CDP (X) IS GREATER THAN (Y) Negative show 20,80 guitar sonic UK 2003
CDP 10 IN THE SWEAT JAR Accordion solo! 10,00 killer price! pre Xiu Xiu!!
CDP 10,000 MANIACS In The Garden of Heaven 10,00 cover EX digipack GF Nikko records recorded from track 1 to 12 akìt Kinks Music Theater, Toronto, Canada 1993- from track 13 to 20 at Mountain Stage, Charleston WM May 1993 killer price!
CDP 3/4 HAD BEEN ELIMINATED Oblivion 18,00 composed and recorded in Bologna and Berlin between 2008 and 2010 w Stefano Pilia
CDP 4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE a/t 19,00 Lion 2009
CDP 4TH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE Lost Hour World 25,00 EX++/EX++The Order Of The Suffering Clown ‎– SCICD 0200 
CDP 6THS Hyacinths and thistles 16,00 Stephen Merritt w Momus/BobMould/M.Almond…
CDP AA VV 21 Beggars Banquet 15,00 M-/M- in a vinyl sleeve, coverin' the Rolling Stones (Swell/Buffalo Tom/Jack/Bis/Six By Seven…)
CDP AA VV Big Deal! Weinberger Funk Library UK 1975-1979 21,00 M/M new opy SS - killer funk compilation
CDP AA VV Broken Flowers (OST) 10,00 M/M new copy SS w Mulatu Astatke, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Marvin Gaye... killer price!
CDP AA VV Croes of the world Vol.2 15,00 last Visible Dog records (Renato Rinaldi/Ashtray Navigations…)
CDP AA VV Elsie and Jack and Nick Drake-Sculpting from Drake volume one 10,00 killer price! Nick Drake's tribute w Archer Prewitt, Flashpapr..
CDP AA VV Fields and streams 22,00 2CD di inediti per casa kill rock stars
CDP AA VV Hearts bleed blue-Deep Elm sampler no.4 10,00 ennesima nidiata deep Elm
CDP AA VV In tour support series n.3 17,60 venduto solo ai live: Him,Jeff Mueller e inediti June of 44 family
CDP AA VV Insound tour support 14,00 Limited edition: The Lapse/Chris Leo/OctaLapse
CDP AA VV Insound tour support-the Lion ep 14,00 limited edition: h.i.m./Jeff Mueller/Arnie Saiki/Dueling Hearts/The letter e
CDP AA VV L.I.E.S. presntes Music For Shut Ins 19,00 M/M 2CD Ron Morelli and his minimal electro dance from New York
CDP AA VV New blodd vol.2 and 3 (DetroitCobras,Hellacopters,HotSnakes…) 10,00 killer price!
CDP AA VV NME C86 32,00 M/M new copy SS / Deluxe 3-CD edition - historic indie UK compilation Rough Trade 100 UK Primal Scream/Shop Assistants/Wedding Present/Pastels…
CDP AA VV Reactions to the music of Dick Raaijmakers (MouseOnMars,ThurstonMoore,JasonForrest…) 10,00 killer price!
CDP AA VV RedAndBlueNeitherNorway 22,20 2CD scena norvegese electro-jazz
CDP AA VV San Francisco Song Cycle vol.1 22,80 2CD acoustic'n live C.L.Berryhill,Cacavas,S.Hunter..
CDP AA VV Saturday Night Fever OST 10,00 killer price!
CDP AA VV Stange folk 18,00 DevendraBanhart,Forest,Adem,IncredibleStringBand,Tuung..
CDP AA VV Terminal sales vol.2 This delicious SUB POP 5,00 CSS,Comets OnFire,WolfEyes,DeadMoon,Mudhoney…
CDP AA VV The Amos House collection vol.II 20,70 inediti di Ida,BrightEyes,ElliottSmith,GentleWaves,ElliottSmith..
CDP AA VV The great koonaklaster speaks: a John Fahey Celebration 10,00 killer price! Jack Rose, NoNeckBluesBand,SirRichardBishop…
CDP AA VV The Matinée Assortment! 10,00 Lucksmiths, Windmills, Harper Lee, Pipas… killer price!
CDP AA VV The new testament of folk (Acid Jazz) 10,00 killer price!
CDP AA VV The sound the hare heard 20,00 Kill Rock Stars songwriter collection (SufjanStevens, LauraVeirs..)
CDP AA VV Too Good To Be True - The Vey Best of El Records 1985-1988 10,00 Monochrome Set/Vic Godard/Would Be Goods/The King OF Luxembourg/Momus... killer price!
CDP AA VV Tracks for horses 14,00 w Lucky Pierre,Micah P.Hinson, Psapp…
CDP AA VV  100 micrograms 26,90  2CD LSD tribute
CDP AA VV  100% british mod 26,90  2CD, Captain Mod guaranteed
CDP AA VV  26 excellent Estrus spicey.. 10,40  Estrus mondo garage sampler
CDP AA VV  A saucerful of pink 20,70  2 CD tributo Pink Floyd,Psychic TV..
CDP AA VV  A testimonial dinner 18,60  XTC tribute (The might be giants..)
CDP AA VV  Anyway singles 92-93 15,50  Get Hip,New Bomb Turks,Gaunt,Log..
CDP AA VV  Century XXI USA 2 electric/acoustic 12,40  avanguardia
CDP AA VV  Dark empire 15,50  Integrity,Outface,Face value,Confront..
CDP AA VV  Drinking from puddles 10,00 killer price! Come,Cat Power,E.Smith live radio
CDP AA VV  Half-cocked soundtrack 20,20  Polvo,Rodan,Unwound,Retsin,Versus
CDP AA VV  Hey Drag City 18,10  manifesto con Smog,Pavement,Royal Trux...
CDP AA VV  Il juke-box del diavolo 9,30  Here-L.Lunch/Chrome Cranks/Debord
CDP AA VV  King Kong 7,80  sampler Royal NoMeansNo,Victims Family,Bep..
CDP AA VV  Kitty Yo sampler 11,40  Tarwater,Laub,KanteSurogat,Couch,Brullen
CDP AA VV  Land of greed,world of need 17,10  Rancid,Avail,Farside..
CDP AA VV  Like it? it's yours-a Woronzow sampler 18,10  Bevis,M.Wills,Rapp
CDP AA VV  Songs of the naked city 25,40  2CD NY 70's punk Ramones,Suicide
CDP AA VV  The futility of a well.. 7,80  sampler Alternative Tentacles
CDP AA VV  Welcome to meteor city 20,20  bibbia stoner,Natas,Fatso Jetson..
CDP ACID HOUSE KINGS Sing along with 5,00 usato/used
CDP ACID MOTHER TEMPLE Glorify astrological martyrdom 20,00 2008
CDP ACID MOTHER TEMPLE & the MELTING PARAISO UFO Have you seen the other side of the sky? 20,00 2006
CDP ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE Born to be wild in the USA 2000 21,00 total psych chaos
CDP ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE Last concert in Tokyo 20,50
CDP ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE Mantra of love 21,00 japan psychedelia meets Occitania
CDP ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE Stones, women & records 25,00 digipack JAP press
CDP ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Live In Occident 18,00 500 copies!
CDP ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Myth of the love electrique 20,00 2006
CDP ADAM AND THE ANTS Dirk wears white sox 10,00 killer price!
CDP ADORABLE Footnotes 92-94 18,00 M/M new copy SS Included is a new edit of ‘Glorious’ from the debut ‘Against Perfection’, which is exclusive to this release
CDP ADULT Anxiety always 10,00 killer price!
CDP AHLEY STOVE All summer long 21,20 Merge 2001, Superchunk and indie
CDP AI PHOENIX The driver is dead 19,20 norvegesi tra Mazzy Star e Yo la Tengo
CDP AIR MIAMI  Me,me,me 17,60
CDP AKCHOTE/AUZET/FERRARI Impro-micro-acoustique 10,00 killer price!
CDP ALIZADEH HOSSEIN/PEJMAN HADADI Monad 17,00 Hermes rec Tehran (sitar & percussion)
CDP ALLISON DOT Exaltation of larks 17,00 2007
CDP ALLOY  Paper thin front 15,50  il gruppo di Vic Bondi,3°lavoro,digipack
CDP ALWAYS Thames Valley Leather Club And Other Stories 10,00 killer price!
CDP AMERICAN ANALOG SET Amansetupdates 10,00 killer price!
CDP AMERICAN DEATH RAY Welcome to the incredibly strange and erotic… 20,20 Sympathy FTRI 
CDP AMIDON SAM Bright Sunny South 10,00 killer price!
CDP AMOR GABRIEL NAIM Soundtracks 15,80 il collaboratore francese dei Calexico
CDP AMSTRONG  Sprinkler 19,20  tra elettronica e post-rock su Clearspot
CDP ANOTHER SUNNY DAY London Weekend 18,00 M/M new copy SS the Sarah's treasure with bonus recordings
CDP ANT Cures for broken hearts 10,00 killer price!
CDP ANT Floating on the breeze 10,00 killer price! Hefner's drummer inna Nick Drake style
CDP ANTHONY B. Justice fight  12,00 reggae!
CDP APOCALYPSE Going Up In The World 10,00 M/M produced by Paul Weller - Mod sound 1982-83 killer price!
CDP APPLESEED CAST Low level owl: volume II 12,00 M-/M-- Deep Elm 2001
CDP ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT Coconut 10,00 killer price! Iincludes bonus DVD
CDP ARCTIC MONKEYS When the sun goes down 5,50 Cdep limited digipack
CDP ART BRUT Ban bang rock & roll 10,00 killer price!
CDP ASCEN Ample fire within 20,00 Iceburn, Sunn O))), Goatsnake and Engine Kid members
CDP ASHLEY GREG Painted garden 10,00 killer price!
CDP ASSEMBLE HEAD IN SUNBURST SOUND Ekranoplan 20,00 2nd album from free range psych outfit, heavy space travelling rock
CDP ASTEROID NO.4 Honeyspot 19,00 great guitar sound inna paisley style
CDP AT THE CLOSE OF EVERY DAY If you spoke to me 11,00 slowcore inna Eraly Day Miners style
CDP ATKINS NICOLE Neptune City 10,00 killer price!
CDP AUGUST BORN s/t 10,00 killer price! Six Organs of Admittance and Ghost members!!
CDP AUTECHRE Move Of Ten 11,00 killer price!
CDP AUTEURS  Back with the killer e.p. 8,80  CDs 4 tracks
CDP AUTOMATUIVE s/t 18,00 Six Gun Lover goes indie wave
CDP AUTUMN DEFENSE Circles 10,00 killer price!
CDP AZTEC CAMERA Knife 20,00 M--/M- original UK press w inner sleeve GB WX8
CDP BABY DEE Live in Turin 17,00 great Live alt night cabaret
CDP BACKDFRAFT Here to save you all 20,20 Lunasound recordings 2001 hardpsych
CDP BAILEY DEREK  Play backs 20,20  w H.Kaiser,B.K.Brown,Ui,Tied+Tickled 3o
CDP BAND OF THE LOOPS Puttering about a small land 20,20 i Looper americani su Up!
CDP BANG GANG Something wrong 10,00 killer price!
CDP BARBEAU ANTON King of Missouri 10,00 Woronzow, power flower psych pop w Nick Saloman
CDP BARLOW LOU and his SENTRIDOH  23 songs 10,00 killer price!
CDP BARNY ARMY  The English disease 14,50  curve di calcio UK campionate
CDP BEAUTY PILL The unsustainable lifestyle 14,50 Dischord ex Smart Went Crazy
CDP BEEP BEEP Business casual 10,00 killer price! punk funk wave 
CDP BELLE & SEBASTIAN Dear Catastrophe Waitress 11,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDP BEN & JASON Ten songs about you 10,00 killer price!
CDP BENNINK HAN & TERRIE EX Zeng! 10,00 killer price!
CDP BENSON BRENDAN Lapalco 7,50 usato/used
CDP BERNARD & EDWYN Message for JoJo 8,30 Cds per Bernard Butler (suede) ed Edwyn Collins
CDP BIBIO Mind Bokeh 10,00 killer price! first print limited edition die cut cover
CDP BILL WELLS OCTET  B.W.O.vs Future Pilot aka 10,00 killer price!
CDP BIRCH BOOK Fortune & folly 18,00 2007 In Gowan Ring goes psych
CDP BIRD OF AVALON Bazaar 18,00 psych 2008
CDP BIRDS OF AVALON Uncanny Valley 19,00
CDP BIRTHDAY Welcome to life 8,30 molto Radiohead, davvero molto Radiohead
CDP BIS We Are Bis From Glasgow, Scotland 25,00 2CD greatest hits CD/DVD featuring "Kandy Pop" and "Eurodisco"
CDP BISSONETTE CHRISTOPHER Periphery 20,00 like watercolors on an open canvas, Kranky 2005
CDP BITTER BITTER WEEKS s/t 20,50 My Pal God, emo acoustic songwritin'
CDP BIVOUAC  Slack 5,00 CDs 3 tracks UK
CDP BLACK ANGELS Clear Lake Forest 10,00 killer price!
CDP BLACK BOX REVELATION Live at the AB 10,00 killer price!
CDP BLACK CROWES Trump Plaza Hotel, Atlantic City 1990 10,00 M/M new copy SS!
CDP BLAKE ROBERT Still kissing las night's smoke stained lips 19,00 great late-night songwriter
CDP BLANDBLADEN I Grevens tid 18,00 Ozric Tentacles sound
CDP BLANK DOGS On two sides1 18,00 Sacred Bones 2008
CDP BLANKET Nice 19,70 tra Sam Prekop e il cantautorato casalingo, Hush 2001
CDP BLISS  Graffed to an elbow 15,00
CDP BLK JKS After robots 19,50
CDP BLOODBROTHERS Young matches 10,00 killer price!
CDP BLURT The Factory recordings 19,80 ep + In Berlin, LTM rec
CDP BOBBY CONN The homeland 11,00 killer price!
CDP BOLLETER ROSS Secrets sandhills and satellites (2001-2005) 5,00 usato/used
CDP BOORER BOZ Miss Pearl & My wild life (2CD) 10,00 2CD Morissey's guitarist goes rockabilly killer price!
CDP BOSS HOG Whiteout 10,00 killer price!
CDP BOWERBIRDS Hymns for a dark horse 10,00 folk psych killer price!
CDP BOXHEAD ENSEMBLE  Niagara falls 18,60  Grubbs, Vandermark e Pinetop 7
CDP BRAGG BILLY Life's a riot with spy vs.spy (2CD edition) 15,00 M/M new copy SS 30th Anniversary Edition remastered original & exclusive live versions
CDP BRAGG BILLY Take down the Union Jack 6,00 CDs, l'anti giubileo di Billy
CDP BRANCA GLENN Symphony No.3 (Gloria) 10,00 killer price!
CDP BRANDSTON Dial in sounds 10,00 killer price! Deep Elm 2002, more pop?
CDP BRAXE ALAN and friends The Uppercuts 18,00
CDP BRICOLAGE s/t 18,00 great indie scottish Smiths-Orange Juice nostalgia
CDP BRIGHT EYES/BRITT DANIEL Home: volume IV 10,00 killer price!
CDP BRIGHT EYES/NEVA DINOVA One jug of wine, two vessels 10,00 killer price!
CDP BROKAW CHRIS & VIVA LAS VEGAS split cd 9,30 digipack apribile tra Mr.Come/Codeine e psot rockers spagnoli
CDP BROKEBACK Morse code in the modern age 21,20 d.McCombs(Tortoise)+mezzaChicago+2braniCDrom
CDP BROKEN DOG  Sleeve with hearts 19,70  Piao! tra Mazzy Star e Tram
CDP BROMIDE No space anymore even inbetween words 20,20 acoustic UK pop, great 2002
CDP BROTHER EGG Snowflake and fingerprint machine 20,20 Woronzow 2001 power psych pop
CDP BUCHANAN PAUL Mid Air 18,00 Blue Nile's voice - it almost goes without saying, magnificent
CDP BUCKNER RICHARD Impasse 10,00 killer price!
CDP BUFFALO DAUGHTER  New rock 19,20  Grand Royal japanese coolest 1998
CDP BUFFALO TOM Besides 10,00 killer price!
CDP BUFFALO TOM  Smitten 10,00 killer price!
CDP BUGGLES  The age of plastic 10,00 killer price!
CDP BULLETT FOR FIDEL Cold before morning 15,00 Scat USA great songwriter
CDP CALABASH CASE s/t 18,10 Wrenched records, post-rock-noise-tellurico
CDP CALDER ALEX Time 10,00 killer price! here comes the new Lou Barlow on Captured Tracks
CDP CALLA Collisions 10,00 killer price!
CDP CALLAHAN BILL Diamond dancer 9,00 Cdep w non lp track
CDP CAMBUZAT AMAURY The Sorcerer 10,00 killer price!
CDP CAPRICORNUS Halation 17,00
CDP CARETAKER Persistent Repetition of Phrases 21,00 limited digipack reissue
CDP CARTWRIGHT GEORGE The Memphis years 10,00 killer price!
CDP CASSETES O'er the mountain 14,00 pop beatlesesque from an h/c roots band!
CDP CAULDRON The sanctuary suite 17,00 psych!!
CDP CAVE NICK & WARREN ELLIS The Proposition OST 10,00 killer price!
CDP C-CLAMP Meander+Return 18,00 M-/M- slowcore nugget! Rosewood Union, Red House Post Rock Painters
CDP CELL  Living room 10,00 killer price!
CDP CERBERUS SHOAL The land we all believe in 20,00 2006
CDP CH3 After the lights go out 10,00 killer price!
CDP CHANCE JAMES Sax education 25,00 2CD; CD1 the hits; CD2 Live from Radio Holland
CDP CHARRY ETIENNE  36 erreurs 19,70  Tricatel, the french cool pop
CDP CHESNUTT CODY The Headphone Masterpiece  10,00 2CD killer price!
CDP CHIB Moco 20,00 glitchy and electro
CDP CHILDISH BILLY Made with passion 10,00 killer price!
CDP CLARKE JOHN COOPER Disguise in love 10,00 killer price!
CDP CLUE TO KALO One way, it's every way 14,00 gorgeous set of electronic pop 2005
CDP COCTEAU TWINS Evangeline 7,50 Cds 3 tracks Fontana
CDP COCTEAU TWINS Otherness 7,50 Cds fold out digipack
CDP COCTEAU TWINS Tishbite CD1 7,50 Cds fold out digipack
CDP COCTEAU TWINS Tishbite CD2 7,50 Cds fold out digipack
CDP COCTEAU TWINS Twilights 7,50 Cds fold out digipack
CDP COLDPLAY Trouble 9,00 Cds w Brothers and sisters, Shiver (Jo Whiley Lunchtime social)
CDP COMSAT ANGELS Fiction 17,00 digipack reissue GF w bonus tracks
CDP CONRAD VIC and the First Third s/t 7,50 usato/used Woronzow 2000, from Beatles to Barrett
CDP COOPER  Do youknow not? 7,50 M-/M- usato/used Konkurrel ‎– K156c Pavement sounds
CDP COPE JULIAN Fried 16,00 M/M new copy SS 2CD deluxe edition with Janice Long Session/John Peel Sessions…
CDP CORAL The invisible invasion 10,00 killer price!
CDP CORNER PHILIP/MANUEL ZURRIA Joy flashings 18,00 Die Schactel
CDP CORNERSHOP Topknot/Natch 6,80 CDs w Bubbley Kaur
CDP COSTELLO ELVIS On Stage (2CD) 10,00 Recorded Live at The BBC studios, London 1996
CDP CRANEBUILDERS Just idleness 9,00 great Velvet sound CDs
CDP CREED HELIOS  Kiss to the brain 13,00
CDP CUL DE SAC Mice 17,00 w 3 bonus tracks
CDP CURE Europe 1990 25,00 EX/EX recorded live at the Glastonbury Festival, Somerset June 24th 1990 - euro press
CDP CURLEW Paradise 10,00 killer price!
CDP CURRAN ALVIN Cnati Illuminati 20,00 M-/M- Fringes Recordings ‎– Fringes Archive 02
CDP CURSIVE  Such blinding stars for starving eyes 10,00 killer price! M/M new copy SS
CDP D.O.A.  13 flavours of doom 15,00
CDP D.O.A.  It's not unusual 11,40  miniCD reduci in fiore
CDP DARBY DIANA Fantasia ball 14,00 great songwriting, Mazzy Star style
CDP DARBY DIANA Naked time 14,00 1st album, acoustic is magic
CDP DAS DAMEN  High Anxiety 10,00 M/M new copy SS  SUB POP USA
CDP DAYS OF THE NEW Days of the new 20,70
CDP DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE Plans 10,00 killer price!
CDP DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE The photo album 19,50
CDP DEB PLAYERS Umoja Dub 20,00 new copy SS DEBCD03 UK
CDP DECEMBERISTS Long Live The King 10,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDP DEL REY & THE SUN KINGS Battleship Potemkin 18,00 limited edition w insert, Mr.17 Pygmies is back
CDP DEL REY & THE SUN KINGS I am the light 20,00 limited edition with medal
CDP DEL REY & THE SUN KINGS Potemkin battleship 18,00 17 Pygmies related
CDP DEMDIKE STARE Tryptych 25,00 M/M 2CD new copy SS
CDP DEPECHE MODE A broken frame 10,00 killer price!
CDP DEPECHE MODE Some great reward 10,00 killer price!
CDP DE-PHAZZ Godsdog 10,00 killer price!
CDP DESOLATION WILDERNESS White Light Strobing 10,00 killer price! Dreampopshoegaze
CDP DIANE ALELA The pirate's gospel 18,00 the link between Cocorosie and Cat Power
CDP DIE KRUPPS Too much history 25,00 vol.1+2 electro+metal years
CDP DIMENSION X s/t 17,50 Zu members and chaos for everybody
CDP DJ RUPTURE & MATT SHADETEK Solar liferafy 10,00 killer price!
CDP DORIAN GRAY The sounds of Dorian Gray 19,20 notevole UK 2001 psychedelic poppish
CDP DR.DING-DING & the Senior Allstars Big up! 20,20 Grover Ska!!
CDP DR.PHIBES and the House of Wax Equations  Hypnotwister 17,60
CDP DR.PHIBES and the House of Wax Equations  Misdiagnosedive 6,80  CDs
CDP DRUNK HORSE In tongues 20,00 Melvins meets ZZ Top
CDP DUNGEN 1999-2001 19,00 1st album + previously unreleased material
CDP DURY BAXTER Len Parrot's memorial lift 10,00
CDP DYMAXION Dymaxionx4+3=38:33 20,20 casa Duophonic 2002, John Barry in lo-fi glitch pop
CDP E.S.P.  Super E.S.P. 14,50  w Casey Rice (Tortoise producer)
CDP EARTHLESS Rhythms from a cosmic sky 20,00 Hot Snakes related, heavy psych jam
CDP EAST RIVER PIPE Even The Sun Was Afraid 20,00 M-/M- Sarah Records 
CDP EE Capital plans 17,00 Soo Young Park, ex Seam!
CDP EFGEZ Boogie 20,80
CDP EITZEL MARK Klamath 10,00 killer price!
CDP ELECTRAFIXION  Never 8,30  CDs Mr.Bunnymen riemerge
CDP ELECTRIC BIRDS Panorama 19,70 Deluxe records terroristi elettronici?
CDP ELULL NOOMI Uléella 17,00
CDP EMBROOKS Yellow glass perspections 10,00 killer price!
CDP EPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH  The Koner experiment 18,60  Mille Plateaux
CDP ERASE ERRATA At Crystal Palace 10,00 killer price!
CDP ERASE ERRATA Nightlife 20,00 2006
CDP ETERNALS Heavy international 19,00 black is the rhythm
CDP EVENING LIGHTS Landscape 10,00 M/M indie pop at his best
CDP EXPLODERS s/t 18,00 "clever hooks and vintage tones"
CDP F.F.F. s/t 19,20  Niggalize it!!
CDP FACTRIX/CAZAZZA California Beach 25,00 CD + DVD set includes 5 studio bonus tracks and rare live video of the so-called "Night of the Succubs"
CDP FALL Fall heads roll 10,00 killer price!
CDP FALLING SPIKES  Teen trash vol.10 11,00 killer price! Music Maniac
CDP FAMOUS MONSTERS Around the world… 10,00 killer price!
CDP FASTBACKS  Gone to the moon 10,00 killer price! CDs SUB POP
CDP FEDER JANET/FRED FRITH Ironic universe 27,00 cd + DVD!!
CDP FEEDTIME Aberrant 25,00 M/M new  copy SS box 4CD SUB POP Australian avant-garde pre grunge heroes - 1982-1989 all long out of print LPs + rare single and compilation tracks
CDP FEVER Red bedroom 10,00 killer price!
CDP FEVERDREAM Arnold 10,00 killer price!
CDP FISCHOFF DAVE The ox and the rainbow 14,00 a cult hero
CDP FLYING EYES s/t 20,00 the new Jim Morrison!!
CDP FLYING LOTUS Until The Quiet Comes 25,00 M-/M- 2LP Warp  WARPLP230X inner sleeves - credit sheed  wrapped in black buckram embossed paper with tipped on cover image
CDP FLYING LUTTENBACHERS Alptraum 11,00 killer price!
CDP FOETUS UNC Sink 20,00 Womb Inc 6 CD
CDP FOLKSONGS FOR THE AFTERLIFE s/t 14,50 UK Enraptured miniCD Belle &folk pop great!
CDP FONICA Ripple 20,20 elettronica di casa Tomlab 2003
CDP FONTAINE BRIGITTE Kekeland 10,00 killer price!
CDP FOR STARS We are all beautiful people 10,40 usato/used
CDP FORTY NINE HUDSON  For weeks at a time 20,20  tra Low,Codeine,Slint
CDP FRANZ FERDINAND Tonight 21,00 2CD limited edition includes "Blood" the Tonight DUB version
CDP FREE DESIGN The Now Sound Redesigned 10,00 (Stereolab/High Llamas/Chris Geddes of Belle and Sebastian…) killer price!
CDP FROM MONUMET TO MASSES The impossible leap in one … 20,50 Dim Mak 2003 post rock
CDP FROM QUAGMIRE Caught in unknowing 20,00
CDP FROM QUAGMIRE The tropic of barren 20,50 glitch folk
CDP FROST EDITH It's a game 10,00 killer price!
CDP FRUIT BATS Mouthfuls 10,00 killer price! SUB POP 2003 acoustic 
CDP FUCK KNIGHTS Let It Bleed 15,00
CDP FURT Dead or alive 19,00 PSI Records 2004
CDP GALAS DIAMANDA  The divine punishment & Saint of the pit 20,00 CDSTUMM 33
CDP GALLON DRUNK The Rotten Mile 10,00 killer price!
CDP GAS Narkopop 25,00 M/m new copy SS
CDP GAUNT  Sob story 11,00 killer price!
CDP GENESIS P-ORRIDGE & PSYCHIC TV Themes part I 30,00 cover M-/CD EX- limited edition of 1,000-copy n°64
CDP GENESIS P-ORRIDGE & PSYCHIC TV Themes part I 25,00 cover M-/CD EX-themes and soundtracks for Derek Jarman films and videos
CDP GERRARD LISA The mirror pool 10,00 killer price!
CDP GHOST This is a hospital 20,70 post punk noisy Lizard go!
CDP GIGANTIC  Answer 13,50
CDP GLADIATORS Trench Town Mix Up 10,00 killer price!
CDP GLAXO BABIES The Porlock Factor 10,00 killer price!
CDP GLORYBOX Pale blue light ep 12,50 pale blue light attitude
CDP GOMEZ Bring it on 10,00 digipack issue killer price!
CDP GONJASUFI Muzzle 11,00 killer price! digipack 2012
CDP GOODHEART ALLEN POWELL TRIO s/t 10,00 killer price!
CDP GOVERNMENT ISSUE  Government Issue 10,00 killer price!
CDP GRANDADDY The Sophtware Slump 24,00 2CD SS new copy deluxe edition + b-sides, demos and rarities
CDP GRAVEYARD Hinsingen Blues 10,00 M/M new copy SS
CDP GREENHORNES Sewed soles 11,00 killer price!
CDP GRIFFIN SID As certain as sunrise 10,00 killer price! Mr.Long Ryders goes acoustic
CDP GRONGE Coniglio nazionale 19,00 Interbeat 2008
CDP GUANO APES Big in Japan 2,00 Usato/used Cds
CDP GUMBALL  Wisconsin hayride 10,40
CDP GWYDION Ynys mon 7,80 usato/used
CDP GYNECOLOGISTS 181-1994 The official recordings 15,00 Feces & psycopaths-Kinder, gentler Nation…
CDP HAL s/t 10,00 killer price!
CDP HAMMELL ON TRIAL Tough love 10,00 killer price!
CDP HARPER LEE Go Back to Bed 19,00 Brighton indie pop duo Matinée records
CDP HARPER ROY Man & Myth 19,50 M/M new copy SS 2013
CDP HAYDEN Elk serenade 10,00 killer price!
CDP HAYDEN Live at Convocation Hall 18,00 M/M new copy SS 2CD
CDP HAYDEN ANNIE The rub 20,70 cantautrice acustica Merge, cover di Spain e Fleetwood mac
CDP HEAVENLY  Operation Heavenly 10,00 killer price! K records, ex Talulah Gosh
CDP HEEMANN CHRISTOPH Aftersolstice 19,00 Barooni Rec out of print
CDP HENDRICKS KARL TRIO A gesture of kindness 20,00 when emo goes Dinosaur Jr.
CDP HIGGD DANIEL (A.I.U.) Ancestral songs 17,00 Mr.Lungfish goes psych folk drones solo
CDP HOGAN ANNI Kickabye 16,00 M/M new copy SS 2CD Ann's debut expanded - features Nick Cave, Marc Almond, Foetus, Budgie and Yello
CDP HOLIDAY CROWD Over The Bluffs 14,00 new copy ss 2012 Shelflife New Romantic - more Smiths thaN the Smiths
CDP HOLYDAY FLYER  Sweet and sour 8,80  Darla records mini CD
CDP HOPKIN BART Instrumentarium Hopkinis 20,00 2002
CDP HORIZON 222 Through the round window 20,00 ZZO Germany
CDP HOROWITZ I need a blanket 12,00 2CD ep special edition w fanzine
CDP HOT CHIP Made in the dark 10,00 killer price!
CDP HOT CHIP One life stand 11,00 killer price!
CDP HOWLIN RAIN Magnificent fiend 18,00 Birdman USA w Ethan Miller (Comets On Fire)
CDP HOWLING HEX All-night fox 10,00 killer price!
CDP IDHA  Sweet september rain 2,00 M-/EX CDs Creation sweet female pop
CDP IDLE HANDS Treaty 13,50 quando il punk USA s'innamora del pop UK
CDP IKE YATD 1980-82 collected 20,00
CDP IN GOWAN RING The Glinting Spade 30,00 BlueSanct non rolled paper drone neofolk rare!
CDP INFRA Crepuscule 7,50 usato/used Wild Places, psych
CDP INK PUDDLE Tantrum seas and dust lanes 20,50 Camera Obscura psychedelic
CDP IRON & WINE The creek drank the cradle 10,00 killer price!
CDP ISHAM MARK The Black Dhalia ost 10,00 killer price!
CDP ISOTOPE 217 Who stole the walkman? 21,70 side project electro jazz dei Tortoise
CDP ITO TEIJI King Ubu 20,00 Tzadik
CDP J DAVID Not Long Fore This World 10,00 killer price! M/M new copy SS
CDP JAPONIZED ELEPHANTS  From Zorlock Land of the lost 5,00 usato/used Secr.Canadian
CDP JASON AND THE SCORCHERS Wildfires + Misfires 20,00 rarities!!
CDP JAY JEREMY A place where we could go 10,00 killer price!
CDP JAY JEREMY Slow Dance 10,00 killer price! New copy
CDP JAY-Z The blueprint 10,00 killer price!
CDP JESU 7 SUN KIL MOON 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth 42,00 M/M new copy SS 2LP gatefold cover 2017
CDP JESUS LIZARD Bang 10,00 killer price!
CDP JOAN OF ARC Eventually, all at once 10,00 killer price!
CDP JOHANSON JAY-JAY Whiskey 10,00 killer price!
CDP JOHNSON CALVIN What was me 10,00 killer price!
CDP JOHNSON ROSS Make it stop! 18,00 Goner records USA
CDP JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Meat And Bone 12,00 M/M 2012 SS digipack
CDP JONER SIMON  Yesterday tomorrow and in between 22,80  Oldham goes Dylan
CDP JONES RICKIE LEE It's like this 10,00 killer price!
CDP JONES RICKIE LEE Pirates 10,00 Killer price!
CDP JOSHUA s/t 19,50 stoner psych at his best
CDP JOY DIVISION Closer 10,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDP JOY DIVISION Still 10,00 killer price!
CDP JUDAS 2 s/t 10,00 Pete Wright (ex Crass) goes (pseudo) folk-Stella Nera
CDP JULIUS ROLF Music for a distance 18,00
CDP JUNE BRIDES Every Conversation: The Story Of The June Brides & Phil Wilson 18,00 2CD M/M new copy SS Cherry Red ‎– CDM RED 273 A compilation of all tracks by The June Brides plus most of tracks by Phil Wilson solo with some rarities includes BBC sessions tracks between 1984 to 1987.
CDP JUV s/t 10,00 killer price!
CDP KAAMS Uwaga! 12,00 2012 SS digipack
CDP KAT COSM Sophie playing the recorder at school 19,70 tra Belle and Sebastian e Red House Painters
CDP KEBNEKAJSE s/t 10,00 killer price!
CDP KELLY EUGENE Older faster ep 10,00 Mr.Vaselines is back!!
CDP KEMIALLISET YSTAVAJ Alkuharka 18,00 psych free folk from Finland
CDP KEROSENE 454  Race 16,60  Polyvinyl, stile Braid, Rainer Maria..
CDP KERRY ALLY Viva Melodia 18,00 sublime pop inna Belle & Sebastian vein
CDP KIEFER CHRISTIAN Czar Nicholas Is Dead 19,00 Camera Obscura (Australia) psych trip
CDP KILBEY STEVE Narcosis + More 11,00 killer price!
CDP KILLCITY Three song ep 8,70 sberlazza NY style
CDP KILLERS Day & Age 10,00 killer price!
CDP KILLING JOKE Ha (Live) 10,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDP KILLING JOKE What's THIS for…! 10,00 killer price! Remastered w bonus tracks
CDP KILOWATTHOURS Strain of positive thinking 20,20 indie guitar con cover dei Velvet
CDP KIND OF LIKE SPITTING The thrill of the hunt 17,00
CDP KISS Paul Stanley 10,00 killer price!
CDP KOMEIT This is zart-kore… 19,20 post-rock in a malinconic-pop way GER 2000
CDP KWELLER BEN How ya lookin' southbound? Come in… 10,00 killer price! an highway's concept!
CDP LA MERMA Opciones, Razones, Triciones 10,00 killer price!
CDP LADY & BIRD s/t 18,50 sad is beauty, 2004
CDP LADYHAWK Shots 10,00 killer price! 2008 paisley's nostalgia?
CDP LAMBCHOP/CoLAB Hands off Cuba 12,00 2005
CDP LAPALUX Lapalux 10,00 killer price!
CDP LARMOUSSE s/t 10,00 killer price!
CDP LAUREL AITKEN with COURT JESTER'S CREW Jamboree 10,00 killer price!
CDP LAVENDER DIAMOND The cavalry of light 5,00 new copy SS
CDP LEE BEN Hey you, yes you 22,00 stampa australiana! Hey tu, sì proprio tu
CDP LEE BEN  Cigarettes will kill you 8,80  CDs w Elvis Costello cover
CDP LEMONHEADS Come on feel the Lemonheads 10,00 killer price!
CDP LET'S GO BOWLING  Mr.Twist 17,60  Moon/Ska records New York City
CDP LIARS The other side of my heart attack 5,00 Cdep w video
CDP LIDDIARD GARETH Strange Tourist 10,00 M/M new copy SS Drones'man goes acoustic killer price!
CDP LIGHTNING BOLT Earthly delights 10,00 m/m new copy SS killer price!
CDP LIKE A FOX s/t 18,00 a sort of My bloody REM Valentine
CDP LIND LASSE Bruised 11,90 miniCD
CDP LINX Intuition 18,00 reissue w bonus tracks
CDP LIONHEART BROTHERS White angel black apple 14,50 nostalgici dei Ride?
CDP LIQUID HIPS  Static 14,50
CDP LITTLE KILLERS s/t 11,00 killer price!
CDP LITTLE MAN TATE About what you know 11,00 killer price!
CDP LITTLEJEANS Ep 14,50 indie pop USA pavementin'
CDP LOCRIAN Territories 10,00 killer price!
CDP LOFTUS Loftus 10,00 killer price!
CDP LOGH A sunset panorama 20,00 w free DVD!
CDP LOIS Infinity Plus 10,00 killer price!
CDP LONG FIN KILLIE  Amelia 19,20  Too Pure UK
CDP LOOK MEXICO This is animal music 18,00 the missing link between Joan of Arc and Built to Spill
CDP LOOPER The geometrid 20,20 Belle and Sebastian side project 2000
CDP LOOPER  Up a tree 19,70 Belle and Sebastian' s bass player, lo-fi-pop
CDP LOS EXPLOSIVOS Primeras Grabaciones 15,00 garage!!
CDP LOS INFIERNO Wild Evel and Mucho Tequila 6,00 Cdep cover Los Yorks/The Magic Mushrooms/The Troggs/The Animals
CDP LOVECRAFT  Medicine e.p. 7,30  rock femminile pattismittino
CDP LOVED The Loved ep 14,50 ex Fallin'Forward, tra Beatles e nuovo indie USA
CDP LOVEJOY Everybody Hates Lovejoy 19,00 Matinée pure pop heaven
CDP LOW Tonight the monkeys die 10,00 M/M new copy SS Low remixed by Bob Mould/S.Merritt/Fog…
CDP LUBELSKI SAMARA The Fleeting Skies 7,50 promo copy (little hole on back cover) 
CDP MABUSES The Mabuses 18,00 Shimmy Discs, a pop treasure
CDP MAGIC MUSHROOM BAND Re-hash 10,00 M/M-- Magick Eye records psychedelic UK-EYE LP 1
CDP MAGIC NUMBERS  Those The Brokes 10,00 killer price!
CDP MAGICIANS Girls 20,20 Suicide Squeeze 2001
CDP MAGNETIC FIELDS 69 Love Songs (3CD) 16,00 M/M new copy SS
CDP MAKE UP Untouchable sound 10,00 killer price!
CDP MAKOTO KAWABATA We're One-Sided Lovers Each Other 10,00 killer price!
CDP MAN OR ASTRO-MAN ?  Live transmissions from Uranus!! 10,00 killer price!
CDP MANHATTAN LOVE SUICIDE Burnt out landscapes 10,00 killer price!
CDP MANI NEUMEIER 6 KAWABATA MAKOTO Samurai Blues 18,00 Guru Guru meets Acid Mothers
CDP MARBLE VALLEY Sunset sprinkler 20,20 la band del batterista dei Pavement
CDP MARINE Life in reverse 20,00 legendary punk raw funk 81/83
CDP MARLING LAURA Alas I Cannot Swim 10,00 killer price!
CDP MARMOSET  Hiddenforbidden 11,40  debutto indieUSA meets postpunkUK
CDP MARS VOLTA Scabdates 17,00 live
CDP MAXIMO PARK Missing songs 10,00 killer price!
CDP MC ENTIRE JOHN  Reach the rock 7,50 M-/M- usato/used  Tortoise, BundyKBrown ,Polvo...
CDP MCGUINNESS EUGENE The early learning of 10,00 killer price!
CDP MEDUS CYCLONE  Mr.Devil 19,70  Third Gear 1998
CDP MEHLDAU BRAD Consenting adults (M.T.B.) 19,00
CDP MELOY COLIN Sings live! 19,00 Mr.Decemberists goes solo!
CDP MERCER GLENN Wheels in motion 18,00 Mr. Feelies goes solo!
CDP METAL BOYS Tokyo airport 20,50 reissue!
CDP MIDORIKAWA KEIKI Complete Grune Revolution 20,00 2CD a live performance
CDP MIRA CALIX One on one 10,00 killer price!
CDP MISDEMEANOR  Five wheel drive 15,50 M-/M- In The Red
CDP MITCHELL MATT Vista Accumulation (2CD) 10,00 killer price!
CDP MOCK HEROIC  s/t 12,40  Don Caballero e A Minor forest style!!!
CDP MODEST MOUSE We were dead before the ship even sank 10,00 killer price!
CDP MOE No Doy/Tin cans and car tires 2CD 10,00 killer price!
CDP MOGWAI  Ep + 6 11,00 killer price!
CDP MOLINARI PETE A train bound for glory 18,00 Clarksville 2010
CDP MOMUS Create I 29,00 M/M new copy SS 1st 3 Creation Records Album - The Poison Boyfriend / Tender Pervert / Don't Stop The Nigh - remastered with bonus tracks -
CDP MONDO JET SET Provincial Drama Club 18,00 a ghidden pop treasure (XTC vein?)
CDP MONOCHROME SET Platinum Coils 21,00 M/M new copy SS limited!
CDP MONOCHROME SET The Lost Weekend 18,00 M/M new copy SS reissue with bonus track - inide pop snob cult UK originally 1985
CDP MONOGRAPH  Lorelei 19,70  Shinkansen the 80's in the 90's
CDP MONTGOMERY ROY Silver wheel of prayer 20,20 2001 guitar psychedelic drones
CDP MONTH OF BIRTHDAYS  Lost in the traslation 17,60  Subjugation 1999
CDP MOOD RINGS VPJ Harmony 10,00 killer price!
CDP MOORE AARON The accidental 15,00 Elsie and Jack recordings
CDP MORGENSTERN BARBARA Vermona ET 6-1 19,20 su Monika, label berlinese di culto
CDP MORNING GLORIES  Fully loaded 17,60  bluesaccio noisy e polveroso
CDP MOTOHARU YOSHIZAWA Inland fish 19,00 JAP press
CDP MOTORAMA Calendar 10,00 killer price! M/M new copy SS
CDP MOUSE ON MARS Rost Pocks-The EP collection 10,00 killer price!
CDP MOXHAM STUART Personal best 12,00 ex Young Marble Giants solo best of
CDP MUDHONEY Under a billion suns 10,00 killer price!
CDP MURPHY ELLIOTT Lost Generation 11,00 killer price!
CDP MUSIC APARTMENTS Step inside 17,00 prog psych
CDP NAKED AGGRESSION  March march along 15,00  questo qui dev'essere punk
CDP NEITHER/NEITHER WORLD Maddening montagery 10,00 killer price!
CDP NERO s/t 19,20 post H/C su Temporary Residence USA
CDP NEW  WET KOJAK No 4 EP 10,90 progetto parallelo dei Girls Against Boys tra Morphine e Joy Division
CDP NEW YORK SKA-JAZZ ENSEMBLE Skaleidoscope 18,00 2005
CDP NEWMAN COLIN Singing fish 10,00 killer price!
CDP NMPERIGN/JASON LESCALLEET Love me two times 17,00 2CD Intransitive Rec USA
CDP NOAHJOHN Had a burning 19,20 cantautore USA su Loose, new roots
CDP NORDGARDEN Dieci 10,00 cover di Iacampo, Claudio Rocchi, Cesare Basile, Cristina Donà…
CDP NOVA DREAM SEQUENCE [interpretations] 17,00 A King Britt Project 2006
CDP NOVAK  s/t 10,00 killer price! electro-pop-Kitty Kitty-wave-Stereolab-sad folk
CDP NOYES s/t 12,00 Euphone/Owls related
CDP OCEAN FRANK Channel Orange 10,00 killer price! M/M new copy SS
CDP O'CONNOR SINEAD How About I Be Me (And You Be Me?) 10,00 killer price!
CDP OHARA RAZ  Realtime voyeur 10,00 Kitty Yo,soul electro 1999
CDP OLD TIME RELIJUN La sirena de pecera 14,50 con Carcerato cantata in italiano!!!
CDP OLDFIELD MIKE Crises 10,00 killer price!
CDP OLDHAM WILL Seafarers music 10,00 M-/M- soundtrack inna John Fahey style
CDP OMEGA 200 Évvel Az Utolsó Háború Után 10,00 M/M Mega ‎– MCDA 87613
CDP ONEIDA Secret wars 10,00 killer price!
CDP ONEIDA  Steel Rod 10,00 killer price!
CDP O'NEIL TARA JANE & DANIEL LITTLETON Music for a meteor shower 10,00 killer price!
CDP ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Returnal 20,00 new copy SS digpack
CDP OVERFLOW Overflow 17,00 mini Lp replica of this 1985 mexican prog album
CDP OVO Cicatrici 14,50
CDP OYSTERBAND  The shouting end of life 18,10  combat-folk
CDP P.I.L. Live in Tokyo 10,00 killer price!
CDP P.W.LONG with REELFOOT  Push me again 10,00 killer price!
CDP P.W.LONG with REELFOOT  We didn't see you.. 10,00 killer price!
CDP PACK A.D. Do Not Engage 10,00 killer price!
CDP PALACE s/t 19,20 2nd album
CDP PALE SAINTS  Fine friend 7,00  4AD UK press
CDP PANDA BEAR Tomboy 10,00 killer price!
CDP PANTALEIMON Heart of the sun 10,00 killer price! great folk revisited w Sunn O))), Stephen O'Malley…
CDP PANTS JAMES s/t 10,00 killer price!
CDP PARENTHETICAL GIRLS Entanglements 10,00 killer price!
CDP PATTI SMITH GROUP  Wave 10,00 killer price!
CDP PAYTON NICHOLAS Sonic trance 20,80 cosmic jazz w hip hop flash 2003
CDP PEARLS AND BRASS The indian tower 10,00 killer price!
CDP PEAWEES Leave It Behind 10,00 killer price! The italian Redskins?
CDP PELHAN PATRICK Songs of Patrick Pelhan 19,20 leader dei South, folk minimale
CDP PERKINS PHILIP Drive Time 19,00 M/M new copy reissue on Body Double - a collage of sound assembled to replace the nonsense that was AM Radio for morning commuters
CDP PERRI SANDRO Impossible Spaces 19,00
CDP PERSON L The Positives 7,50 usato/used
CDP PET SHOP BOYS Discography (the complete singles collection) 10,00 killer price!
CDP PET SHOP BOYS Discography -The Complete Singles Collection 10,00 killer price!
CDP PETER BJORN AND JOHN Living thing 10,00 killer price! double feature deluxe edition
CDP PETITE NOIR The King Of Anxiety EP 10,00 M/M- new copy Africa meets Morrisey's drama?
CDP PEYROUX MADELEINE Dreamland 10,00 killer price!
CDP PHILIPPE LOUIS Ivory Tower 10,00 killer price!
CDP PHILLIPS GRANT-LEE Strangelet 10,00 killer price!
CDP PIGBAG Volume two 10,00 killer price! 2CD Lend an ear + B-sides + Pig Bag live
CDP PINE The Pine 17,00 great emo pst h/c, digipack issue
CDP PINK ARIEL'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI House arrest 10,00 killer price!
CDP PINK MOUNTAINTOPS Outside love 10,00 killer price!
CDP PINKSHINYULTRABLAST Miserable Miracles 28,00 M/M new copy 2018 - free digital download - shoeagze indie 80's echoes
CDP PISSED JEANS Hope for men 10,00 killer price! SUB POP USA Oxbow-Melvins alike
CDP PLAN NINE Generation action 19,50 2003
CDP PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Up in them guts 14,50 No Idea 2004
CDP PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS  s/t 19,20  l'underground USA !! 1998
CDP PLAYGROUND Make it happen! 12,00 CDs out of print Source, a punk funk classic!
CDP PLUSH  Three-quarters blind eyes + 2 7,30  CDs primi (ottimi) passi
CDP POHJOLA PEKKA Views 10,00 M/M new copy digipack SS killer price!
CDP PONTIAK Innocence 18,00 M/M new copy 2014
CDP PREFECTS Are amateur wankers 10,00 killer price! a wave cult reissue
CDP PREFUSE 73 Preparations 10,00 killer price! limited edition 2CD w Interregnums
CDP PRETENDERS The Singles  10,00 killer price!
CDP PRIMAL SCREAM Evil heat 10,00 killer price!
CDP PRIME TIME  Regatta sixty-nine 17,60  Moon records SKA
CDP PSYCHIC ILLS Mirror eye 18,00 total heavy psych
CDP PUFFBALL  Sixpack to go 19,20 Svezia in fiamme punk rock
CDP Q AND NOT U No kill no beep beep 14,00 tra Shudder to think e Fugazi, Dischord goes beyond
CDP QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE No one knows 5,00 usato/used limited Cds w mini poster 2live and 1video
CDP R.E.M.  At my most beautiful 7,30  CDs 3 tracks live w The passenger
CDP R.E.M.  Electrolite 8,80  con 3 brani live
CDP R.E.M.  Lotus 9,90  CDs w Surfing the Ganges
CDP R.E.M.  New adventures in hi-fi-ltd box edition 25,00 great! W photo booklet out of print!!
CDP R.E.M.  Reconstruction of the fables 10,00 killer price!
CDP RABL GUNTHER Werke 8 1990-94 15,00 M/M Katharsis Funkenflug Wind-Intermezzo Grosse Fuge
CDP RADAR BROS. Shoveling sons 9,90 CDs con inediti
CDP RADAR BROS.  The singing hatchet 19,20  Chemikal Und.99 RedHousePaint.
CDP RADIO 4 Stealing of a nation 18,00 2004
CDP RAIME Tooth 18,00 M/M new copy SS  the perfect union of Warp & Slint - pick of 2016
CDP RAKES Retreat ep 7,00
CDP RAKES Ten new messages 10,00 killer price!
CDP RANELIN PHIL Phil ranelin remixes 7,50 usato/used Jan Jelinek, Kirk De Giorgio, EL P, Prefuse 73…
CDP RANK/XEROX Rank Xerox 11,00 killer price! new copy SS Komakino forever
CDP RANSOME BROTHERS Whiskey set 18,00 australian garage explosion! 2008
CDP RAPEMAN Two nuns and a pack mule 19,00 w Budd ep, Steve Albini post Big Black pre Shellac
CDP RASHIM Suns.Shadow 19,50 on Mosz label, electronic avant post
CDP RAZIKA Program91 10,00 killer price! norwegian indie teenager pop
CDP RAZORCUTS The World Keeps Running 18,00 great indie UK reissue Cherry Red w 6 bonus tracks
CDP REPLACEMENTS Stink 10,00 killer price!
CDP REPP CORRINA I take on your days 19,70 cantautrice acustica molto Cat Power
CDP RICH ROBERT Bestiary 15,00 Release Relapse
CDP RICHMAN JONATHAN I must be the king (collection) 10,00 killer price!
CDP RICHTER MAX Valse avec Bachir ost 10,00 killer price!
CDP RICHTER MAX Waltz With Bashir 10,00 killer price!
CDP RINGO DEATHSTARR Colour time 18,00 My Bloody Valentine's nostalgia?
CDP RIPPER Dead Have Rizen 10,00 killer price!
CDP ROBERTS ALASDAIR The Amber Gatherers 10,00 killer price!
CDP ROBERTS DEAN Be mine tonight 20,00 the drones and the psych 2003
CDP ROBOT ATE ME On vacation 19,50 2CD 1st album
CDP ROCKER LEE Black cat bone 10,00 killer price!
CDP ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS Rocket redux 18,00
CDP ROGERSON DIANA-A BAD DIANA The lights are on but no-one's home 19,00 w Steven Stapleton 2007
CDP ROLLO TOMASI  He who holds you 13,00 ex Traluma, post noise punk
CDP ROOM No dream (best of) 20,15 wave reissue LTM
CDP RTX Transmaniacon 10,00 killer price!
CDP SABINE  s/t 19,20  Wurlitzer Jukebox
CDP SACK & BLUMM s/t 19,70 glitch-pop di stampo acustico e minimale
CDP SALAKO  Musicality 10,00 killer price!
CDP SALMON KIM & the Surrealists  Hit me with the.. 17,60  Mr.Scientist
CDP SARTAIN DAN Vs. The Serpientes 10,00 killer price!
CDP SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME s/t 10,00 1st album indie pop at his best
CDP SAVAGE CONWAY Nothing broken 15,00 da buon Bad Seeds è molto Nick Cave, 2002
CDP SCAT RAG BOOSTERS s/t 19,00 Candian new garage base
CDP SCHOOL Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything 10,00 killer price! total twee pop
CDP SCISSOR SISTERS s/t 11,00 killer price!
CDP SCOTT 4 & MAGIC CAR European punks LP 10,00 killer price!
CDP SCREAMING TREES  Other worlds 14,00 SST 1998
CDP SEA TIGER  The  12,40 cyberporpoise" ep" Hoover/Crown.Ruin dub/instr.
CDP SEAFOOD When do we start fighting… 20,20 tra Pavement e Snow Patrol, 2001
CDP SEAM Headsparks 19,00
CDP SEAN NA NA My majesty 20,20 2002 indie pop at his best
CDP SEAN NA NA Return of the unicorn 13,50 inediti su Troubleman, indie-soul-ballads
CDP SEIKAZOKU Out Takes '66-'78 10,00 M-/M- killer price!
CDP SERETAN BEN Ben Seretan (1st) 18,00 M/M new copy SS with Yellow Roses (Take One)
CDP SHAM 69 The adventures of Hersham Boys 10,00 M/M new copy SS w 7 bonus tracks killer price!
CDP SHED SEVEN Why can't I be you? (CD1) 8,00 3 tracks CDs
CDP SHELLAC 1000 Hurts 20,20 box with 5"accessory
CDP SHOCKING PINKS s/t 10,00 killer price! shoegazer goes indie
CDP SIGHTINGS City of straw 18,00 great industrial post Load post punk post everything
CDP SIMIAN Watch it glow 15,00 new acoustic chill out movement
CDP SIMMONS CARL Honeysuckle tendrals 18,00
CDP SISTERS OF MERCY  More 15,50  CDs in confezione apribile da 12", rare !
CDP SIX GOING ON SEVEN American (or won't) 19,20 Doghouse 2001 goes indie poppy
CDP SKAVOOIE & the EPITONES  Ripe 17,60  Moon SKA records con adesivo !
CDP SKY CORVAIR Unsafe at any speed 20,20 supergruppo: JoanOfArc+Traluma+Braid+Cap'n'Jazz
CDP SLEEPYTIME TRIO  Memory-minus 18,60  post-noise su Lovitt Records
CDP SLINT  Spiderland 19,50 M/M new copy SS  
CDP SLOW CLUB Let's fall back in love 6,50 choral pop CDs
CDP SMASHING PUMPKINS  Ava adore 7,80  CDs 2 inediti
CDP SMOG A river ain't too much to love 18,50 2005 pick of the artist
CDP SMOG Rock bottom riser 6,00 CDs 4 tracks
CDP SOCCER TEAM Volunteered civility & professionalism 15,00 Dischord 2007
CDP SOLARIZED Driven 19,40 2002 fuoco e fiamme
CDP SOLEDAD BROTHERS Steal your soul and dare… 10,00 killer price!
CDP SOLEDAD BROTHERS The hardest walk 10,00 killer price!
CDP SOLEDAD BROTHERS Voice of treason 10,00 killer price!
CDP SONIC YOUTH Dirty (deluxe Edition) 15,00 new copy 2CD rare b-sides, unreleased, demos…
CDP SONS AND DAUGHTERS The repulsion box 10,00 Killer price!
CDP SOUL ASYLUM  Let your dim light shine 18,60  successo raggiunto
CDP SPACEHEADS  s/t 17,10  nostalgici della new-wave scura e jazzata ?
CDP SPANDAU BALLET Trough the barricades 10,00 killer price!
CDP SPEEDBOAT  Satellite girl 17,60  pure Teenage Fanclub sound, 1999
CDP SPINANES Imp years 17,60 Merge 2000 pop obliquo ex SUB POP
CDP SPIRITUALIZED Electric Mainline 8,00 CDs UK Dedicated 1993
CDP SPOON The way we get by 10,00 killer price!
CDP SPRINGER MARK  Capture 19,20  ex Pop Group/Rip Rig + Panic
CDP ST.THOMAS Let's grow together 20,50 Racing Junior 2004 Norway
CDP STAFF BENDA BILILI Très très fort 10,00 killer price!
CDP STANGL BURKHARD/CHRISTOF KURZMANN Schnee_live 20,00 M-/M- reword cover of Prince's Sometimes it snows in April
CDP STARMARKET Four hours light 20,20 Deep Elm emo world
CDP STARS OF THE LID Avec Laudenum 20,00 M/M new copy SS
CDP STEWART MARK Hysteria 7,50 CDs Mute 92 3"
CDP STRANGELOVE Time for the rest of your life 5,00 CDs used
CDP STRANGLERS IV/Rattus norvegicus 10,00 killer price!
CDP STROBE  The circle never ends 16,10  Debris Rec.
CDP STUART AND CAAN The mayfly dance 18,00 folk in a Devendra styl
CDP STYROFOAM Nothing's lost 20,00 indietronica at his best 2004
CDP SUBSONICS Die Bobby Die 15,00
CDP SUN KILL MOON April 19,00 M/M new copy SS 2CD with bonus disc (live and alternate versions)
CDP SUNDANCE s/t (Angel Air) 10,00 killer price!
CDP SUPERSYSTEM Always never again 10,00 killer price! ex El Guapo
CDP SWEET LIZARD ILLTET  s/t 16,60  molto meglio dei Rage Against the mach.
CDP SWEET MATTHEW Blue Sky On Mars / in Reverse 12,00 M/M new copy SS 2Lps in 1 Cd
CDP SWEET WILLIAM World og books 18,00 Shelflife super pop
CDP SWELL MAPS Wastrels and Whippersnappers 10,00 killer price! primitive home-recordings wild & experimental M/M new copy SS
CDP TALKING TREES s/t 20,20 September Gurls, psych-Beatles great!
CDP TAYLOR ROBIN Isle of black 10,00 killer price!
CDP TEAGAN & SARA If it was you 10,00 killer price!
CDP TELESCOPES #Untitled second  12,00 M-/M- new version w bonus tracks
CDP TELEVISION Adventure 10,00 killer price!
CDP TELLIER SEBASTIAN Narco 12,00 M/M new copy SS original motion picture score
CDP TEMPLE OF LIB My name is magic 19,00 September Gurls folk pysch world
CDP THOLLOT  Contact 18,00 Soleil Zehul
CDP THOMAS DAVID & two Pale Boys 18 monkeys on a dead man's chest 10,00 killer price!
CDP THOMAS RICHARD & the WORMHOLES  Seven point to destroy.. 19,70  Lo Rec.
CDP THORN PAUL  Hammer nail 7,80  usato/used songwriter USA press
CDP THRESHOLD March Of Progress 10,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDP THRILLS Let's bottle Bohemia 10,00 killer price!
CDP THUNDERS JOHNNY & PATTI PALLADIN Copy Cats 10,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDP TILTMASTER Swan girth 20,20 il cantautorato del post-post-rock (?!?) Blue Sanct
CDP TIRILL A dance with the shadows 20,00 psychedelic
CDP TOLONEN JUKKA Summer Games 18,00 jazz rock Love Records Remaster
CDP TONE YASUNAO s/t 17,00 Asphodel 2001 digipack
CDP TOOP DAVID Screen ceremonies 17,60
CDP TORAL RAFAEL Sound mind sound body 20,70 languidi paesaggi guitar ambient su Drag City
CDP TORO Y MOI Anything In Return 18,00 M/M new copy SS die cut cover
CDP TORO Y MOI Freaking Out 15,00 5 new tracks
CDP TRAGICALLY HIP Live between us 19,70 mai incontrati nei film di Egoyan?
CDP TRAGO TOM Voyage direct 10,00 RH025 CD
CDP TRAM  Heavy black frame 19,70  Piao! UK 1999 vi piace Nick Drake?
CDP TRANSMISIA  Frigid prose 10,00 killer price!  w M.Harris (Scorn), E.Bernocchi (Ashes)
CDP TRAVELLING BELL Scatter ways 19,00 great psychedelic folk 
CDP TREEPEOPLE  Guilt regret embarassment 10,00 K rec.
CDP TREMBLING BELLS & BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY The Marble Downs 12,00 killer price!
CDP TREMBLING BLUE STARS Dark eyes 12,00 CDEP Shinkhansen UK
CDP TREMBLING BLUE STARS The seven autumn flowers 20,00 2004
CDP TSUMANI World tour and other destinations 20,70
CDP TUCKER ALEXANDER Furrowed brow 19,50 2006
CDP TUCKER CORIN BAND 1,000 years 10,00 ex Sleater Kinney killer price!
CDP TURBONEGRO Ass cobra 11,00 killer price!
CDP TURNER STEVE Searching for melody 10,00 killer price!
CDP TUXEDOMOON Unearthed 22,00 CD (previously unreleased recordings 1977-1997) + DVD (archive & unreleased material 1977-1988) new copy SS
CDP TWENTY MILES R.L.Boyce othar turner fife & drum spam 10,00 killer price!
CDP TWILIGHT GARDEN A world we pretend 10,00 killer price!
CDP TWO BIT DEZPERADOS s/t 12,00 great pop garage indie lo fi blues
CDP ULAN BATOR Rodeo massacre 17,00
CDP ULTRAMARINE This Time Last Year 19,50 2013 they're back!
CDP ULTRAVOX  Ha!Ha!Ha! 10,00 killer price!
CDP UNDERWATER SLEEPING SOCIETY All Other Lights Go Out 10,00 killer price!
CDP UNITED BIBLE STUDIES The Jonah 18,00 Camera Obscura Australia
CDP US MAPLE Purple on time 10,00 killer price!
CDP UT In gut's house 10,00 killer price!
CDP VANITY SET Little stab of happiness 10,00
CDP VAUGHAN STEVE RAY  Greatest hits 10,00 killer price!
CDP VEDDER EDDIE Into the wild 10,00 killer price! M/M new copy SS
CDP VENETIAN SNARES s/t 20,15 jungle electro punk & more 2003
CDP VERT Some beans & an octopus 18,00 Tom Waits in 4 steps
CDP VERY SECRETARY Standing in the shade 20,70 gioiello di indie pop 
CDP VERY SECRETARY Standing in the shade 20,70 gemma indie, raffinata ed intensa USA 1999
CDP VINDICTIVES  The many moods of 17,60
CDP VIOLET INDIANA Special 9,90 CDs 4 inediti Cocteau Twins/Mono
CDP VIRGIN PRUNES Hérésie 19,00 w Live at the Rex Club, Paris, April 1982
CDP VIVA LAS VEGAS s/t 14,50 absolutely rockabilly
CDP VIVIAN GIRLS Vivian Girls 10,00 M-/M-- In The Red records -from Shirelles to Jesus & Mary Chain
CDP VOODOO GEARSHIFT  Glue goat 16,60  profeti C/Z
CDP VOXTROT Your biggest fan 12,00
CDP WADA YOSHI The appointed cloud 12,00 M/M new copy SS JAP press EM Records ‎– EM1076CD, Edition Omega Point ‎– OP-0005
CDP WAINWRIGHT RUFUS Release the stars 10,00 killer price!
CDP WAISVISZ MICHEL In tune 19,00 electronic music performance
CDP WALKER PETER Landed 10,00 killer price!
CDP WARD M. Transistor radio 10,00 killer price!
CDP WATT MIKE Hypehenated-man 10,00 killer price! the most Minutemen solo album
CDP WE Lightyears Ahead 7,50 usato/used
CDP WEATHERALL ANDY Nine o'clock drop 20,20 23 Skidoo,A Certain Ratio,Chris and Cosey…
CDP WEEKEND Live At Ronnie Scotts 11,00 killer price!
CDP WEEZER Pinkerton 10,00 killer price!
CDP WEIRD WAR Illuminated by the light 10,00 killer price!
CDP WHITE HOTEL First water 19,70 scozzesi col cuore americano,tra Lynch e i Tindersticks
CDP WHITE JAMES  Flaming demonics 10,00 Killer price!
CDP WHITE MAGIC New Egypt 14,00 limited numbered great art packaging
CDP WHITEOUT & JIM O'ROURKE China is near 20,50 avantgarde with brain
CDP WILSON RENNY Sugarglider 18,00 M/M new copy SS
CDP WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY Giving up the ghost 14,00 2005 more acoustic psych
CDP WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY We fight til deah 19,50 2004
CDP WINDSOR FOR THE DERBY  s/t 17,60  quasi tutto strumentale e "Slint"
CDP WISDOM OF HARRY  House of binary 18,60 Pete Astor goes Death in Vegas
CDP WOLF PATRICK The Bachelor 10,00 killer price! the real new Marc Almond?
CDP WOO It's Cosy Inside 19,00 reissue (originally 1989) bewitching instrumental sketches, crystallina jams, and oozed, raw musical genius from kindhearted brothers of the British countryside
CDP WOODS FAMILY CREEP s/t 18,00 acid folk on Jet Lag
CDP WRECK  El mundo de los ninos 17,60  para los homres de la C/Z
CDP XIU XIU Chapel of the chimes 16,60 Cdep di inediti con la cover dei JoyDivision/newOrder
CDP XIU XIU Life and live 10,00 killer price!
CDP XIU XIU Live 7-26-04 14,00 limited!
CDP XIU XIU The air force 20,00
CDP YONKERS MICHAEL Grimwood 10,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDP YOSHIZAWA MOTO The Cracking Mirror and/or the Fossil Bird 20,00
CDP YOUNG FATHERS White Men Are Black Men Too 10,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDP YOUNG PEOPLE War prayers 10,00 killer price!
CDP YOUR BLACK STAR Sound from the ground 12,00
CDP ZEITKRATZER + KEIJI HAINO Live at Jahrhundeethalle 15,00 M/M new copy SS