJ NAVARRO FATS  Fat girl 28,50  2lp USA SAVOY sjl 2216 red
LPJ NELSON OLIVER Meet Oliver Nelson 20,00 M-/M- Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-227, New Jazz ‎– NJ 8224- reissue USA
LPJ NEWTON JAMES Flute Solos 15,00 M-/M-- 1978 BV Haast Records ‎– BVHAAST 019
LPJ NEWTON JAMES & DAVID MURRAY (SOLOMON'S SONS) Live in Duos and Solos 28,00 cover EX Circle Records (2) – RK 16177/5 GER press
LPJ NONFICTION s/t 20,00 Demon Fiend 76 UK press
LPJ OHNO SHUNZOH Something's CoMming 45,00 M--/EX+ East Wind ‎– EW-7011 JAP NO Obi with insert - pure 70's Miles Davis' sound
LPJ OKHELA  s/t 15,50  w/J. Dyani, J. Stevens UK Charlie Affinity
LPJ OKOSHI TIGER  Tiger's Baku 10,40  japan VIJ 28009
LPJ OTTAVIANO ROVERTO Six Mobiles 20,00 on Mingus - w insert, signed by the artists Mario Arcari Sandro Cerino Luca Bonvini Fiorenzo Dgualandris feat. Tiziana Ghiglioni
LPJ PALMIERI EDDIE / CALL TJADER Bmboleate 18,00 M--/EX+ reissue Vampi Soul ‎– VAMPI 018
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE Bird And Diz 22,00 M/M new copy SS 180G reissue colored vinyl Limited Edition
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE Broadcast performances 13,50 Get back reissue HQ 180 gram
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE Chearlie Parker 70,00 M--/M-- Box 6LP Warner Bros. Records ‎– 6BS 3159 3319/4000
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE Live performances 13,50 Get back reissue HQ 180 gram
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE Rare Broadcasting Performances 1947/1948 30,00 FRA Musidisc ‎– 30 JA 5164, Jazz Anthology ‎– JA 5164 
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE The Charlie Parker Story #3 15,00 cover VG- (Spine half peeled, ringwear on front cover)/record EX- Verve Records ‎– MG V 8002 ITA press
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE The Complete Savoy Studio Sessions 40,00 5LP box set S5J 5500 ITA press w booklet
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE The Happy "Bird" 20,00 EX/EX CP Parker Records PLP-404-S USA
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE Volume 5 Bird and Diz 20,00 SAGA UK press Immortal Sessions
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE  Cool blues vol.1 25,90  UK SAGA ERO8005
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE  Live performances vol.1 13,00  Base-ESP Italy
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE  Parker 23,30  2lp Prestige USA 24009(52nd street/St.Nic
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE  The art of 28,00  10" Orpheus ital. J1017
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE  The happy bird 25,90  musidisc france CV 984
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE  The world of 20,70  italin Roulette ROOST 2257
LPJ PARKER CHARLIE FATS NAVARRO BUD POWELL At Their Rare of All Rarest Performances Vol.1 20,00 EX/EX Kings of Jazz Five Stars Series 10 ITA press
LPJ PARKER KIM Sometimes I'm blue 10,00 Soul Note ITA press
LPJ PAVONE MARIO Digit 19,00 M--/M-- 1979 - Alacra Records ‎– ALACRA 1002
LPJ PERCY HUMPHREY'S CRESCENT CITY JOYMAKERS Percy Humphrey's Crescent City Joymakers 15,00 M-/EX++ Riverside Records ‎– RLP 378, Riverside Records ‎– VIJ-6348 JAP press with insert (japanese)
LPJ PETERSON OSCAR Paris Concert 20,00 M-/M- gatefold cover Pablo GER Live with Joe Pass 7 Niels Pedersen
LPJ PETTIFORD OSCAR  Memorial album 10,40  ITA Prestige Jazz θ bello
LPJ PHIL WOODS and his European Rhythm Machine At The Montreux Jazz Festival 15,00 cover VG++/record EX-- MGM USA SMGL 50.023
LPJ PHIL WOODS and his European Rhythm Machine S/T (1st) 12,00 cover EX++ Music Parade Cetra ITA press LEL 84
LPJ PHINEAS NEWBORN JR. TRIO The Newborn Touch 20,00 M--/M-- Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-270, Contemporary Records ‎– C-7615
LPJ POLL WINNERS  Barney Kessel,Ray Brown.. 13,00  Contemp. USA yellow
LPJ PORTAL MICHEL Turbulence 40,00 Harmonia Mundi FRA press HMC 5186
LPJ PORTAL MICHEL UNIT A' Chateauvallon-No, no but it may be 23,00 LDX 74526 GF Le Chant du monde
LPJ PREVIN ANDRE' & HIS PALS Modern Jazz Performances Of Songs From Pal Joey 15,00 M--/M-- 7543 Original Jazz Classics reissue
LPJ RED NORVO Music To Listen To Red Norvo By 15,00 OJC-155 (C-7534) reissue USA
LPJ REECE DIZZY Blues In Trinity 30,00 M--/M-- Blue Note ‎– B1 7243 8 32093 1 6 with guests Donald Byrd and Art Taylor
LPJ REMINGTON DAVE Dixie/Chicago style 18,00 USA VeeJay original
LPJ REVOLUTIONARY ENSEMBLE Manhattan cycles 48,00 USA press India Navigation IN 1023 
LPJ RIVERS SAM The quest 20,00 ITA press VPA 106 
LPJ ROACH MAX & ARCHIE SHEPP  Sweet Mao - Suid Africa 20,00 M--/EX Magic Music ‎– LP 100212LP GER press
LPJ ROACH MAX/SHEPP ARCHIE  "Force" Sweet Mao-Suid afrika 76 25,00 EX--/EX--  ITA press 2LP Uniteledis ‎– UNI 28.976
LPJ ROBESON PAUL  Canta negro spirituals 15,50  Orpheus MMS 2162 EX-EX
LPJ ROLLINS SONNY East Broadway run down 25,00 ITA press MCA/IMPL 5024 GF
LPJ ROLLINS SONNY East Broadway run down 50,00 Impulse! Original Stereo Pressing! Deep Groove both sides! "Van Gelder" stamp in run-out!.One corner water damaged on back cover
LPJ ROLLINS SONNY Rollins Plays For Bird 20,00 M-/M-- GER press OJC-214 (P-7095)
LPJ ROLLINS SONNY Tenor Madness 18,00 M/MM new copy SS reissue 180G pure virgin vinyl - newly remastered - deluxe inner sleeves
LPJ ROLLINS SONNY The Cutting Edge 20,00 M-/M- reissue Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-468, Milestone Records ‎– M-9059
LPJ ROSE WALLY  Ragtime classisc 18,10  USA M 12024 red label
LPJ RUSSELL GEORGE George Russell Sextet At The Five Spot  20,00 M-/M-- FRA press MCA Records ‎– MCA 510 200 reissue - Jazz Stars – 51
LPJ RUSSELL GEORGE Jazz In The Space Age 22,00 M/M new copy SS reissue audiophile clear vinyl numbered copy
LPJ RUSSELL PEE WEE and OLIVER NELSON The spirit of '67 20,00 USA Impulse! GF hole in the cover A-9147
LPJ SAHIB SHIHAB Companionship - Jazz Joint, Vol.2 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue Rearward ‎– RW 119LP 180 gram gatefold cover
LPJ SAINTS JAZZ BAND  Saints go marching 25,90  UK mon0 ENC115
LPJ SALIM A.K. Afro-Soul/Drum Orgy 20,00 M-/M- Prestige ‎– PRLP 7379 USA reissue kumuamkia mzulu ngomba pepo za sarari
LPJ SCHIANO MARIO Progetto per un inno "Now's The Time" 60,00 EX/EX ZSLT 70030
LPJ SCOPPA ENZO QUINTET Standards 25,00 Deja Vu DJV 2000038
LPJ SCOTT SHIRLEY and STANLEY TURRENTINE Blue Flames 20,00 M--/M-- reissue USA Original Jazz Classics Prestige ‎– P-7338
LPJ SETE BOLA and his New Brazilian Trio Autentico! 25,00 M/M new copy SS special red vinyl limited collector's edition - Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-290, Fantasy ‎– F-8375
LPJ SHAW ARTIE  And Orchestra vol. 1 9,30  London UK
LPJ SHEPP ARCHIE Four for Trane 25,00 record M-/cover VG++ IMP 438 ITA press
LPJ SHEPP ARCHIE Life at the the Donaueschingen Music Festival 25,00 M-/M- MPS Records ‎– 21 20651-3, BASF ‎– 21 20651-3 GER gatefold
LPJ SHEPP ARCHIE  A sea of faces 25,00   Black saint BSR0002 ITALY, un capolavoro
LPJ SHIMIZU YASUAKI Kakashi 1982  27,00 M/M new copy SS Palto Flats ‎– PFLP 007, We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records ‎– 
LPJ SHORY DICK Carnegie Hall 19,70 2LP GF w Gary Burton/Paul Horn/Joe Morello Ovation USA 1971
LPJ SILVA ALAN Skillfullness 20,00 Get Back reissue 180 gram virgin vynil SS
LPJ SIMMONS HUEY Burning Spirit 100,00 EX/VG-- 1971 2LP gatefold cover Contemporary Records ‎– S7625/6
LPJ SIMMONS SONNY Music From The Spheres 20,00 M/M new copy SS Get Back reissue
LPJ SIMMONS SONNY Staying On The Watch 30,00 M/M new copy SS reissue Get Back ‎– GET1032LP
LPJ SMITH AL Hear My Blues 30,00 Original Blues Classics – OBC-514, Prestige Bluesville – BV-1001 
LPJ SMITH JIMMY Best Collection 25,00 M--/EX-- Jap press with OBI 2LP gatefold cover Verve MV 9079/80
LPJ SMITH JIMMY Got My Mojo Workin' 20,00 VG--/VG VL 52002 ITA press original
LPJ SMITH JIMMY Incredible! 25,00 VG--/VG+ ITA press original SML 56017 (some noises)
LPJ SMITH JIMMY Midnight Special 25,00 M--/EX++ FRA reissue
LPJ SMITH LOUIS Smithville 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue on Doxy
LPJ SOLIDARITY UNITY, INC. Red, Black And Green 35,00 M/M new copy SS reissue limited editio Eremite Records ‎– mte-52- 180G
LPJ SOULSET/EDWARD VESALA JAZZ BAND Nykysuomalaista Contemporary Finnish 490,00 M-/EX Finnlevy ‎– SFLP 9501
LPJ SQUARE  Midnight lover 10,40  Japan 28AP 1031
LPJ STEDING WALTER  Get ready.. 10,00  Performer con R.Fripp e R.Lloyd
LPJ STEIG JEREMY Fusion 25,00 record M/cover EX (little hole in the cover) 2LP GER press SR 3018/1-2
LPJ SULLIVAN IRA  The incredible 10,40  Stash Spain 0138
LPJ SUN RA Concert for the comet Kohoutek 15,50 Get Back reissue 180 g, intergalattico
LPJ SUN RA The Saturn Singles Vol.1 1954-1958 22,00 M/M new copy SS 1954-1956
LPJ SUN RA  Jazz By Sun Ra Vol.1 35,00 M/M new copy SS Rev-Ola RSD2016
LPJ SUN RA & His Intergalactical Arkestra It Is Forbidden 20,00 M-/M- Vinyl Colored Marble Light Blue Total Energy ‎– NER3029 Recorded live at St. Clair College Amphitheatre, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, on Friday, September 6, 1974
LPJ SUN RA and his ARKESTRA Jazz In Silhouette 20,00 M-/M- reissue Doxy
LPJ SUN RA AND HIS INTERGALACTIC RESEARCH ARKESTRA It's After The End Of The World - Live At The Donaueschingen And Berlin Festivals 50,00 M--/M-- 1971 GER MPS Records ‎– CRM 748, BASF ‎– CRM 748 gatefold cover
LPJ SUN RA and his Omniverse Jet-Set Arkestra Beyond The Purple Star Zone 20,00 M-/M-- reissue Art Yard ‎– ART YARD STEREO LP 005
LPJ TAPSCOTT HORACE Th Tapscott Sessions Vol.1 20,00 EX/EX-- 1982 Nimbus West Records ‎– NS-1581, Nimbus West Records ‎– NIMBUS 1581
LPJ TATUM ART/BEN WEBSTER/RED CALLENDER/BILL DOUGLASS The Tatum Group Masteripeces 25,00 M/M new copy SS - Pablo Records ‎– 2310-737- reissue 180g Jazz 33 Giri – 57
LPJ TEAGARDEN JACK  At the roundtable 15,50  Jolly/Roulette Italy R25091
LPJ TEAGARDEN JACK  At the roundtable 25,90  USA Roulette white SR25091
LPJ TEAGARDEN JACK  Jazz maverick 20,70  roulette italy R 25119
LPJ TEAGARDEN JACK  The dixie sound 20,70  Roulette SR 25177 USA
LPJ THORNTON CLIFFORD Communications Network 200,00 EX/M-- 1972 - Third World Records ‎– LP 12272
LPJ TJADER CAL  Jazz at the blackhawk 13,00  SS USA OJC
LPJ TJADER CARL  Warm wave 18,10  Verve/Polydor reissue JAP press
LPJ TOMPKINS FRED Cιcile 35,00 VG--/VG- F.K.T. Records ‎– FKT-103 1978 avant jazz
LPJ TONY LEE TRIO British Jazz Artists Vol.1 20,00 LYN3416
LPJ TORME' MEL Mel Tormθ with the marty paich dek-tette 10,00 M-/M- Get Back reissue
LPJ TOSHIYUKI MIYAMA & THE NEW HERD New Herd 40,00 M-/M- Three Blind Mice ‎– TBM-32 Recorded 27 September 1974 at Aoi Studio, Tokyo - with insert and booklet
LPJ TOSHIYUKI MIYAMA AND HIS NEW ORCHESTRA Four Jazz Compositions - based on japanese classical themes 120,00 VG/VG the vinyl has some sign on the first side that causes some noise - no obi, sleeve with some aged dirty marksToshiba Records ‎– TP-9010
LPJ TOWSON STATE COLLEGE JAZZ ENSEMBLE 2 + 2 = 5 45,00 MMO2041 green cover EX/EX
LPJ TUBBY HAYES ORCHESTRA 100% Proof 15,00 M-/M- Philips ‎– 6382 041 UK press 1972
LPJ UN DRAME MUSICAL INSTANTANE' Trop d'adrιnaline nuit 40,00 cover EX/record M- Birgθ Vitet Gorgθ 1977 GRRR SGR 1002 FRA
LPJ URBAN SAX Fraction sur le Temps 30,00 Celluloid FRA press CEL 6788
LPJ VAUGHAN SARAH Lullaby of Birdland 18,00 Fontana special ITA press
LPJ VAUGHAN SARAH My heart sings 35,00 Mercury 125 150 MCL euro original press
LPJ VAUGHAN SARAH s7t 10,00 Musica Jazz-raccolta 14 brani
LPJ VAUGHAN SARAH Sassy 20,00 Trip records USA
LPJ VI REDD Lady Soul 15,00 M-/M- Atco Records ‎– 33-157- reissue USA
LPJ VIENNA ART ORCHESTRA Suite for the green eighties 30,00 box hat ART records Ltd 1991/92 Switzerland
LPJ VINEGAR LE ROY  Leroy walks 13,00  Contemporary S7542  USA yellow
LPJ VITOUS MIROSLAV  Majesty Music 15,00 EX/EX ITA press 1976
LPJ VOLONTE' ERALDO Earldo Volontθ presenta Jazz [Now] In Italy 20,00 Earward Schema reissue
LPJ VOLONTE' ERALDO Jazz (Now) In Italy 20,00 M-/M- Rearward ‎– RW115LP ITA reissue 
LPJ VON SCHLIPPENBACH ALEXANDER / SVEN-AKE JOHANSSON Blind Aber Hungrig - Norddeutsche Gesange 35,00 vinyl M-/cover M--10" FMP S-15 GER 1986
LPJ WALKER JIM/MIKE GARSON Reflections 12,00 USA press reference rec
LPJ WALLINGTON GEORGE  Jazz for the carriage trade 12,00  7" MEP230 VOL.1
LPJ WASHINGTON DINAH In The Land Of Hi Fi 15,00 M/M new copy SS reissue ITA press 180G Emarcy ‎– MG-36073 - Jazz 33 Giri – 53
LPJ WATSON ERIC s/t 20,00 w Steve Lacy/Jean-Paul Celea/Aaron Scott OWL 047 FRA press 1987
LPJ WATSON ERIC/STEVE LACY/JOHN LINDBERG The Amiens concert 30,00 Label Bleu FRA press LBL 6512
LPJ WEATHER REPORT Heavy Weather 15,00 EX++/EX euro press
LPJ WEISS HARALD Trommegefluster 20,00 ECM GER promo copy perkussion und stimme
LPJ WENDELL HARRISON Reawakening 15,00 M--/M- Tribe ‎– PRSD 2214
LPJ WHITE MICHAEL Spirit Dance 27,00 M/M new copy SS reissue Universal Sound ‎– US LP55 - gatefold cover 180G audiophile pressing
LPJ WILLIAMSON STU  s/t 19,70  Fresh Sound reissue Spain 2003
LPJ WINDING KAJ  Modern Jazz spectacular 25,90  w/G. Mulligan,Roach. Ital
LPJ WOODS PHIL  Woodlore 13,00  SS USA OJC
LPJ WOODS PHIL /GENE QUILL QUINTET Phil & Quill 20,00 M/M new copy SS reissue Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-215, Prestige ‎– P-7115
LPJ WOODS RHIL  Phil and Quill 13,00  SS USA OJC
LPJ WORLD SAXOPHONE QUARTET Dances And Ballads 10,00 M--/VG Elektra Nonesuch ‎– 9 79164-1 - 1987 - Julius Hemphill / Oliver Lake / David Murray / Hamlet Bluiett
LPJ WORLD SAXOPHONE QUARTET Live In Zurich 20,00 ITA press BSR 0077
LPJ WORLD SAXOPHONE QUARTET Revue 20,00 ITA press Black Saint – BSR 0056 
LPJ WORLD SAXOPHONE QUARTET Steppin' With The World Saxophone Quartet 20,00 ITA press Black Saint – BSR 0027 
LPJ WORLD SAXOPHONE QUARTET W.S.Q. 20,00 ITA press Black Saint – BSR 0046 
LPJ YOUNG LESTER, CHU BERRY & BEN Webster The Tenor Sax: Lester Young, Chu Berry & Ben Webster 15,00 EX/EX 2LP Atlantic ‎– SD 2-307 - The Commodore Years - gatefold sleeve
LPJ ZOOT SIMS Quartets 20,00 M-/M- reissue 1986 Original Jazz Classics ‎– OJC-242, Prestige ‎– P-7026