SGP (BE)ACH-NIKS s/t 8,00 Captured tracks
SGP (YOUNG) PIONEERS  Pioneer work act 5,20  Lookout fast punk garageshit
SGP 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS  Smoke this & walk 3,00 orange vinyl Skyclad 60's style garage band
SGP 50 FEET TALL Superhighway/ It's not funny 3,00 Deep Elm USA
SGP 67  Bright black 4,20  randello di casa Southern (Records)
SGP 999 Emergency/My street stinks 10,40 UK 1978 United Artists
SGP A LITTLE ORCHESTRA Josefina EP 12,00 500 numbered copies w free download
SGP A MILLION MERCIES/ALLES WIE GROSS  5 hours 2,00  post-rock GER ltd.
SGP A MINOR PLACE/GIORGIO TUMA Alone At The Computer Monitor/Happiness Is A Stupid Song 10,00 M/M new copy  (don't) ASK ME TO DANCE ussue#1 - great art cover & great (indie) pop split
SGP A SUBTLE PLAGUE  I wanna kill the president 7,80  grande gruppo
SGP A.S.D. A simpletons dream 5,70  Direct hit
SGP AA VV Battle of the bands! 6,80 Skinned Teen, Rondelles, Angora, Knock-ups
SGP AA VV Be Quick Or Be Dead 4,00 M-M- an italian/swedish fast compilation Features italian Grind and Hardcore bands on the A-side and swedish Grind and Hardcore bands on the B-side w inserts
SGP AA VV Hay fever  5,00 Songs: Ohia/ RLW (David Grubbs)/ Appendix Catalonia (Appendix Out)
SGP AA VV Heyday Acoustic Sampler 4,00 The Paisley scene unplugged on Heyday records: Pat Thomas,S.Hunter,X Tal,S.Roback,B.Manning
SGP AA VV No Control at the Country Club Live 4,00 EX+/EX + Nemesis Records ‎– NEM L-3 Bad Religion/Visual Discrimination/Insted/Carry Nation
SGP AA VV Notes From The South 3,00 M--/M-- YouthBus rec Believers, Hangman, Beyond Reason, Ego-Trip w booklet
SGP AA VV The twominutemen 10,00 doppio 7" GF con Perturbazione, Giaccone, Stanton, Billy Mahonie..
SGP AA VV Ugly American Overkill Tour e.p. 4,00 M-/M- unreleased tracks/Big Assed Tour Helmet,Surgery,Tar,God Bullies:Amphetamine Reptile
SGP AA VV West X North-South 15,00 M-/M- box 5x7" Vagrant Records ‎– VR3160-VR320 Down By Law/Face To Face/Treepeople/J Church/Seaweed/Samiam…
SGP AA VV WMBR-Clear the room! 7,80 Jesus Lizard,ThinkingFellersUL282,VelocityGirl liveradio
SGP AA VV  4 On the floor 5,70  w Treepoeple,Gnome,Alcohol Funnycar..
SGP AA VV  British Invasion Circa 1997 3,00 ORE12: Stewed, Nuthins, Sires, Redbones
SGP AA VV  Brouhaha 5,20  Jawbreaker/Monsula/Nuisance/Cringer
SGP AA VV  Built To Last 5,00 double 7" Fierce Panda w Green Day, Fabric, Understand, China Drum…
SGP AA VV  Howl 9 4,20  Das Damen,Silos,Welcome Idiots,Chris Willard
SGP AA VV  Murder 15,50  2 7" spoken w 4 serial killers Ted Bundy,H L Lucas
SGP AA VV  Only a dummy 6,80  w Milk,Queer,Smut,Scar crow
SGP AA VV  Saturday Nihgt Special 6,80  Wedding Present,Apartments..
SGP AA VV  SUB POP single club 20,00 2x7" Sonic Youth,Gumball,Laug.Hyenas
SGP AA VV  This Town We Own 3,00 M-/M- Rake records NY w Intent, Glee Club, Substance, Vertebrae, Terrorcake
SGP A-BONES Bad boy/Come back 2,00 made in Belgium
SGP A-BONES The claw 5,20 Norton USA
SGP A-BONES/GIRL TROUBLE Take up the slack, daddy-o!/Sister Mary motorcycle 4,00 Cruddy records Seattle
SGP ABSENTEE Weasel 4,00 les mèsaventures sexuelles on B side
SGP ACETONE  The final say 5,70  grande rock dilatato e anfetaminico
SGP ACHIN VOID  Swirling color/voices 7,00 Rockadelic numbered copy!
SGP ACTION SUITS Glazed donuts 5,70 Spot On! Rec. Gran copertina a fumetti!
SGP ADVENTURES IN STEREO  Airline 5,20  Creeping Bent UK press
SGP AGENT PROVOCATEUR  Red tape 5,70  promo, ritmi
SGP ALISON HANDLEY & the Interstellar Villains My boyfriend is an outlaw 4,70 Munster copertina apribile
SGP ALL NATURAL LEMON & LIME FLAVORS  The familiar look to you 2,00 Hidden Agenda
SGP ALL SCARS  Where are the humans? 4,00  Fugazi-Make Up-Las Mordidas...
SGP ALLOY/BOB EVANS  split 6,20  tutto degli Alloy va comprato..
SGP ALPHA STONE/MIRABILIA  Space blues/The sun is my father 5,20  Polyphas
SGP ALTER AZIONE/CONTAGIO split 25,00 H/C ITA 100 copies numbered GF
SGP ALTER EGOS Why don't you give it 5,20 1+2 Japan w Rich Coffee
SGP ALTERED IMAGES  Song sung blue 4,20  poppy e lollypoppy
SGP AMAZING CHERUBS  Take me to your leader 3,00 JBM02 NY Punk Rock
SGP AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB Wish the world away 7,80 UK press copia numerata b-side I just look my two…
SGP AND ALSO THE TREES The Secret Sea 5,00 M--/M-- Reflex Records (9) ‎– RE 3 1984
SGP ANT ADAM Goody two shoes 4,70 ITA press sexmusic for antpeople
SGP ANTELOPE Crows/The flock 6,50 Dischord USA
SGP ANTENATI Non dimentichiamo 4,00 M-/M- 1995 punk H/C Circus (3) ‎– CIRCUS 08
SGP ANTISCHISM End Of Time Plus One 20,00 M--/M-- Selfless Records ‎– SFLS-12 Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM Vinyl, 7", EP, 45 RPM USA hardcore punk
SGP ANTLERS Bear 3,00 M-/M- FrenchKiss/1K7
SGP ARKANSAW MAN Every job/Mark Twain 5,00 Subterranean Sub 41
SGP ARNOLD  Windsor Park 5,70  1998 Creation UK
SGP ARTIFICIAL PEACE/EXILED Artificial Peace/Exiled 40,00 M-/EX++ no insert Fountain Of Youth Records ‎– 001, Fountain Of Youth Records ‎– No. 1 hardore punk USA 1983
SGP ASSEMBLY OF DEVICES  Fable of a deconstruction 4,00  post-rock guitar
SGP ASTRONAUTS  War of the satellites 5,70  low-fi space instrumental
SGP ATEURS  Housebreaker 10,40  2 brani acustici Rough Trade Singles Club
SGP ATHLETE Beautiful 6,00 nuova Inghilterra rock
SGP ATOMBOMBPOCKETKNIFE Fly vultures fly 4,00 white sleeve File 13 w insert
SGP ATOMIC WORKERS/HYPNOSIS The Seeker/High Tide Rollin' 4,00 Nasoni ultra limited Who's cover on A-side
SGP AUBURN AIRES  Wolfalulu 5,20  New Rose
SGP AUTOMATICS  Karaoke party! 5,70  Mutant Pop,White vinyl,Ramones cover
SGP AUTUMN DEFENSE/JOSH ROUSE Sentimental Lady/Trouble 11,00 M/M new copy RSD 2014 limited edition Bob Welch/Lindsay Buckingham's cover
SGP B.M.X. BANDITS  E102 Sad? 5,00 M--/M-- agarr 3 C88 band, 1st single
SGP BAGS Dr.Lab/Frilly underwear 2,00 666 numbered copies ITA press
SGP BAGS  Hide and seek 4,00 Stanton Park Rec.USA
SGP BAND OF HORSES No one's gonna love you 4,00 M/M SUB POP USA
SGP BARELY LEGAL  I am nobody 6,20  Rat City Seattle punk puzzone
SGP BASEBALL FURIES Lost ones 6,50 Alien Snatch! Rec 2006
SGP BATMAN Ein Echter Batman Geht Nicht Unter! 4,00 M-/M- Bachelor Records ‎– BR-47, Red Lounge Records ‎– RLR 087
SGP BEAN  Girl with a boy's name 5,20  Dyonisus rock un pò sixties
SGP BEAT MARK/TWO BIT DEZPERADOS Speed Of Sound/Blind 6,00 free MP3
SGP BEAUTIFUL SKIN Sex is 3,00 limited GSL San Diego, post wave USA
SGP BELLRAYS Smash the hits! 7,00 8'' ultra limited cover VG-
SGP BELLY  Seal my fate 5,20  vinile trasparente ex Throwing Muses
SGP BEN & JASON Romeo and Juliet Are Drowning 3,00 M-/M- Go-Beat indie UK
SGP BERNIE TORME'BAND I'm not ready 7,80 Monster/Jet UK press punk 1978
SGP BEST KISSERS IN THE WORLD Broke my knee 5,20 Crackpot 1993
SGP BETTY and the WEREWOLVES David Cassidy 4,00 fast femal pop Talula Gosh style on Damaged Goods
SGP BHANG REVIVAL  Never look back 10,40  Chicago rare
SGP BIG BOBBY and The NIGHTCAPS Solitary drinker 2,00 w insert, white vinyl
SGP BIG CHIEF  One Born Every Minute 3,00 M--/M-- SUB POP GER SP 229 grunge/funk
SGP BIG DAMN CRAZY WEIGHT Might as well 12,00 singles club SUB POP Oct 1992 edition of 2,500 yellow vinyl
SGP BIG TROUBLE HOUSE Watered down 5,20 Comm 3-Horse Latitudes
SGP BIG TROUBLES Bad people Bat bomb/Drastic & difficult 10,00 limited on Olde English Spelling Bee
SGP BIRDLAND Lazy 241 6,20 4 track limited ep bag and full colour poster!!
SGP BIS/HEAVENLY  Keroleen/Trophy Girlfriend 4,50 M-/M- split on K records
SGP BITTER SPRINGS  Manners, pianos & mouthorgans 5,00 Amy 005 UK press
SGP BLACK ANGELS Watch Out Boy 10,00 Record Store Day 2012 limited edition 2 new songs on orange vinyl + download w bonus cover "She's Not There" by The Zombies
SGP BLACK FLIES Wake up stupid 5,20 SYMPATHY FTRI cover Carl Perkins,B.Vaughn produce
SGP BLACK LIPS/DEMON'S CLAW Factory girl/What to do 5,50 Stones'covers
SGP BLACK TAMBOURINE OneTwoThreeFour 18,00 double 7" all Ramones'cover!!
SGP BLANGK Letter to no one 3,00 Initial records USA
SGP BLAZE  Lamplight 6,20  Spectra Sonic Sound post H/C efficacissimo
SGP BLOC PARTY I still remember (part 1 & 2) 10,00 double 7" GF
SGP BLOOD RED SHOES Heartsink 7,00
SGP BLOOD SAFARI Zombie slave 6,50 lmited w insert
SGP BLOUSE Shadow 7,50 SUB POP 2011 dream wave pop
SGP BLOWPOPS  My carrie 4,70  su Get Hip rock tipo REM Plasticland
SGP BOBBY MCGEE'S S'Amuser Com Des Fous 4,00 M/M blue vinyl CHY012
SGP BOMBSHELL  Fixer 5,70  punk rigoroso
SGP BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY & NATHAN SALSBURG EP 13,00 M/M new copy SS Record Store Day 2017 release limited to 2000 copies. 
SGP BOO RADLEYS  From the bench at.. 6,20  GF con panchina in rilievo !!
SGP BOWIE DAVID Drive-In Saturday 12,00 EX++/M-- BOW 501 (RCA 2352) David Bowie Lifetimes The Singles -Round and Round on B-side
SGP BOWIE DAVID Loving the alien (re-mixed version) 3,00 ITA press w Don't look down (re-mixed version) on b-side
SGP BOYS LIFE/VITREOUS HUMOUR  split 6,20  Crank! rec. grandi punk band
SGP BREED  Splinter! 6,20  Clawfist UK
SGP BRICOLAGE Turn U over 4,00 M/M great indie scottish Smiths-Orange Juice nostalgia
SGP BROADCAST CHOIR  Chapel song 6,20  fratello di Will Oldham (Aomoanon) con centrino per7""!!
SGP BROMHEADS JACKET Lesley parlafitt/Sri's + big bore 4's 3,00 M-/M Marquis Cha Cha rec.
SGP BUCK 09 I don't seem to care 5,20 Silver Girl, San Diego w (I don't wanna be no) Jon Bon Jovi
SGP BUGS  Wrapped up 11,40  doppio 7" electro on Ubiquity
SGP BURDEN BROTHERS/SUPERSUCKERS A split 7" recording 4,00 Kirtland records
SGP BURNING BUSH As I went out one morning 7,50 limited! W insert
SGP BUSHPIG Felching the cat 5,00 Amphetamine Reptile
SGP BUSY BAND A voice like yours E.P. 6,00 Dashboard rec
SGP BUTLER BERNARD  Stay 5,20  l'ex Suede in una ballatona strappacore
SGP BYRNE Sleeping giant/Greener 4,00 Rocket girl handmade numbered copy
SGP CAMPBELL ISOBEL & MARK LANEGAN You won't let me down again 7,00 Hawk (extended version) on b-side
SGP CAPE JOEY/JON SNODGRASS Who wants to get down? 4,00 M-/M- Suburban Home limited
SGP CARL BLEND & Friends What shall I say 3,00 Crippled Dick Hot Wax - b-movie w Ted Nugent!!
SGP CASUS BELLI  Return to zero 5,00 insect fight picture disc ON Amphetamine Reptile
SGP CAUSE E CO-MOTION! I lie awake!! 8,00 total indie Rough Trade 1980'sound on Slumberland
SGP CAZALS Life is boring 5,00 Kitsuné music
SGP CCCP-Fedeli alla linea con Amanada Lear Tomorrow (Voulez-vous un rendez-vous) 18,00 M/M new copy / copia nuova ristampa Record Store Day 2016
SGP CECIL  My neck 5,20  Parlophone UK
SGP CHALK CIRCLE  Never be 5,20  California noise
SGP CHAMBERS KEN  Take this ride 5,70  leader dei Moving Targets
SGP CHATAM SINGERS An Image Of You 3,00 M-/M- Damaged Goods Billy Childish goes folk
SGP CHEESE BURGER Cool tomato 6,20 Dionysus rec USA
SGP CHEMICAL PEOPLE Ask the angels 5,20 cover di Patti Smith
SGP CHEWY  Prime time 5,20  UK su Fierce Panda
SGP CHIA PET  Hey baby 3,00 Kokopop USA pink vinyl
SGP CHIEF Mighty proud/Stealing 3,00 M-/M- Domino
SGP CHINESE MILLIONAIRES  Heart On A Chain 4,00 M-/M- Rip Off Rec. punk! Out of print!!
SGP CHRISBALD  s/t 6,20  ex Ignition (Washington D.C.)
SGP CINCOS (LOS)  Circa 1995 5,00 double 7"GF on Simpathy FTRI 559
SGP CITADELS The Chemical Song 6,00
SGP CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH Is This Love? 3,00 M-/M- w "Heavy Metal" on b-side
SGP CLAW HAMMER Malthusian Blues 2,00 M-/M- Sympathy FTRI Pablum period
SGP CLEAR SPOT  Moonman bop 5,70  Duophonic, casa Stereolab, UK
SGP CLEVELAND WRECKING COMPANY Say There's A Reason 7,00 M/M Roaratorio ‎– roar41 - A-side recorded at Nick Gravenites' studio in Sausalito, CA. B-side recorded live at either the Family Dog or the Fillmore. Both circa 1967-8. Edition of 505 copies.
SGP CLINT BOOM EXPERIENCE  White no sugar 3,00  Booney Tunes
SGP COAST  Slugs 5,20  UK underground, Sugar Records copie numerate
SGP COASTING Coasting/Hots for teacher 6,50
SGP COFFIN BREAK Pop fanatic/Free bird 5,20 C/Z records, a must!
SGP COFFIN BREAK  Lies 7,80  SUB POP USA speedy people
SGP COIN-OP Democracies/ Flex 5,00 Fierce Panda UK, file under Fall,Mogwai,Clinic…
SGP COLBERT STEPHEN with The BLACK BELLES Charlene II (I'm Over You) 7,00 limited on Third Man (Jack White's label)
SGP COLD WATER FLAT  Roll Me Over 3,00 M--/M-- Mescaline Diamond ‎– Buffalo Tom related
SGP COLE LLOYD and the COMMOTIONS Brand new friend 2,00 ITA press
SGP COMBS JAMES Happy togheter 3,00 Ubiquity 2001 ltd.ed.
SGP COMMONWEALTH  Nomava 5,20  bel melodic HC
SGP CONAN O'BRIEN & the Legally Prohibited band And They Call Me Mad? 3,00 Third Man (Jack White's own label)
SGP COOPER ALICE How you gonna see me now 2,50 ITA press
SGP CORDS  American woman 4,20  Fuel Rec.USA press,yellow vinyl
SGP CORRECTO Do it better 4,00 Domino UK
SGP CORRECTO Joni 3,00 M-/M- indie pop Domino UK
SGP COSMIS PSYCHOS  Lead me astray 9,30  Mr.Spaceman 007 fallopunk
SGP CRABLADDER/SLOWJAM split 5,20 un occhio proprio sul buco del culo
SGP CRAIN  Crackhouse 5,20  Compulsiv acid grunge
SGP CRASH CONVENTION Patrick O'Neil/Making faces 8,00 limited!!
SGP CRASH CONVENTION The watch committee/Thick as thieves 7,00 limited!! Irresponsible UK
SGP CRAZIES Savage punks on a week-end binge of violence 5,20 SYMPATHY FTRI
SGP CREEP  No pain/worss 5,00 SUB POP USA pink vinyl
SGP CREEP  Unscrewed 4,00 1st 7"  Blatant Records USA
SGP CROW  Ravine 4,70  punk e rock e altro Genius Rec.
SGP CROWBAR  Candyman 5,20  X-Mist H/C lim.ed.
SGP CROWS  Crow bar 7,80  picture disc (Kozik) AmReptile USA
SGP CRY  Light years 3,00  Simpathy FTRI clear vinyl
SGP CRYIN'OUT LOUDS Bloodhound/Motorcycle cop 10,40 Rip Off records fuori catalogo!!
SGP CUL DE SAC  The Portland cement factory 6,20  w booklet
SGP CULTURE FIRE  Release 5,20  Emocore Punk
SGP CURDLEFUR Anthemic tune/ Noon 3,00 Deep Elm USA
SGP CURSIVE Sucker and dry/The bit just chokes them 25,00 Zero Hour USA
SGP CURSIVE The Disruption 25,00 ITU/Saddle Creek
SGP CURSIVE The icebreaker 25,00 Saddle Creek USA
SGP CYCLEPATHS Dirty rotten little tyke 5,20 ottimo per bikers USA, Baylor records
SGP D.F.I.  Daddy never understand 5,20  Domino Rec. da "Kids" o.s.t.
SGP DAISIES  Aeroplane day 6,20  Crank! USA ottima punk-rock label 1998
SGP DAKOTA OAK How Danny's friends became a force.. 6,20 Twisted Nerve, con la cover di Helpless di Neil Young
SGP D'ANGELO AND THE VANGUARD The Charade b/w 1000 Deaths 12,00 M/M new copy SS RCA ‎– 88875077877 Record Store Day 2015 release.
SGP DARLIN'S  Take me dancing 5,20  Sympathy for Nashville,Tennessee
SGP DEAD C Relax Fallujah/Hell has come 6,00 limited!!
SGP DEAD WEATHER Treat me like your mother 7,00 M-/M- ThirdMan black vinyl
SGP DECADENT DUB TEAM Meltdown 2,00 colored vinyl TripleX 
SGP DEL BLOODS  Black rabbit 4,20  Su Seminal Twang
SGP DESIDERATA  Walking in my sleep 13,00  Dischord sorella di Ian McKaye
SGP DIAMOND RINGS Wait & See / On Fire 6,00 SST USA SS
SGP DIDJITS  Dear junkie 10,40  SUB POP USA singles club orange vinyl
SGP DIGNAN PORCH On a ride 8,00 Captured tracks
SGP DIRTCOLDFLIGHT  The rodent incident 5,20  fast punk'n roll
SGP DIZBUSTER Carnal action coil 5,20 Ultra Under records, produce Jeff Dahl
SGP DIZZEE RASCAL Pussyhole 4,00 XL 2007
SGP DM BOMB & the DEFICITS  Mexico Americana 6,20  Crypt shit all over
SGP DOG FOOD FIVE Superego 5,20 Plastic Bomb
SGP DOG HUNCH  The end of the world 5,20  Clawfist UK
SGP DOGS ON ICE  Housefly 5,20  su Allied ottima label Punk CA USA
SGP DOORMATS  Aluminuim foil 4,70  noise-grunge su Dead Bird
SGP DOUGLAS CAROL Doctor's order 3,00 ITA press soul explosion
SGP DR. JANET  Ten years gone 5,00 M-/M- Ringers Lactate ‎– RL01 supergroup with Matt Sweeney and members of Screaming Trees, Yo La Tengo and Das Damen
SGP DRAGS / PEECHEES  Radio disappears 6,20
SGP DRIZZLE  Salem 5,70  su Kokopop etichetta di culto USA pink vinyl
SGP DRONES Temptations of a white collar worker 5,00 GOODMIX 1 no sleeve
SGP DRUNKS WITH GUNS/PANTY BOY Hippo stomp/Bitch 2,00 split
SGP DUKES OF HANG-GLIDING The murder song 6,80 tra primi Radiohead e il mondo emo
SGP DYLAN BOB Melancholy Mood 14,00 M/M new copy SS Japanese tour edition - limited edition on red vinyl
SGP EARL BRUTUS  Life's too long 5,20  Deceptive UK ltd.ed. w postcard
SGP EARLIES No love in your heart/Breaking point 10,00 10" 
SGP EASTERHOUSE Inspiration 2,00 M-/M- Rough Trade 1986  ‎– RT 174
SGP ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN  Rust 5,70  oh, chi non muore... 1999 UK
SGP ECHOBELLY  Dark therapy 4,70  GF UK press
SGP EDSEL AUCTIONEER / BREED  split 3,00 Clawfist series
SGP EL SANTO Shoulda took a nap 5,20 1992 w insert
SGP EL SANTO/GLORIUM Lackluster/Hour one.. 5,20 Unclean records TX, scotch verde sui lati
SGP ELECTRIC BUNNIES Pretty Joanna 6,00 Sacred Bones records
SGP ELECTRIC FERRETS Arnold Ziffel 3,00 SYMPATHY FTRI 133 w Jeff Dahl
SGP ELEKTRADRIVE  Let It Survive 30,00 M-/M- Smoko Records & Tapes ‎– SMK 003 metal 1983
SGP ELEVENTH DREAM DAY  Orange moon 4,70  da dove arrivano i Tortoise ?
SGP ELSON KAREN Milk & Honey 15,00 limited/record store day 2012 Jack White's wife
SGP ELSON KAREN The ghost who walks 8,00 limited on Third Man records
SGP EMILY XYZ  Jimmy Page loves Lori Maddox 5,70  Kill Rock Stars
SGP ENCOUNTER Lost 5,20 Redemption records, vinile colorato
SGP ENEMY Away from here 5,00  limited numbered edition
SGP ERIC THE RED  Life after tuesday 6,20  Caulfield rec. 1998
SGP EVIL EYES Guilty 3,00 Screaming Apple
SGP EXIT  I Don't Follow Your Dream 3,00 M-/M- Detour Records  ‎– DR 051 pure mod sound 1997
SGP EXPERIMENTAL POP BAND  Punk rock classic 5,20  easy-lounge dalla GER
SGP EXPLODE INTO COLORS Eyes hand mouth 6,50 limited on Kill Rock Stars
SGP F.Y.P. Made In Usa 5,00 M--/EX++ Recess Records ‎– Recess #2 pink vinyl
SGP FAIR OHS/SPECTRALS split 5,00 500 copies on Tough Love records
SGP FARM  Rising sun 5,20  End Product UK spensierati giovincelli
SGP FASTBACKS  The answer is you 15,50  2 7" SUB POP USA one green,one red
SGP FASTBACKS/MEICES Rat race/He's waiting 5,70 split Gearhead 1995
SGP FAVEZ/SCOTT RICHER/TIME SPENT DRIVING Thin Like Paper 4,00 M./M- original (emo) soundtrack w Favez, Time Spent Driving, Scott Ritcher
SGP FEELERS Parts and Pieces 4,00 P.Trash rec 2006 500 numbered copies
SGP FEELING OF LOVE The Right Bitch At The Right Place 4,00 M/M Nasty Product ‎– Yakisakana Records ‎– SAZAE 028  from France, garage lo fi attack 2006
SGP FINGER Wedding boots 3,00 Third Sister USA
SGP FIRECLOWN  Junkie 5,20  Punk evoluto su New Rage
SGP FISHWIFE  First time caller 2,00 Goldenrod USA green vinyl
SGP FITZ OF DEPRESSION  Seemingly vague 5,20  Kill Rock Stars
SGP FLAGMAN  Seven 10,40  + 3 grande meloHC su Consequence
SGP FLAMIN GROOVIES Crazy Macy/let Me Rock 5,50 M/M new copy OTOS 008
SGP FLAT DUO JETS  Southern drums 5,20  chitarra e batteria, scatenate
SGP FLOP  EP 3,00 Lucky records, Seattle USA
SGP FLOPHOUSE  Right now 5,20  punk su Harp Records
SGP FLUID  Tin top toy 10,40  SUB POP USA alè,tutti grunge!
SGP FLUID  Tin top toy 13,00  SUB POP 57 arancio
SGP FLYING GUILLOTEENS Shake train 6,20 Estrus 2000, wild!
SGP FOXES IN FICTION & BENOIT PIOULARD Ground Grass/Etalon 11,00 M/M new copy
SGP FREAKANTONI L'incontenibile Freakantoni  45,00 M/m copia nuova sigillata box 7" x 5 - 300 copie numerate
SGP FRESH & ONLYS I'll tell you everything & I saw you seeing me 7,00 limited!
SGP FRESH & ONLYS Impending doom 10,00 ultra limietd
SGP FUCK BUTTOMS Surf Solar 6,00 picture disc!
SGP FUCKERS  Block party 6,20  SUB POP USA press green vinyl
SGP FUTURE PILOT AKA Beat of a drum 3,00 M-/M- Geographic 2002
SGP FUTURE PILOT AKA Darshan 5,70 Glasgow goes to India,w Belle&Sebastian members
SGP FUZZ  Mass identity 5,20  West World SE Punk
SGP GAINSBOURG SERGE Je t'aime moi non plus 10,00 N/EX bande originale du film de Serge Gainsbourg - limited reissue
SGP GALLON DRUNK The last gasp (Safty) 5,70 Clawfist UK
SGP GAME FACE Puzzle 5,20 South Coast Nemesis 1990
SGP GAME FOR VULTURES Goin'my way 6,20 Estrus 1990
SGP GAMMA RAYS  Dynamite 6,20  Teen Beat
SGP GANG OF FOUR Is it love/A man with a good car 7,80 promo copy ITA press
SGP GARNIEZ RACHELLE My house of peace 9,00 limited on Third Man records
SGP GARY WAR Reality protest 5,00 Sacred Bones/Holidays
SGP GAS HUFFER Hot cakes!/Beer drinkin'cavemen from Mars! 10,40 SUB POP USA vinile verde o blu, a scelta
SGP GASOLINE Step on the gas 3,00 Estrus wild wild wild, 2000
SGP GENE DEFCON Liz and other songs 3,00 Lookout/One Night Stand
SGP GENERIC  Torched 5,20  UK punk Chumbawamba related Flat Earth rec.
SGP GENEVA Best regrets 5,20 limited edition, copia numerata
SGP GET WELL SOON Angry Young Man 6,00 w Teenage FBI on b-side
SGP GHOST RIDER  Danza 2,60  ex Urlo promo
SGP GILA MONSTER/POOH STICKS The stickboy song contest winners! 5,20 SYMPATHY FTRI vinile colorato
SGP GILBERT BRUCE  Instant Shed Vol.1 4,00 M/M- (light wear ring) SS new copy still sealed SUB POP SP 325 USA silver sleeve
SGP GIRLS AGAINST BOYS  (I)don't got a place 4,70
SGP GLASVEGAS Daddy's Gone (part1) 6,00 part 1 of 2 part set - limited edition numbered colored vinyl
SGP GLAZED BABY Squeeze the tail, suck the head 5,20 Allied USA
SGP GNEISSMARKER  I am the states 5,70  noisepunk
SGP GOD BULLIES How long can you go 2,00 SFTRI w cover  Kenny Rogers!!
SGP GOD BULLIES Millenium 5,70 Radial records Chicago
SGP GODSTAR  Glasgow 5,20  Half a cow Rec. UK press                 
SGP GOOD CHILDE  Sarapeutic 5,20  Twist Records beat
SGP GREEN BILLY Stone 4,00 music and dialogue from Sandy Harbutt's australian motion picture - Finders Keepres
SGP GREEN PETER Platform Zero ep 9,00 acoustic songwriter on Lost music records
SGP GREYHOUSE/DDAHLIA SEED split 5,20 Troubleman
SGP GROOVE  Crutch 5,20  ottimo HC su SUNSPOT
SGP GRUNTRUCK  Above me 5,70  Roadrunner Rec. blue vinyl
SGP GUARDS Resolution Of One 6,00 Kitsunè
SGP HAND OVER HEAD  Evil guru 7,30  picture disc Sympathy FTRI
SGP HARDSHIPPOST  Slick talking jack 6,20  SUB POP USA
SGP HARVEY P.J. The devil/Liverpool tide 4,00 2008
SGP HEAD  Swim 5,70  su Direct Hit, Texas USA
SGP HEAD SWIM Patterson meat Co./Wallflower 3,00 Direct Hit, clear vinyl
SGP HEADS Coogan's Bluff 35,00 M/M new copy Rooster Rock ‎– ROOSTER 2 - 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Weed Seed - 100 copies with "weed seed" (out of a total run of 1000). Wrap around artwork in plastic bag   sleeve-  Came with a free "weed seed" (an actual marijuana plant seed) enclosed in a small rectangular ziploc-styled plastic bag. A sticker was included on the plastic bag sleeve which stated, "Ltd. Edt. + WEED SEED"
SGP HEADS Television 20,00 EX+/M-- with Steamroller / Jellystoned Park HED-718
SGP HEAVENLY BEAT Faithless 3,00 M-/M- Captured Tracks ‎– CT-133
SGP HEAVY HEAD  In your eyes 4,20  Killing Floor Rec.
SGP HEAVY STEREO  Smiler 5,20  Creation UK
SGP HELLMEN  Anyone 7,80  Waterfront damp 133
SGP HELLRAISER Cosmonauts hail satan 5,20 second edition-Fourth dimension USA
SGP HENDRIX JIMI Mannish Boy 18,00 M/M new copy SS Limited Edition Record Store Day 2018
SGP HER FAULT  Dope school ride 3,00 Punk hard,Buckshot Rec.WA USA
SGP HESSEN  Reihenhausmusik 2,00  GF Hausmusik kraut post electro rock
SGP HESTER PRYNE  s/t 8,80  doppio 7" oscuri come la bat-caverna
SGP HIGHTECHNOLOGY SUICIDE Paint it Black Sabbath 5,20 SYMPATHY FTRI freak out w Namudabutsu
SGP HINDU LOVE GODS Raspberry beret 10,40 promo copy cover Prince/W.Dixon R.E.M.+WarrenZevon
SGP HIS CLANCYNESS Pale Fear/Coming Up Empty 7,00 M/M new copy Limited to 300 copies, with download code and lyrics sheet
SGP HITCHCOCK ROBYN/EMMA SWIFT Follow Your Money 12,00 M/M new copy SS Record Store Day 2015 exclusive includes download code - with Motion Pictures (Neil Young) on b-side
SGP HOLDEN PAYNE and the AGONIES  Shuffle along.. 5,20  Empty
SGP HOLLAND PARK Psychedelic harpsichord 6,80 pop with a sixties attitude
SGP HOLLOWAYS Dancefloor 6,00 white vinyl
SGP HOMAGE TO CATALONIA/ANDREA LISI split 3,00 M/M limited edition Exotic Fever records
SGP HOPPER  Wasted 5,70  Factory too UK
SGP HOT HOT HEAT No, not now/ 5 times out of 100 5,00 SUB POP USA produced by Jack Endino
SGP HOUSE OF SUFFERING  Wired 5,20  3RD Degreee USA yellow vinyl
SGP HUEVOS RANCHEROS / VICE BARONS  split 4,00 cover w light ringwear
SGP HUGGY BEAR  Her jazz 10,40  Trouble001 UK rriot girls
SGP HUNT One thousand nights 6,00
SGP HYPNOLOVEWHEEL  Sybil 8,30  doppio 7" Eighteen Wheeler Records
SGP HYPNOMEN  The urge 2,50 wild instrumentals on Demol.Derby, cover EX-
SGP I MONSTER A Sucker For Your Sound 3,00 M-/M- Twins Of Evil 2006
SGP IAN & DEAN  Sounds for a rainy day 5,20  Sundazed reissue
SGP ICKY JOEY Marron, marron 5,20 C/Z Jack Endino garantisce
SGP IDEAL  Last lad 5,20  Badlands Rec. Indie
SGP IMMACULATE HEARTS  Everything should be the way it.. 4,70  No Age
SGP IMMACULATE HEARTS  Fever Dream 4,70  No Age Rec.
SGP IMMACULATE HEARTS  Sugar pussy 5,20  Sympathy 77 bianco
SGP IMPACT Inganno senza fine 10,00 M--/M--Circus‎– CIRCUS 04 w insert
SGP IMPERIAL  Drunk on Josephine 6,20  Ye Gods Uk, limited 999 copies
SGP IN TALL BUILDINGS Warm Rock 5,00 Erik Hall goes rainy songwritin'
SGP INCESTI  Ecco/Un'altra dimensione 10,40
SGP INCREDIBLE KINGS / THE ELEGANTS  The limp/Ooh Poo.. 3,00 pre Moby Grape, Norton USA
SGP INFA-RIOT Kids Of The 80's 3,00 M--/M-- UK 1981
SGP INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS Inflatable Boy Clams 25,00 M/M new copy double 7" early 80's punk ex members of Pink Section - 1st time reissue
SGP INHALANTS Kill you/Automatic pilot 3,00 Unclean records Texas
SGP INLAND EMPERORS Hey Hey Blake Pirtle 5,20 Bag of Hammers
SGP INSANE CLOWN POSSE Leck Mich Im Arsch 7,00 limited on Third Man (Jack White's label)
SGP INSECT SYREN  Cranium meltdown 5,70  Man or Punkomen ?
SGP IN-SEKT / LIGHTNING BEAT-MAN  split 5,20  Demolition Derby shit
SGP INSURGENCY  Confused 5,70  totally punk w insert
SGP INTERSTELLAR VILLAINS  s/t 4,00 M-/M- gatefold cover - An Orstralian Recording/Munster Records
SGP IOWA BEEF EXPERIENCE  Guilt and revenge 5,20  noise by I.Burgess
SGP JACK M BLUES BAND  Rock on 5,20  Stardust lim.single
SGP JAMESON / STARRIES  Heroes of hi-fi/After the strap 6,20  UK Bearos 1999
SGP JAMMING ARABS  Jamming Arabs are comin' 2,00 Alopecia surfgarage
SGP JASON TRAEGER/DRAGONANGEL Kill Rock stars mailorder freak 6,20 singles club
SGP JAWBOX Airwaves Dream 10,00 M--/M-- Selfless Records ‎– SFLS03
SGP JAWBREAKER Busy 10,00 M-/M- Shredder ‎– Shred Fifty, Shredder ‎– SH-50 Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single, Red logo, red background 1989 USA
SGP JESSAMINE Your Head Is So Smal… 10,00 M/M new copy Housed in a thick cardboard sleeve, with four double-sided inserts, which assemble into a larger picture. The package/record/inserts are all held together with a bolt
SGP JESUS LIZARD  Fly on the wall 6,20  Touch and Go USA
SGP JOHNNY AND THE JUMPER CABLES  Kielbasa 4,20  su Stanton Park
SGP JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Get with it/Down low 7,30 In the Red juke box series
SGP JOYNER SIMON and the Fallen Men One for the catholic girls 4,00 UK Wurlitzer Jukebox
SGP JUMBO  We come in pieces 6,20  Uk Pavement style orange vinyl
SGP JUNO  Venus on tinth 6,80  SUB POP USA press special sleeve
SGP KARNAK When the door are closed 40,00 EX/EX w insert historic italian post punk
SGP KASHER TIM Cold Love 5,00 Cursive/Good Life's singer goes solo
SGP KENICKIE Punka 5,20 punka, appunta
SGP KENICKIE  Come out 2nite 5,20  su Fierce Panda (futuro oro)
SGP KENT 3 Basketball medics-Satellite 5,00 double 7" GF on Super Electro
SGP KID BROTHER COLLECTIVE Sketches of Spain 3,00 Doom Nibbler w insert
SGP KID ROMANCE Fuck punx 8,00 Captured Tracks paper bag cover with photo
SGP KING JERRY Auctioneer 7,00 limited on Third Man (Jack White's label)
SGP KINGMAKER  10 years asleep.. 7,80  ltd.ed.w 4 colour postcard
SGP KINGS OF LEON Charmer 5,00 M-/M- RCA ‎– 88697165027, Handmedown ‎– HMD54
SGP KINKS Better things plus free singles live! 5,00 2x7" GF UK press w Lola/David Watts
SGP KNACK  My sharona 2,50 USA black cover
SGP KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS/WILDEBEESTS Connection/Please go home 3,00 Norton, Rolling Stones cover
SGP KOROVA Just like Peter Cook 5,00 Tough Love
SGP KROKUS  Flexi mit ME-interview 2,60  pochi scherzi,chiacchieroni
SGP KRYPTASTHESIE/LINUS PAULING QUARTET Dark lady incontra il suo fantasma.. 5,00 split psichedelico Mizmaze records
SGP KYRA  Doodlebug 2,00 Damged Goods UK
SGP LA BANDA DI TIROFISSO III Silvia Baraldini 5,00 M-/M- Stefano Giaccone, Lalli, Tempo Zero..con inserto
SGP LA LA VASQUEZ Mexican Ghost (On A Boat) 4,00 M-/M- limited on Captured Tracks
SGP LA SECTA  Kill city 5,20  Get Hip, Stooges brutalizzati
SGP LA SECTA  Our kicks 4,00  2x7" cover T.Rex,Spacemen3,Suicide,Scientists
SGP LANEGAN MARK/KAREN DALTON Same Old Man 10,00 Lanegan's haunting cover of the tardional "Same Old Man" made famous by Karen dalton's 1971 version (found on the B-side) - colored vinyl
SGP LAS MORDIDAS Surrounded 3,00 EX/EX Dischord/Compulsiv
SGP LAST PARTY Mr Hurst/Hubbys hobby 20,00 TW11 Harvey Records + Tapes
SGP LATIMER Citizen jive 3,00 World Domination
SGP LAUGHING HYENAS Here we go again 3,00 Touch & Go
SGP LAW AND ORDER Anything But The Critic's Choice 40,00 M--/EX azure cover Fetal Records ‎– 17182021Lyric insert included.
SGP LAZY SUSAN  Pinwheel 4,20  ITA press,uragano punk dalla Florida
SGP LAZYBOY  Fill it 5,20  su Allied HC tirato
SGP LE NEON S.P.A.C.E./Britannia 5,50 yellow vinyl Fierce Panda 2003
SGP LEAVING TRAINS  Bringing down the house 10,00 cover EX+ Happy Squid USA HS 009
SGP LEBLANC DYLAN If time was for wasting 3,00 Jack on b-side
SGP LED ZEPPELIN Rock And Roll (Sunset Sound Mix)/ Friends (Olympic Studios Mix) 15,00 M/M new copy SS Limited edition yellow vinyl - Record Store Day 2018 - features 2 previously unreleased tracks
SGP LES SHADOCKS  Mystery on the moon 6,20  GER surfadelic
SGP LES VALENTINO  Au pays de l'oubli 5,20  New Rose
SGP LET'S WRESTLE/YOUNG GOVERNOR split 4,00 500 copies on Tough Love records w exclusive zine inside
SGP LEVELLERS  Exodus 5,20  7" live in Europe 1995-1996
SGP LIARS Salvation 7,50 italian garage band
SGP LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION Tell me what it's worth/Tristan 4,00 Patrick Wolf's cover on b-side
SGP LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION Tell me what it's worth/Xanadu 4,00 Jeff Lyne/ELO's cover on b-side
SGP LILITH and The SINNERSAINTS Venus In Furs/Tomstone Blues 8,00 Record Store Day 2012 limited! Not Moving's chanteuse
SGP LITFIBA Luna/La preda 17,00 M/M copia nuova sigillata ristampa limitata numerata primo singolo 1983!/historical 1st ep italian wave originally 1983
SGP LITTLE ANNIE & FABRIZIO MODONESE PALUMBO Blue Xmas ep 5,00 blue vinyl!! Limited!!
SGP LLAMASAURUS  Remember me 5,20 autoprodotto USA underground
SGP LLOYD COLE/TWO PEOPLE Perfect skin (live)/Rescue Me 2,00 out from Buscadero, italian magazine
SGP LO-FI SUCKS!  s/t 5,00 great Nick Drake's cover + 3 tracks
SGP LOGH Ghosts 2,00 Bad Taste slow
SGP LONGPIGS  Jesus Christ 6,20  lim.ed.red vinyl poster bag UK
SGP LONGVIEW In a dream 5,00 includes poster & coloured vinyl, GF
SGP LOOK SEE PROOF Casualty 5,50 Weekender records UK!!
SGP LOS PRIMOS  On my floor 5,20 Crypt
SGP LOSCIL Sine Studies 1 14,00 M/M new copy limited!!
SGP LOST CAUSE Born Dead 25,00 EX--/VG-- High Velocity Records ‎– KK-999 - 1981 H/C punk - red vinyl
SGP LOST MINDS  Look yourself straight in the face 4,00 M/M pure Mod sound on Detour
SGP LOVE BOAT Sliding Deck 6,00 7" from Sardinia, Italy -r'n'r surf 60's pop 300 copies w free MP3 great artwork
SGP LOVESLUG/SKIN YARD Loser bar/Psychoflowerhypnotized 5,20 facciazze brutte Rave records
SGP LOVICH LENA Say when/home 2,50 Stiff ITA press
SGP LOVVERS Laughinh man/Search for gold 7,00
SGP LOW California 3,00 b/w Cut the strings (alternate version) Rough Trade euro
SGP LOW/SHEARWATER Stay / Novocane 8,00 M/M Low coverin' Rihanna and Shearwater coverin' Frank Ocean
SGP LUBRIFICATED GOAT  Meating my head 10,40  SUB POP USA singles club limited edition 3500 copies
SGP LUCIERNAGA Sleeping/Wandering 12,00 M/M new copy SS limited edition of 100 on clear vinyl - includes download code - experimental ambient solo guitar from Brookly, NY via Chile/Brazil
SGP LUCY STONERS  Father 5,70  New York City female punk
SGP LUSTRE KINGS  Live at the Rongovian Embassy 2,50 fast rockabilly on Cacophone records
SGP LYNYRD SKYNYRD I've been your fool/Gotta go 5,00 UK press, EX/EX
SGP M99  Grown up 5,70  vinile mezzo verde e mezzo nero
SGP MAC BLACKOUT Don't let your love die 4,00 Sacred Bones records
SGP MADS What I Need/Virtual World 12,00 M/M new copy historical italian MOD band - 200 copies - white vinyl
SGP MAE JENNY  A new world record 5,70  Am Pop Rec.tra ELO e la K rec.
SGP MAGNITUDE 3  Jack the ripper 2,00 japanese trash on Rockin'Bones 500 numbered copies ITA press
SGP MAJOR STARS Portable freak factory/Can you see me? 9,00 limited!!
SGP MAKERS / KINGS OF ROCK  split 3,00  Sympathy FTRI
SGP MAKE-UP  Free Arthur Lee 5,70  K rec. benefit for Love singers
SGP MAKE-UP / LUNG-LEG  Pow!to the people/Krayola 5,20  Southern split
SGP MALKMUS STEPHEN Discretion Grove 5,20 w Sin Taxi
SGP MAN ATOM It's a sound/English rose 4,00 1,000 numbered copies, handmade cover!!
SGP MAN DINGO All the songs you've always hated 3,00 Dr.Strange numbered copy
SGP MAN OR ASTRO-MAN ?  Inside the head of John Peel 15,00  2x7" GF ltd.
SGP MARCHING PLAGUE Rock'n'Roll Asshole 30,00 M--/M-- C.I.A. Records ‎– c.i.a.0012, C.I.A. Records ‎– CIA 0012 - Printed lyric insert included.
SGP MARCO PAUL / CRISWELL  split 5,20  Dionysus goes garage horror
SGP MARK OF CHAIN  Tell me 6,20  AUS w "Viet Vet" di A.Vega
SGP MARTINI HENRY RIFLES Pan Am/God make me.. 3,00 Sonic Mook Experiment
SGP MARY JANE She moved thro'the fair 5,20 September Gurls vinile verde psych-folk
SGP MARY JANE  Isle of Wight 5,70  September Gurls psych/folk
SGP MARY JANE  She moved thro'the air 5,70  Sept.Gurls acid folkadelic
SGP MASS  Godsend 4,70  oscuri e massicci red vinyl
SGP MATMOS/DIE MONITR BATSS Split seven inch DIV/orce series 2 8,00 limited!!
SGP MAZARIN Cahsing The Girl 3,00 Rocket Girl UK
SGP MAZEY FADE  Milk white cripple 4,20  gioventù sonica d'Albione
SGP MC CARTHY DAWN & BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY Christmas Eve Can Kill You 7,00 Domino 2012 limited edition new copy SS
SGP MC CULLOCH IAN  Proud to fall 10,40  ltd.ed. w lyrics/photographs
SGP MEET LOVER'S PIZZA The big load 2,00 Texas punkbluesnoise
SGP MEMBRANES Spike Milligan's tape recorder 5,20 Criminal damage 1984
SGP MENSWEAR  Sleeping in/Sunday driver 5,20
SGP MENTAL DECAY Run & Hide 40,00 M--/M-- Buy Our Records ‎– BOR-7-003- Insert with lyrics included.
SGP METROVAVAN The Lost Notes 3,00 M-/M- Looper's side project-Liquefaction rec. UK
SGP MIKE WATT + THE SECONDMEN No One 14,00 M/M new copy Ssincludes digital download
SGP MOCK Pity/Remember me 4,00 Goldenrod rec GR46
SGP MODESTY BLAISE Christina Terrace/Nothing Sacred 5,00 SOES3 w insert
SGP MONARCHY The Phoenix Alive 6,00 cover EX
SGP MONOLITHICS/KAAMS Choose Your Coffin! 5,50 300 numbered copies
SGP MONOMEN Remind Me 3,00 M-/M- Screaming Apple
SGP MONOMEN/APEMEN Dragstrip/Intoxica 5,20 split on Demolition
SGP MONTGOLFIER BROTHERS Pro-celebrity standing around 2,00 numbered copy on Poptones
SGP MOONIES (THE) Who the f**k are the Moonies 6,00 UK rockgroovin? rebellious jukebox fine 2002
SGP MOONSHAKE  Night tripper 7,30  ltd.ed.Too Pure UK
SGP MORGAN DEAN  The totally twisted world of 5,70  Hasil Adkins style
SGP MORRISSEY Alma Matters 15,00 w Heir Apparent on b-side
SGP MORRISSEY Glamorous glue/Safe warm Lancashire home (unreleased demo) 7,00
SGP MORRISSEY I Just Want To See The Boy Happy 10,00 M-/M part 1 of a part 2 vinyl set! Gatefold cover includes Speedway recorded live at The Royal Albert Hall 2002
SGP MORRISSEY I Just Want To See The Boy Happy (part 2) 18,00 M-/M- limited edition picture disc - part 2 of a 2 part vinyl set! Includes Late Night, Maudlin Street recorded live at The Royal Albert Hall 2002
SGP MORRISSEY Ouija Board, Ouijia Board 10,00 ITA press
SGP MORRISSEY Roy's Keen 25,00 IS 671 w Lost on B-side
SGP MORRISSEY The Last Of The Famous International Playboys 5,00 EX/EX euro press
SGP MORRISSEY The youngest was the most loved 5,00 If you don't like me, don't look at me on b-side
SGP MORRISSEY  The boy racer 12,00 w live version of London
SGP MOST UNUSUAL SOUND Street stalker 3,70 ex 2Bo'sManiacs, gran botta di r'n'r
SGP MOTARDS Kings Of Blues 5,00 M-/M- R.O. Rec #011Texas Hick Series – #2 Single Sided, 45 RPM 
SGP MOUSE BLASTERS Strange Reaction 3,00 M-/M- Unique ‎– UNR 7.14.19 1993 grunge psych
SGP MOVIOLA  Waste 5,70  Flaminglipsin'USA
SGP MR.WRONG Fights the system 5,70 NoMeansNo related
SGP MUSIC MACHINE  Point of no return 5,20  Sundazed unissued blasts 1966
SGP NAKED REMAIN Heir of Pretension 4,00 M-/M- Mr.Spaceman records Australia at his best
SGP NAPALM BEACH Last big heartache 3,00 M-/M- Skullma Music 1992 red vinyl w insert
SGP NECESSARY EVILS Grind, rock'n'burn 5,70 Crypt
SGP NEGAZIONE I Think I See The Light 35,00 EX+/EX+ Vinyl, 7", Single Sided, Promo Cat Stevens'cover
SGP NERVES Midnight sun 4,00 Estrus nervous blues, 2000 wild!
SGP NEW MIND Closet baby 5,20 con l'inserto ed il randello il punk si fa più bello
SGP NEW ORDER  Procession/Everything's Gone Green 15,00 EX++/VG ITA press Factory ‎– FAC.53 1981
SGP NEW SHERIDANS  Blaine 5,70  pink vinyl for pink sounds,Hell Yeah Rec.
SGP NICK ROSSI SET Foolkiller/Sweet 'tater Pie 7,00 Club Direction Series Vol.3 Hammondmania
SGP NO ARTIST Bene De Lux 3,00 M/M Drop Of Blood Records ‎– DOB 069 Experimental, Spoken Word, Field Recording
SGP NOIR JIM Eanie meany 5,50 Football World Championship TV spot
SGP NOISEXT  Welcome to my head 6,20  noise su PCP Matador
SGP NORD EXPRESS Madeline/ Sharky 5,00 adorabili malinconici su Slumberland
SGP NORTH SIDE My rising star 5,70 Factory records
SGP NOVOCAINE  Tension 5,20  UK che sorprende
SGP NOW!  Keeping up with the Joneses 5,20  Detour Records
SGP NU FOREST (PASTELS) I picked a flower 5,70 w Jarvis Cocker (Pulp)
SGP NUVOLA BLU / TEMPO ZERO  split 2,60  ex URLO promo
SGP OBLIVION SEEKERS  There's no depression.. 4,20  su SOL (B. MOULD)
SGP OFF! Live at Generation records 8,00 4 tracks
SGP OFFENDERS I hate myself/Bad times 5,00 M-/M- Rabid Cat Texas USA
SGP OHUZARU Ohuzaru 3,00 M-/M- H/C punk Sly Actions ‎– S.A.001w insert 2000
SGP OMAHA  Non-pair mystifications and self extrications 3,00  Doghouse
SGP ONE LADY OWNER  Police car sex 5,70  Creation UK 1999
SGP ONE STAR  The jelly is set! 5,70 Blacbean & placenta USA cult label
SGP ONE WAY SYSTEM Cumon Feel The Noize! 15,00 M-/M- Anagram Records ‎– ANA 9 UK 1983
SGP ONEIDA/ BROTHER JT Anthem of the moon/ Child of the sun 7,30 split su Jagjaguwar
SGP ORLOCK Ambulance spanking seizure 2,00 Monstro records
SGP ORLOCK s/t 2,00 Fall records
SGP OSCAR YOUNG BAND Damp Circuits 10,00 M/M The Golden Era Of Synthesizers In East Asia
SGP OTHERS Revenge/I'm in need 5,20 Rientrato! Sundazed vinile rosso 1966 mono
SGP OVERWHELMING COLORFAST  It's tomorrow 3,00  Sympathy FTRI
SGP OWEN O, Evelyn 5,00 2000 copies includes download w Smiths'Girlfriend in a coma on B side
SGP PAINS OF BEING PURE AT THE HEART Say No To Love 6,00 Lost Saint on b-side
SGP PALE LIGTS EP 8,00 M/M new copy members of Crystal Stilts, Comet Gain, Crystal Stilts..
SGP PARADE  The beach 5,70  Detour 1998 hammond mod
SGP PATTERN Non-stop 6,80 Gearhead, R&B and r'n'r fast attitude
SGP PAUL KELLY and the COLOURED GIRLS Dumb things 5,00 M-/cover EX (light ringwear) double 7" Mushroom Australia GF
SGP PEARL JAM Merkinball 20,00 M-/M- USA press 1995 Epic ‎– 34 78199
SGP PELL MELL  Bring on the china 3,70  SST vinile bianco
SGP PENATE JACK Spit at stars ep (1) 3,50 GF XL
SGP PENETRATION Our world/Sea song 2,50 M-/M- Damaged Goods 2008
SGP PENETRATORS Gotta have her 6,20 special collectors limited edition
SGP PENNYWISE A Word From The Wise 5,00 M--/M-- Theologian Records ‎– T-1
SGP PENTRATION Life's a gamble 10,00 Virgin UK 1978
SGP PEOPLE'S REVOLUTIONARY CHOIR The Breeze That Blows 3,00 M/M Weekender 2007
SGP PETTY CRIME  Forfeit intent 6,80  Slampt UK underground Red Monkey rel
SGP PHILISTINE JR./SCHAUMGUMMI split 6,80 Lissy's rec. Band fantasma con Moby!!
SGP PINEAPPLES All for west 5,20 Kokopop USA, vinile bianco
SGP PINEY GIR For The Love Of Others 6,00 w I Wanna Be Like You (The Book of Jungle) on b-side
SGP PLANFIELD  s/t 5,70  su Fuck You records, California punk
SGP PLASTIQUE  The k-i-l-l 6,20  K Rec.International Pop Underground
SGP PLEASURE FOREVER Goodnight/Miss Underneath 4,00 M-/M- SUB POP USA 2001SP 564
SGP PLUTONIUM 99  Please don't disobey 7,80  Italian paisley pop
SGP POCKET FISH R MEN Dead dog/Sodom & Gomorrah 5,20 1000 copie/1990 LSR Rec.-50,00000…watts rec.
SGP POINT BLANK Blacklisted: we won't be silenced! 5,20 Nemesis records #33
SGP POISON 13 Love me 10,40 w Warsaw (Joy Division) e Strychnine SUB POP 
SGP POLYTHENE  Pet hates e.p. 5,70  Guided Missile UK punk
SGP PONYS Another wound 3,00 w Descendents' cover on b-side
SGP POP WILL EAT ITSELF  Bulletproof! 5,20  UK press
SGP POPULAR WORKSHOP William, it was really something 3,00 on Tough Love
SGP PORT SAID Indian Ocean, Voyage 2 20,00 EX/EX Not On Label ‎– PS-001 USA 1981
SGP PRESIDENT ARPI & the COLLATINIANS  Euforia 4,00  One love (i pawa)
SGP PRETENDERS 2000 miles 2,00
SGP PRETENDERS  Message of love/Porcelain 4,20  UK press
SGP PRETTY THINGS  Havana bound 4,20  The medicine label
SGP PRIMITIVE HANDS Split Mind/I'll Die Alone 3,00 TTT-031
SGP PRINCESS TINY MEAT  Wigs on the green 7,80  Virgin Prunes related
SGP PRIZER  Rail 5,20  ottimo noise.Contiene grafica e flexi!
SGP PROFESOR ROMEI  Desiderio/Dell'apertura del corpo 5,20  eloquente
SGP PROFESSOR ZOOM  Urban menace/1965 4,20  Tom Waits ne sarebbe fiero 50%
SGP PSEUDONYMPHS  Anuthaday 4,20  bimbe grezze red vinyl
SGP PSYLONS Run to the stranger 5,00 Crystal record 
SGP PUPILS OF LOVE  Move it 9,30  Modern red vinyl
SGP PUSSY GALORE Feel Good About Your Body EP 10,00 Record Store Day 2012 limited edition Recorded at The Laundry Room in Oct 85
SGP PUTTERS  Muscle car 10,40  difficile e cercato Empty Records
SGP PUTTERS  Muscle car 5,20  Empty 1992
SGP PYRAMIDS Hunch your body, love somebody 8,00 a sort of big triangle oversize 7"- Archie Bronson Outfit related
SGP QUADRAJETS Let's go to outer space 5,20 SYMPATHY FTRI w Chester Burnett cover on b-side
SGP QUASI  Kill Rock Stars singles club 5,70  ex Heatmiser+Sleater Kinney
SGP QUEEN + Paul Rodgers C-lebrity 10,00 M/M new copy SS Picure Disc! With Fire and Water on B-side
SGP QUINCY PUNX/REJECTS My America!/Not Human 3,00 M-/M- I'll Be Dead In Hell ‎– #002
SGP R.E.M. Bad day 5,20 Favorite writer on b-side
SGP R.E.M. Drive 5,20 edizione Juke Box ITA (con Mike Oldfield on b-side)
SGP R.E.M. First Three Singles from Collapse Into Now 12,00 3 x 7" limited Record Store Day edition
SGP R.E.M. Strange Currencies 15,00 M/M new copy SS kimited edition - coloured vinyl with free badge - copy N° 06893
SGP R.E.M. Tongue 10,00 M--/M--Limited edition 1995 Tour Edition picture sleeve plus 12 page booklet - numbere copy
SGP R.E.M./SYD BARRETT Dark Globe 18,00 M/M new copy purple vinyl Record Store Day 2016 as performed by Barrett in 1970 and R.E.M. in 1989
SGP RAMLEH  Slammers 9,30  Shock/Broken Flag 1991 UK press 500 copie lim.
SGP RAVENGERS  Bottle top 5,70  Detour Records Graham Day style
SGP RAVEONETTES Into The Night 17,00 Record Store Day double 7" GF SS 4 unreleased tracks
SGP REALITY ASYLUM / SHAVED WOMAN  split 16,60  Crass members poster sleeve
SGP RED GUITARS Fact 5,20 original Self Drive records 1983
SGP RED GUITARS Good technology 5,20 original Self Drive records 1983
SGP RED PLANET Let's get ripped 6,80 Gearhead USA, w cover Too drunk to fuck
SGP RED RUMSEY Shine on 7,00 copia numerata Troubleman
SGP RED WORM'S FARM Wasted 9,00 limited white vinyl
SGP RELAXED MUSCLE The heavy ep 4,50 english power RTRADE 2003
SGP REVELATORS  Serve the man 6,20  Crypt fast punk'roll
SGP REVERB  Velocity fall 5,20  produce Will Sergeant
SGP REVHEAD Killjoy 6,80 w comics inside, 1000 copies Behemoth Rec.
SGP REVOLUTION 9  You don't know what love is 5,20  GF Acuarela Spain
SGP REYNOLDS  To unwind to unwound 2,00  Gringo records Uk, post-rock
SGP RIFLES I could never lie 4,50 great gatefold passport shaped cover
SGP RINGING  Perfect world 6,20  nuovo gruppo dei Viv Akauldren
SGP RIOT ACT Master plan 5,20 1990 Trigon
SGP RIVIERA BOOGIE Doktor zaoil 5,00 Cinedelic cut corner copy
SGP ROACH FRANK For the love of Jesus-chapter three 5,70 Fat Possum-SYMPATHY FTRI blues series
SGP ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT Birdman/Ufo Ufo Ufo 7,30 Merge, storico
SGP ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT Cut out the pogs and play 7,30 SYMPATHY FTRI
SGP ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT  Young livers 5,70  Fleshtones in punk pants
SGP ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT/GET UP KIDS split 8,30 ultra limited con copertina in rilievo
SGP ROCKET SCIENCE Heavy traffic/ Going away 7,80 Modular UK rebellious jukebox fine 2002
SGP ROCKINBIRDS  Your good girls.. 7,80  Clawfist,con ospiti alla voce
SGP RODNEY & the TUBE TOPS  Tube tops forever 5,20  w Thurston Moore
SGP RON URUNI and the Wild Bunch Wild Venus on wheels 5,00 SFTRI 40
SGP RUBY TREES  Long since gone 10,40  pre-Illiterate Beach grande folkrock
SGP RUDY "TUTTI" GRAYZELL Texas Kool Kat 5,20 con gli A-Bones, Norton USA
SGP RUGRAT  Bulltaco 5,20  Damaged Good Records UK
SGP RUNAWAY WEINER DOGS  Here be monsters 2,00
SGP RUNRIG  Things that are 5,20  Chrysalis UK
SGP SAFARI Quicksand 6,00
SGP SAINT JOHNNY Early live recordings 2,50 Twisted Village records
SGP SALT  Bluster 5,20  vinile bianco con adesivo UK hit
SGP SAMMY Encyclopedi-ite 3,00 fire
SGP SARTAIN DAN Bohemian grove 5,00 limited on Third Man records
SGP SATIN CHICKENS  Anatomy of sodomy 10,40  Coil+Whitehouse double 7"lim.
SGP SCENIC Sage/Another way 10,00 apribile, numerato, w insert e magnifica confezione Independent
SGP SCHLEPROCK  Migraine 4,20  punk
SGP SCHTUM  Skydiver 5,20  Sony UK
SGP SCHTUM  Skydiver 5,20  indie UK
SGP SCOTT MIKE  Building the City of Light 5,70  Mr.Waterboys solo
SGP SCOTT MORGAN Sixteen with a bullet/Detroit 10,40 Jukebox rec.USA w G.Rasmussen/Scott Asheton
SGP SCOUT  Plague days 6,20  underground USA
SGP SCOUTING FOR GIRLS Elvis ain't dead 4,50 Michaela Strachan (Live from Revue Bar) on b-side
SGP SCRATCH BONGOWAX  Dog Pile On Liz 3,00 on light purple vinyl!
SGP SEAWEED  Bill 5,00 SUB POP USA green vinyl
SGP SEAWEED  Inside 15,50 Leopard Gecko Rec. singolo tosto
SGP SECOND H. SAM s/t 6,00 Samuele Gottardello (Hormonas, Buzz Aldrin) goes folkblues solo
SGP SECRET STARS Fourteen days in Belpaese-November 1988 15,00 CandyApple/GreenRecords RPMs/The Congress Geoff Farina's side project
SGP SEPULTURA Ratamahatta 10,00 promo copy Roadrunner RR 2314-7 w Mass Hypnosis (live)
SGP SERPENTS  Songs in lost keys 5,70  Ochre rec.psychedelic (Heads style)
SGP SERPICO / J CHURCH  split 5,70  due pesi massimi del punk
SGP SETTEBELLO UNLIMITED S sole mio/Mas que nada 5,00 Cinedelic cut corner copy
SGP SEVERIN  Beagles 5,00 SUB POP singles club JUN 1993 edition of 2,000 green vinyl
SGP SEXY KIDS Sisters are forever 6,00 Slumberland Rec. Heavenly pop
SGP SHAA  Meditazione 3,10  Blu Bus serie in prima fila
SGP SHADOWY MEN ON A SHADOWY PLANET Dog & squeegie 5,20 Estrus 1991
SGP SHAH NADINE Dreary Town 8,00 M/M new copy
SGP SHAH NADINE To Be A Young Man 8,00 M/M new copy
SGP SHALLOW  I wonder 3,00  Sonic Boom remix
SGP SHAM 69 Angels With Dirty Faces 10,00 M--/M-- UK Polydor ‎– 2059 023
SGP SHANE GARY  Fine and dandy 5,20  Arf! Arf! 1988
SGP SHEER MAG Sheer Mag 10,00 M/M new copy Katorga Works ‎– KW-042, Wilsuns Recording Company ‎– WRC-89-35
SGP SHOCKING PINKS End of the world 21,50 DFA
SGP SHOES  Too late 5,20
SGP SHONEN KNIFE  Neon zebra 20,70  SUB POP singles club grey vinyl
SGP SHOUTLESS Baby come on 5,20 Rainbow Sweden
SGP SILVER TONGUED DEVIL Six pack ride 7,30 cover degli Union Carbide Productions on b-side
SGP SILVERFISH  T.F.A. 5,20  Creation FRA promo
SGP SINISTER SIX Deloused 2,00 Bag Of Hammers USA 
SGP SINISTER SIX Pain in my head 6,20 Get Hip 1993 w I can only give you everything
SGP SINKHOLE Tumble meat 5,70 Dr.Strange records punk
SGP SIR BALD DIDDLEY and his WIG OUTS  Tuck-in 3,00 garagebeathotrod on Alopecia! Records
SGP SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS  Don't worry 5,20  SUB POP great as usual
SGP SISTER RAY  The king 10,40  SUB POP USA singles club, 4000 copie, bandf di culto
SGP SISTER VANILLA Can't stop the rock 6,00 Chemikal Undergrounds 2007 Jim Reid (Jesus & Mary Chain) is back!
SGP SKELETON ED  Fridley city limits 5,20  fun punk
SGP SKIN YARD  Start at the top 15,50  uno dei primi SUB POP
SGP SKIN YARD / LOVESLUG  split 3,00  Glitterhouse rec.
SGP SKY SAXON / SS 20  split 9,30  Voxx promo
SGP SKYSCRAPER  Petrified 5,20  super Hendrix UK
SGP SLEAFORD MODS/POP GROUP Face To face/Nations 19,00 M/m new copy SS limited edition!
SGP SLEEPYHEAD  Punk rock city USA 6,20  Slumberland etichetta culto
SGP SLOWPOKE  Limestone friend 5,70  Direct Hit Rec. pure Texas
SGP SMACK Edward fox 5,00 Asrin UK 1980
SGP SMASH  Turn on the water 7,50 ltd.ed.SUB POP, UK series green vinyl
SGP SMOKE FAIRIES Sunshine 7,50 numbered ltd edition includes free CD
SGP SMOOTHIES  Reasonably happy 4,70  Southern Rec.
SGP SNFU Beautiful, Unlike You And I 10,00 M--/M-- Hom Wreckerds Music – HWM 1001 
SGP SNOW PATROL  Absolute gravity 5,70  1998 Jeepster (Belle & S.label)
SGP SOFT PACK C'mon/Answer to yourself (Newton.Live session) 7,00
SGP SOFT PACK More Or Less 6,00 w banjo or freakout remix of Answer To Yourself on b-side
SGP SOMARO LOMBARDO Potage 7,00 M--/M-- no insert Economic Sound ‎– ES 005
SGP SOMETHING WEIRD  ..comes to haunt you! 5,20  european garage (GER)
SGP SONS & DAUGHTERS Darling/Jape remix 4,00 Domino Produced by Bernard Butler
SGP SONS & DAUGHTERS Darling/Ribbons 4,00 Domino Produced by Bernard Butler
SGP SONS OF HERCULES  Surfin'in the bars 6,20  Get Hip 1997
SGP SOULSIDE  Bass/103 5,00  Dischord pre Girls against boys Dischord FRA
SGP SOUND STYLISTICS Shake and hip drop 8,00 Freestyle
SGP SOURPUSS  Scientific celebrity 4,70  Slink 001 UK press
SGP SPECTRALS Peppermint 7,00 on Moshi Mosgi singles club, a sort of indie Aztec Camera meets Morrissey on ballad territories
SGP SPEED DUSTER  Last stop motor city 6,80  picture disc (w Lenin!)
SGP SPEED QUEENS Motormouth 5,20 garantisce (e produce) Tim Kerr, SYMPATHY FTRI
SGP SPITES Stayin Out 10,40 Rip Off fast punk out of print
SGP SPRINKLER  Peerless 6,20  USA press SUB POP
SGP SPROTON LAYER  Lost behind words 5,20  w Roger Miller clear vinyl
SGP SPUNK BUBBLES  Metal wench 9,30  Waterfront Damp 38 AUS
SGP SQUACKETT Sea Of Smiles 12,00 Record Store Day 2012 limited edition: Chris Squire (YES) & Steve Hackett (GENESIS)!
SGP SQUID  New waffen jive 5,20  sonico bordello vinile azzurro
SGP STAR PIMP Richie/Meat Grinder/Virginia 2,00 Boner records
SGP STARLITES  I can't see you 5,70  1967 nugget garage Get Hip/Arf!Arf!
SGP STEEL MINERS  I'm tired 5,70   Get Hip 1999 Stooges/garage sound
SGP STEEL POLE BATH TUB  Voodo chile 7,80  picture SFTRI un bell'oggetto
SGP STEVE MC QUEENS  Trini Trimpop 5,20  trashy-lo-fi-garage-punk
SGP STEVE MCQUEENS Mission to rock 3,00 Wrench UK
SGP STISISM Bacon man/Traffic jam 7,80 Intensive scare, cover sexy splatter
SGP STISISM  Punch in the face e.p. 6,20  Intensive Scare punk NY
SGP STOMPIN'HARVEY & the fast Wreckers  Is you is 6,20  voodoo trash'n rol
SGP STRANGE  Shake! 5,70  Twist Records
SGP STRANGLERS European female 5,20 euro press EPCA 2893
SGP STRAWMAN You're not alone 5,20 Allied USA
SGP STRONGHOLD  Ad infinitum.. 5,20  ottimo gruppo HC tipo Alloy
SGP SUBSKIN CABLES  Closer to myself 4,20  cazzuti come linci
SGP SUGAR SHACK You don't mean shit to me 5,70 Estrus vuol dire fiducia
SGP SUN  There will another me 5,20  sonic indie from UK yellow vinyl
SGP SUPER 8  Something weird 6,20  Naked Records UK
SGP SUPER FURRY ANIMALS  If you don't want me.. 5,20  poster pack
SGP SUPER REAL FICTION  Kidnapper 5,70  power pop su Fierce Panda
SGP SUPERKOOLS In my way 5,20 w insert and copmics,violet vinyl,Word of Mouth rec.
SGP SUPERMODEL  No second coming 5,20  mybloodyvalentinists
SGP SUPERNOVA How much more 5,20 SYMPATHY FTRI super interstellar
SGP SUPERSONIC  Superman 5,70  Detour guaranteed
SGP SURGENS Twisted brain 5,00 Fat & Bulbous 2008
SGP SWEET APPLE I've got a feeling (that won't change) 3,00 Damaged Goods
SGP SWIFT RICHARD Beautiful heart 6,00 a rework of Prince!
SGP SWINGING NECKBREAKERS  I'm In Love With Me 3,00 M-/M- Telstar Records ‎– TR 015
SGP SWINGING NECKBREAKERS  You better dig it 6,20  Screaming apple
SGP SWINGIN'TEENS If you hate me 5,20 Prospective records
SGP SWIZ  Black nine 9,30  la voce nera del punk
SGP T.V.SMITH'S EXPLORERS The servant/Looking down on London 2,00 KRL black sleeve
SGP TAD Jack Pepsi 12,00 SUB POP 12/144 green vinyl
SGP TAKE FOUR DOSES Vita di strada 10,00 EX/VG-- Cramps Records ‎– 5202 255 vinile blu
SGP TAMPASM  Darling self destruct 5,20  pink vinyl female power
SGP TANGERINE DREAM Ultima Thule 12,00 M/M new copy on Esoteric Record Store Day 2012!! Limited
SGP TANTE ANNA/HAVAH 77,84 14,00 M/M new copy SS split limited RSD
SGP TARDS  Pissed you in the river 3,00 Poison Idea related SFTRI, cover Patti Smith!
SGP TASTEFREEWAY  Cat and mouse 5,20  punk su Broken Rekids
SGP TEEN MILK  Student athlete 6,20  Cacophone rec.
SGP TELEVISION SET/OTHERS IN CONVERSATION November Session 12,00 minimal synth split
SGP TELSTAR PONIES Farewell, farewell 3,00 Geographic 2002
SGP THAT GHOST Never Have Fun 6,00 TP006
SGP THAT PETROL EMOTION / MEMBRANES  split 9,30  Clawfist series
SGP THE POWER THAT BE  Crude sound 9,30  Amp.Rep.picture disc ributtante
SGP THESE ANIMAL MEN  Speed king 7,80  Rise Rec.UK con adesivino
SGP THILE CHRIS & MICHAEL DAVES Man In The Middle 7,00 limited on Third Man (Jack White's label)
SGP THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282  Everyday 4,70  b-side Morricone
SGP THREE STEPS UP  Mother's day 3,00 azure vinyl Tragic Life Records
SGP THRILLS Don't Steal Our Son 3,00 green vinyl w an acoustic version of The On I Love (R.E.M.) on b-side
SGP TIGER SAW I keep my misfortune 3,00 Redwood acoustic singles
SGP TIM & JEAN Come Around 6,00
SGP TOASTERS Dog eat dog 6,20 Ska! Ska! Ska!
SGP TOE TAG H.I.V. 3,00 red vinyl punk Nemesis
SGP TONETTA Get It Going/ MMM Mama!  4,00 500 numbered copies
SGP TORO Y MOI Blessa 7,00 th indiest side of the indie balearic
SGP TOSHIYUKI HIRAOKA/INSTIGATORS Personal progress 5,20 Deco records USA
SGP TOTEMPOLE  Baby robs banks 5,20  Last Resort Records USA
SGP TOWARDS AN END Change and pass through… 6,20 Lookout
SGP TRALUMA Klondike Revolution 5,00 Caulfield Records
SGP TRALUMA Tell Tale Replace 5,00 Caulfield Records
SGP TRANSIENT WAVES / DAKOTA SUITE  split 6,20  Chè trading limited UK
SGP TRASH CAN SCHOOL I love you!Too bad you're bad 3,00 punk Californiana Sympathy FTRI pink vinyl
SGP TRENCHMOUTH/BLISS The future vs.centrifugal force/Mystery drips 3,00 yellow vinyl Derivative CAN
SGP TRICKY C'mon baby 3,00 plain cover 2009
SGP TRIMDON GRANGE EXPLOSION Raider 3,00 M/M four of the six members of Eighteenth Day of May
SGP TSE TSE FLY  Scaffolding 6,20  Cherry Red Rec.UK
SGP TSUNAMI/VELOCITY GIRL Left Behind/Warm/Crawl 5,00 SUB POP Singles Club JAN 1992 edition of 4,000
SGP TUMOR CIRCUS Swine flu/Take me back or I'll drown your dog 2,50 Alternative Tentacles
SGP TUMOR CIRCUS  Meathook up my rectum 3,00 Alt.Tentacles one side etched
SGP TURPEN MIKE Norma's still crying 3,00 Redwood acoustic singles
SGP TUSSLE You can't hide…vol.2 3,00 yellow colored vinyl limited!!
SGP TWENTY MILES Ragged backyard classic 18,00 7"x3 Bauer Bros (Jon Spencer family) blues!
SGP TWIGGY Beautiful Dreams 10,00 M/M new copy 7" reissue MR 7301 swingin'London pop fashion icon
SGP TWIN SHADOW/VIOLENS split 5,00 new copy SS limited on Terrible records
SGP TWITCH Jedi 3,00 Depression records USA
SGP TWO BIT DEZPERADOS Macumba para Exù 6,00 7" Sardegna (Italy)/Portugal/Brazil: garage pop blues'n'roll at his best 300 copies w free MP3
SGP TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB Something Good Can Work 3,00 M/M new copy Kitsuné
SGP TWO SAINTS Lost at sea 3,00 SYMPATHY FTRI fast punk'n roll azure vinyl
SGP ULTRASONICS  Supernatural 5,70
SGP UNCONVINCED  Spaceways 6,20  ltd.ed. punk cosmico ?
SGP UNION WIRELESS Some morning 3,00 Elefant rec. Grey vinyl
SGP UNREST  Deaf 14,50  SUB POP USA singles club 
SGP URGE OVERKILL  Now that's the barclods 4,00 SUB POP eurosingles club yellow vinyl
SGP VAGUE  Always 4,70  dalla California Grunge sofferto
SGP VAMPIRE WEEKENS Holiday 15,00 cover EX XL UK
SGP VANITY SET Little stabs of happiness 19,50 2003 dark attitude molto Nick Cave
SGP VELOCITY GIRL  Audrey's eyes 10,40  USA
SGP VELOUR Choice/ Let her go 3,00 red vinyl Deep Elm USA
SGP VENT Long lost human 5,20 Hydra Head records
SGP VENUS BEADS  Day of nightmares 4,20  UK,intrigante
SGP VERTEBRAE  I can't 5,20  Happy Knight Records AUS the creep label
SGP VERTIGO Bad Syd 3,00 Amphetamine Reptile USA
SGP VERTIGO Driver #43 3,00 Amphetamine Reptile USA vinile viola
SGP VERTIGO Rub/Murder by guitar 3,00 Amphetamine Reptile USA
SGP VILLA NAH Running On 6,00
SGP VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA Thought loop 3,00 Little brother records w insert
SGP VINELAND  Archetype 5,70  ex Bitch Magnet e Das Damen
SGP VISION OF TREES Sometimes It Kills 6,00
SGP VIVORAS  By myself 5,70  Get Hip Wonderbra bitch
SGP VOGUE The medicals 2,00 Made in mexico limited, indie goes wave
SGP V-TWIN Gifted/Sound as ever 5,20 Domino UK 1998
SGP WE ARE THE PHYSYCS You can do athletics, btw 2,50
SGP WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS It's Thunder And It's Lightning / Ships With Holes Will Sink 5,00 M/M FatCat Records ‎– 7FAT53
SGP WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS Roll up your sleeves 3,00 UK press
SGP WEAKLINGS Four more reason to love 3,00 Junkrec pink vinyl
SGP WELCOME IDIOT Hash for a trasher 5,20 Electric Eye/Helter Skelter
SGP WHITE JACK Sixteen Saltlines 8,00 TMR 135
SGP WHITE JACK & ALICIA KEYS Another way to die 5,50 music from the motion picture Quantum of Solace
SGP WHITE STRIPES Conquista 7,50 M/M new copy SS limited!! W versìon acùstica de mariachi!!
SGP WHITE STRIPES Hand Springs 15,00 colored vinyl - limited RSD 2012
SGP WHITE STRIPES Lafayette Blues 8,00 ITALY records/Third Man reissue fold out cover
SGP WHITEY Wrap It Up 7,00
SGP WILDEBEESTS  4 instrumental hits 5,20
SGP WILLOWZ I Wonder 3,00 UK press
SGP WILSON PHIL I own it 4,00 on Slumberland, June Brides related
SGP WOLF & CUB Steal their gold 3,00 4AD
SGP WOLF GANG Pieces Of You 6,00
SGP WOLFMAN Ice Cream Guerrilla 2,50 Beyond Bedlam recordings 2005 (w Pete Doherty!)
SGP WOLFMOTHER Woman 10,00 picture disc limited edition
SGP WOLVERTON BROS.  My Assassin 3,00 SUB POP single club JAN 1993 edition of 2,500 white vinyl
SGP WONTONS  Karaoke night 3,00 Screaming Apple, Texas kickin'punk
SGP WOODBINE  I am too loud 5,20 Domino UK
SGP WOOFER Courler 2,50 Decrepit Vinyl records, obscure noise
SGP WRECK JOE  Walk away 5,20  vinile verde onice ltd.ed.
SGP WWAX  Pumpkin 3,00 pre-Superchunk Meat records USA
SGP XIU XIU/DIRTY BEACHES split 15,00 limited edition of 2000 - includes download cover Erasure/Francoise Hardy
SGP XIU XIU/PARENTHETICAL GIRLS I am hated for loving/Handsome devil 6,50 2 Smiths cover!!! Color vinyl
SGP X-RAYS  Bellingham 6,20  Get hip trashed out
SGP X-RAYS  Bellingham/Trashed out 6,20  Get Hip
SGP YARD TRAUMA  Watchin'monster movies 3,00 espanol por el garagista
SGP YELLOW SCAB Tuna town 2,50 Intensive Scare USA punk clear vinyl
SGP YOGUR  Kinder 3,00 Acuarela AQ-005 slowcore/Codeine style w insert
SGP YOSSARIAN  Gilbert & George 2,00 Satellite records kraut-wave meets Tortoise
SGP YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS  A little trip 5,20  su Screaming Apple
SGP YUMMI Happiness is… 5,20 w Piss in boots, Empty USA
SGP YUMMY Happiness Is… 2,50 Empty records Eng. By Jack Endino
SGP ZAMBONIS  Away game 5,20  USA pop Dot Dot Dash
SGP ZANEY JANEY  Sad days/Prelude 3,00 M-/M- September Gurls acid psych folk
SGP ZEZOSOZE  The Tate-Labianca murders 5,70  not politically corr. 
SGP ZONIC SHOCHUM  Whores 6,20  numerato Comm.3
SGP ZOR GABOR Tightrope 6,20 Virgin Prunes style UKL 1987
SGP ZUMPANO  Wraparound shades 5,20  SUB POP USA molto inglesi
SGP ZUZU'S PETALS Babblin'mules 2,50 Susstones USA
SGP ZWAN Honestly 5,00 con Number of the beast degli Iron Maiden on b-side
SGP  BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY & MARIEE SIOUX Bonnie & Mariee 20,00 double 7" GF 2 originals and 2 covers