CDR 24 CARAT BLACK Ghetto: misfortune's wealth 10,00 killer price!
CDR A DIVINA INCRENCA A Divina Increnca 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV Barroso! 19,70 the afro-latin groove! Rhino USA
CDR AA VV Blues treasures (Tradition/Ryko) 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV Broken hearted blues (Tradition/Ryko) 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV Dave Goodin's Deep Soul Treasures vol.1 20,20 Kent soul taken from the vaults
CDR AA VV Dr.No ost (first James Bond) 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV Essential 60's northern soul 14,50 dancefloor classics volume 2 DeepBeats
CDR AA VV Good for what ails you 30,00 2CD 72 page booklet-music from the medicine shows 1926/37
CDR AA VV Movers! 10,00 killer price! 23 hip-shakin'tunes from the vaults of Vampisoul records
CDR AA VV Oh! Jesus - Gosple & Spirituals 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV Persian Electronic Music - Yesterday and Today 1966-2006 25,00 2CD SUB ROSA
CDR AA VV Really heavy soul 20,70 dirty guitar-driven fat-assed funkl
CDR AA VV Simla Beat 70 10,00 legendary compilation All India Beat Contest killer price!
CDR AA VV Simla Beat 71 10,00 legendary compilation All India Beat Contest killer price!
CDR AA VV The boys from Ipanema vol. 2 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV The corner of Bleecker and the blues (Tradition/Ryko) 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV The girlss from Ipanema vol. 2 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV Up jumped the devil-american devil song 1920s-1950s 17,00 fats Waller, Robert Johnson, Skip James..
CDR AA VV Dream babes volume one-Am I dreaming? 19,20 60's UK girls bands
CDR AA VV Exotica! The best of Martin Denny 18,10 effetto Maldive
CDR AA VV Hits that jumped 1 10,40 rare Chess album w bonus tracks
CDR AA VV Hot Rod Hits 18,10 32 brani per le vostre sgommate 60's
CDR AA VV I turned into a helium baloon 19,20 We the people,Brogues,Boston Tea Party
CDR AA VV Mod jazz 19,70 Kent 60s discoteqhue dancers for the cool school
CDR AA VV Ska after ska 19,20 hot scorching original ska
CDR AA VV Slow'n'moody black & bluesy (Kent) 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV Soul hits of the 70's (Rhino: Delfonics,BrookBenton) 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV Soul sampler 1 (Goldmine norther soul) 10,00 killer price!
CDR AA VV The mighty mellow 19,20 a folk-funk psychedelic experience"
CDR AA VV The sound gallery vol.2 10,00 Killer price! incr-easy-mondo space from UK
CDR AA VV Zydeco party! 10,00 killer price! Ace Clifton Chenier,John Delafose, Lynn August
CDR ACINTYA In Live 15,00 M-/M- Musea ‎ FGBG 4897 - progressive rock in live - "la cite des dieux oublies and unseens" 1978/79
CDR ADDERLEY CANNONBALL (SEXTET) Jazz Workshop Revisited 10,00 killer price!
CDR AIRBUS Test flight 19,00 early 70's lost album-the great lost early seventies british pop album?
CDR ALLEN TERRY Juarez 10,00 killer price!
CDR AMAZING BLONDEL And A Few Faces 15,00 reissue 2013 Prog Temple rare 1st album
CDR AMMONS GENE Preachin' 10,00 killer price!
CDR ANNO DOMINI On this new day 10,00 killer price! limited ed.2000 copies w 8 bonus track
CDR ARNOLD MALCOLM Hurrah For Malcolm Arnold 10,00 killer price!
CDR AXELROD DAVID s/t (Mo'Wax 2001) 10,00 killer price!
CDR BACHARACH BURT Butch Cassidy o.s.t. 10,00 killer price!
CDR BAD COMPANY Burnin'sky 10,00 killer price!
CDR BAKER CHET Chet Baker Ensemble 10,00 killer price!
CDR BAKER CHET Live In Copenhagen December 11, 1955 10,00 killer price!
CDR BAKER CHET / ART PEPPER The Route 10,00 killer price!
CDR BAKER GURVITZ ARMY Live In Milan Italy 1976 10,00 M/M killer price! Voiceprint ‎ VPTMQ054CD
CDR BAKER GURVITZ ARMY Live In Offenbach Germany 1970 10,00 M/M killer price! Voiceprint ‎ VPTMQ054CD
CDR BAN LUCIAN &ASYMMETRY Playground 10,00 killer price!
CDR BAND OF JOY s/t 19,00 Led Zeppelin related
CDR BANKS TONY A Curious Feeling 10,00 killer price!
CDR BARRETTO RAY Lo Mejor de Ray Barretto 10,00 killer price!
CDR BARRY JOHN Beat Gilr (music from the film) 10,00 M/M new copy SS
CDR BARRY JOHN The man with the golden gun 10,00 killer price!
CDR BARRY JOHN The EMI years volume one 1957-1960 10,00 killer price!
CDR BAXTER LES The Fruit Of Dreams 10,00 l records-the savage splendour of the fabled aztec empire fascinating impressions of the mysterious eas-killer price!
CDR BEATLES 1 22,00 M/M new copy SS CD/DVD 27 No.1s - stunning restoration and remixed stereo & 5.1 audio CD/DVD
CDR BEATLES 1962/1966 20,00 M/M new copy SS 2CD (greatest hits red/il best "rosso")
CDR BEATLES 1967/1970 20,00 M/M new copy SS 2CD (greatest hits blue/il best "blu")
CDR BEATLES Please please me 14,00
CDR BE-BOP'S Hot weather rock 7,80 Rockhouse Rec. pure'billy
CDR BELL WILLIAM Deep Soul 17,00 M/M new copy SS 1967 deep soul Stax w altrenate versions
CDR BELL WILLIAM The Soul Of A Bell 10,00 M/M new copy SS w bonus tracks - a distintive combination of black gospel and white country elements killer price!
CDR BIG STAR Looking Forward - The Roots of Big Star 19,00 M/M new copy SS - before the Big Star - The 1969-1971 recordings - including Icewater and Rock City - 6 previously unreleased bonus tracks & Liner Notes
CDR BIRDS The Collectors'Guide To Rare British Birds 10,00 M-/M- killer price!
CDR BOLANOS CESAR Peruvian electroacustic and experimental music (1964-1970) 20,00 2CD Pogus Production
CDR BOLD s/t 18,00 O-Music 1969 psych rock USA
CDR BONO SONNY Inner views 13,00 the psychedelic one
CDR BRAND X Product 10,00 killer price!
CDR BRASS CONSTRUCTION s/t 10,00 killer price!
CDR BROOKS TINA True blue 10,00 killer price!
CDR BUCKINGHAMS Time & charges/Portraits 20,20 1967 2LP in 1CD
CDR BUCKLEY TIM Starsailor 50,00 EX++/EX++ R2 70360 Bizarre/Straight Rhino USA rare!!
CDR BULL SANDY Still Valentine's Day 1969 Live at Matrix, San Francisco 10,00 killer price!
CDR CAIN DAVID The Seasons 18,00 from the BBC Schools Radio Series-Drama Workshop presented by Derek Bowskill
CDR CALE JOHN Fear 10,00 killer price!
CDR CALE JOHN Walking on locust 18,10 ritorno alle canzoni
CDR CAMEL The Snow Goose 2013 10,00 M/M SS new copy killer price!
CDR CAN Cannibalism 2 18,00 w 3 bonus tracks previously unavailable on cd
CDR CARPENTER BOB Silent Passage 18,00 Stony Plain paper sleeve reissue Canadian songwriter 1971-74
CDR CARR JAMES The Essential James Carr 10,00 killer price!
CDR CASH JOHNNY Sings the ballads of the true west 10,00 killer price!
CDR CENTURY EXPANDED Concerto For Wah Wah 10,00 M/M new copy SS Gear Fab killer price!
CDR CHAMPS Best of 10,00 killer price!
CDR CHARIOT s/t (Radioactive Rec.) 10,00 killer price!
CDR CHILLI WILLI & THE RED HOT PEPPERS Bongos over Balham (expanded edition) 19,50 pre punk era, firt Snakefingers'band
CDR CLANNAD Clannad 2 30,00 Intercord GER press
CDR CLANNAD s/t 19,20 1972 w bonus track
CDR CLARKE ALLAN I wasn't born yesterday 15,00
CDR CLASSICAL M Bad guys-The complete collection 19,00 most intriguing French band of all time? Lion production
CDR CLIMAX BLUES BAND Blues Apostles 35,00 M-/M-- Box 4CD Akarma ‎ AK 144/4 Akarma s/t-Plays On-A lot of bottle-Tightly Knit-Rich Ma
CDR CLOVERS Down in the alley 7,80 usato/used
CDR CLUSTER Curiosum 19,00 Bureau reissue - kraut world
CDR COCKBURN BRUCE Dart to the heart 10,00 killer price!
CDR COE DAVID ALLAN Greatest hits 10,00 cuore puro d'America
CDR COFFEE CLUB ORCHESTRA Shaking blues away 10,40 usato/used
CDR CONGRESO s/t 20,00 Chile 1977
CDR COOPER JOHN & PHILIPA The Cooperville Times 10,00 killer price! folk psych from South Afrrica
CDR COUGAR JOHN American fool 7,80 usato/used
CDR COYNE DAVID Marjory razorblade 10,00 killer price!
CDR COYNE KEVIN Nobody Dies In Dreamland -Home Recordings From 1972- 10,00 M/M killer price!
CDR CREED TAYLOR ORCHESTRA Panic - The Son Of Shock 10,00 killer price!
CDR CUBA JOE BANG! Bang! Push, Push, Push 14,00 Fania!
CDR CURRAN ALVIN DOMENICO SCIAJNO Our Ur 10,00 M-/M- killer price!
CDR DE DANANN The best of 18,10 tradizione folk anglosassone
CDR DE DANANN The mist covered mountain 15,50
CDR DELANEY & BONNIE Home 10,00 killer price!
CDR DEODATO EUMIR O som dos catedraticos 10,00 killer price! brazilian groove
CDR DEODATO EUMIR Tremendao 10,00 killer price! (os catedraticos) brazilian groove
CDR DISCIPLE Come And See Us As We Are! 10,00 killer price!
CDR DONEGAN LONNIE Talking Guitar Blues - The Vey Best Of Lonnie Donegan 10,00 M/M 2CD killer price!
CDR DORSEY LEE Wheelin' And Dealin' - The Definitive Collection 10,00 M/M new copy SS Music On CD killer price!
CDR DRAKE NICK Magic/Northern Sky 10,00 CDs rare!
CDR DRAKE NICK Time Of No Reply 18,00 HNCD 1318
CDR DRNWYN Gypsies in the mist 10,00 killer price! folk psych private press gem 1978
CDR DYLAN BOB World Gone Wrong 10,00 M/M new copy SS killer price!
CDR DYMANICS First landing 17,00 deep soul!!
CDR EARE EARTH The best of (2CD) 10,00 killer price!
CDR EARTH and FIRE Earth and Fire 10,00 killer price!
CDR ELLIS DON ORCHESTRA Electric bath 10,00 killer price!
CDR ELYSIUM Fogdays 17,00
CDR END Introspection 19,00 reissue cult album produced by Bill Wyman
CDR ERIK Look where I am (Radioactive Rec.) 10,00 killer price!
CDR FAHEY JOHN The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick 18,00 Live at The Matrix San Francisco, California 1968/1969
CDR FAMILY BBC Radio Volume 1 1968-69 18,00 M-/M- HUX057
CDR FATS DOMINO The EP collection 15,00 Blueberry Hill
CDR FIFTH FLIGHT Into the smoke tree village (Radioactive) 10,00 killer price!
CDR FISHER ROB and the Coffee Club Orchestra Shaking the blues away 10,40 usato/used
CDR FOUNDATIONS From the Foundations 16,60 London 1967 black groove
CDR FOUR TOPS The ultimate collection (Motown) 10,00 killer price!
CDR FOURTEEN OCTAVES s/t 20,00 1975 Israeli prog w Yoni Rechter, Avner Kenner and Zohar Levi
CDR FOWLEY KIM Bad News From The Underworld 10,00 killer price!
CDR FREE DESIGN The Best Of Free Design 10,00 M/M Cherry Red
CDR FREEMAN BOBBY The best of 10,40 Do you wanna dance ?
CDR GARCIA JERRY/DAVID GRISMAN s/t 18,00 Acoustic disc
CDR GAYE MARVIN Trouble man 10,00 killer price!
CDR GEESIN RON A raise of the eyebrows/As he stands 10,00 M/M- See For Miles Records Ltd. ‎ SEECD 433 killer price!
CDR GENE AMMONS' ALL STARS The Big Sound 10,00 Coltrane/Richardson/Quinichette/Adams killer price!
CDR GENESIS A trick of the tail 10,00 killer price!
CDR GETZ STAN Eight Classic Albums 10,00 4CD box Stan Getz at Storyville 1/ Stan Getz at Storyville 2/ Chamber Music/ For Musicians Only/ Stan Getz & Cal Tjader Sextet/ Getz Meets Mulligan In Hi Fi/Cool Velvet killer price!
CDR GILBERTO ASTRUD The shadow of your smile 10,00 killer price!
CDR GONG Arista years 19,00 2CD selection from Time is the key/Live/Leave it Open
CDR GREAT SPECKLED BIRD Great Speckled Bird 20,00 M-/M- Collectors' Choice Music ‎ CCM-702
CDR GREGORY JOHN & his Orch. Mission:impossible and other TV themes 10,00 killer price!
CDR GUTHRIE WOODY My Dusty Road 30,00 M--/M-- Rounder Records ‎ 11661-1162-2 4CD comes in a little cardboard suitcase with the CD's in sleeves, a 64-page book and replica's of an old postcard, Woody's and a booking notice businesscard - valigetta con inserti
CDR HALEY BILL The collection 10,00 killer price!
CDR HALLYDAY JOHNNY L'pope rock'n'roll 10,00 killer price!
CDR HAMMOND ALBERT Albert Hammond/99 Miles from L.A. 10,00 killer price!
CDR HARDAL Nerden nereye! 10,00 obscure debut album by turkish leading prog group 1980. killer price!
CDR HARUNI s/t 18,00 japanese acid pop and folk 1967
CDR HAZEL EDDIE Game, dames & guitar thangs 12,00 the Funkadelic guitarist goes solo
CDR HEAVEN & EARTH Refuge 17,00 psych folk beauty from early 70's
CDR HELP YOURSELF Strange affair/The return of Ken Whaley/Happy Days 18,00 3 album on 2cds!! BGO records
CDR HENDRIX JIMI West Coast Seattle Boy 35,00 new copy SS little cut on spine 4CD/1DVD 60 page booklet
CDR HERON GILL-SCOTT Village Gate New York 1976 10,00 M/M with Brian Jackson 6 The Midnight Band
CDR HIGH TIDE Open season 19,20
CDR HIGH TREASON s/t 20,20 originally 1969 Jefferson Airplane-psych-fuzz style
CDR HILL TONY Playing for time 14,00
CDR HILLAGE STEVE Motivation Radio (remastered w bonus tracks) 10,00 killer price!
CDR HINTON JOE Funny (how time slips away) 15,00 Shout rec
CDR HIPP JUTTA Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims 10,00 Blue Note - killer price!
CDR HOOKER JOHN LEE Old time shimmy 10,00 killer price!
CDR HOPKINS KENYON Rooms In New York 10,00 killer price!
CDR HUBER WALTI A sense of touch 11,00 killer price!
CDR HUMPHREY BOBBI Saton doll 15,00 JAP press
CDR IANNONE DOROTHY A Fluxus Essay 15,00 M-/M--Audio CD with 20-page A4 offset-printed booklet.
CDR IGGY POP Brick by brick 17,10 gran album
CDR INFLUENCE s/t 18,00 Picar records
CDR IRISH COFEE s/t 11,00 killer price! Limited edition 1500 copies
CDR ISLEY BROTHERS The Complete UA Sessions 10,00 killer price!
CDR ISRIH COFFEE st 19,00 limited edition reissue
CDR ITARU OKI Phantom Note 18,00 Offbeat Records JAP
CDR JACKSON J.J. The great J.J.Jackson 10,00 killer price!
CDR JACKSON WANDA Rockin' with Wanda 10,00 killer price!
CDR JIM & JESSE Bluegrass and More 65,00 M/M new copy not sealed Bear Family Records ‎ BCD 15716 EI 5CD
CDR JIMMY, YOKO & SHIN Sei Shonagon 22,00 M/M JAP press jazz with synths
CDR JOBIM ANTONIO CARLOS A certain Mr.Jobim 10,00 killer price!
CDR JOHN'S CHILDREN Smashed blocked! 10,00 killer price!
CDR JORDAN FRED When the Frost is on the Pumpkin 15,00 Topic UK songs and ballads
CDR KALEIDOSCOPE When scopes collide 17,00 Taxim rec. GER press
CDR KAUKONEN JORMA Too hot to handle 16,10
CDR KEELAGHAN JAMES Road 19,20 cantautore USA
CDR KENNELMUS Folkstone prism 18,10 Sundazed
CDR KENSO Ken-Son-Gu-Su (25th anniversary concert) 19,00 prog JAP live 30 April 2000 Air East Tokyo
CDR KNICKERBOCKERS A rave up with.. 15,00
CDR KOOL and the GANG Kool and the Gang 20,00 M/M new copy reissue SS USA press
CDR KORNER ALEXIS (Blues Inc.) Red hot from Alex 10,00 killer price!
CDR LAI FRANCIS The romantic music of 10,00 Love Story, A man and a woman killer price!
CDR LEE SCRATCH PERRY & NINEY Station underground report 18,10 Channel One dub vibrations
CDR LERMAN RICHARD Music of Richard Lerman 1964-1987 25,00 2CD featuring Travelon Gamelon (music for Bicycles)
CDR LIGHTNING HOPKINS California Mudslide (And Earthquake) 18,00 Ace records UK (out of print!)
CDR LIGHTNIN'HOPKINS My baby's gone 10,00 killer price!
CDR LIGHTNIN'HOPKINS Talk of the town 10,00 killer price!
CDR LIGHTNIN'HOPKINS The tradition masters (2CD) 10,00 killer price!
CDR LIGHTNIN'SLIM Nothin' but the devil 10,40 Ace 24 tracks
CDR LITTLE RICHARD The Explosive Little Richard 10,00 killer price!
CDR LONDON JULIE (with the Bud Shank Quintet) All through the night 17,00 JAP press ltd.ed. Julie sings the choicest of Cole Porter
CDR LOS SHAKERS La conferencia secreta del Toto's Bar 18,00 M/M new copy SS w bonus tracks sonido remasterizado - arte original
CDR LOST GONZO BAND Dead armadillos 17,60 Austin, Texas roots
CDR LOVE LIVE LIFE + ONE Love will make a better you 14,00
CDR LUCAS REGGIE Survival Themes 10,00 JAP edition killer price!
CDR LUCAS TOM Lifeboats 10,00 killer price!
CDR LYNE LORETTA Coal Miner's daughter (live recordings) 10,00 killer price!
CDR MAC LEOD DOUG Ain't the blues evil 12,00 Volt
CDR MAD RIVER Mad River/Paradise Bar & Grill 17,00 digitally re-mastered
CDR MAGIC MIXTURE This is the Magic Mixture 18,00 Sunbeam reissue numbered limited edition mini LP gatefold sleeve full colour booklet
CDR MAN Back into the future 17,00 remstered w additional sleeve notes
CDR MANCINI HENRY The Versatile 11,00 killer price!
CDR MANCO BORIS 2023 15,00 from 1975 turkish stunning cosmic psych cocptual album
CDR MANDALA BAND The eye of Wendor-Prophecies 10,00 killer price!
CDR MANN HERBIE Stone Flute 10,00 killer price!
CDR MARLONE & BARNES Marlone & Barnes and spontaneous simplicity 20,00 Ubiquity
CDR MASQUERADE The Dawn Years anthology 18,00
CDR MAXFIELD RICHARD/HAROLD BUDD The Oak of the Golden Dreams 19,00 reissue 1960-1970
CDR MAXINE BROWN Oh no not my baby 18,10 Kent soul godess 28 songs
CDR MAY ALICIA Skinnydipping in the flowers 19,00 M/M JAP reissue
CDR MAYALL JOHN with ERIC CLAPTON Bluesbrakers (mono/stereo version) 10,00 killer price!
CDR MC CAIN JERRY Strange kinds of feeling 7,80 Alligator Records
CDR MC CASLIN MARY Things we said today 15,00 the best,folk singer
CDR MC COOK TOMMY The best of Tommy Mc Cook and the Skatalites 19,70
CDR MC GHEE BROWNIE The Folkways years,1945-1959 10,00 killer price! Smithsonian Folkways
CDR MEGAS & SPILVERK janna bleikum nttkjlum 17,00 M-/M-- Icelandic
CDR MELLENCAMP JOHN COUGAR The Lonesome Jubilee 7,50 usato/used
CDR MILLENNIUM Begin 17,00 M/M masterpiece of orchestral psychedelia
CDR MILLER FRANKIE Falling In Love 17,00 Repertoire
CDR MOUZAKIS Magic tube (Radioactive Rec.) 10,00 killer price!
CDR MUDDY WATERS / HOWLIN'WOLF The EP collection 16,60
CDR MUMMA GORDON Electronic Music of Theatre and Public Activity 19,00 Megaton for Wm. Burroughs/Conspiracy 8/Cybersonics Cantilevers/Cirqualz 1964-1980
CDR NASCIMENTO MILTON Minas 17,00 reissue Water 2006
CDR NICE Five bridges 10,00 killer price!
CDR NIRVANA The story of Simon Simopath 15,00 remastered with bonus material & enhanced packaging
CDR NOWIK WILLIAM Pan Symphony in E minor 17,00 a psych prog opera
CDR NYRO LAURA Laura Nyro In Concert 19,00 M/M new copy SS JAP press
CDR OMEGA 200 Evvel Az Utols Hbor Utn 10,00 M/M killer price!
CDR ORBISON ROY The big O: the original singles collection 15,00 2CD 52 tracks!
CDR ORFF CARL Music For Children 10,00 killer price!
CDR ORIENT EXPRESS s/t 15,00 finest fusion of traditional Middle eastern Music and psychedelia
CDR ORQUESTRA TEJANAS The formative years 14,50 1947-1960
CDR OSBORNE BROTHERS 1956-1968 100,00 M/M new copy SS (4-CD LP-sized box set with 24-page book) 'The bluegrass world has never recovered from the Osborne Brothers band that walked on-stage in 1956'; wrote one commentator. Sonny and Bobby Osborne changed the rules. They came out of a rich tradition and had played with many bluegrass giants, but when they struck out on their own they featured their new concepts of vocal harmony and fuller backings. Their first hit, Ruby Are You Mad, was followed by such classics as Once More, Rocky Top, and The Kind Of Woman I Got. This set includes all 60 recordings they made for MGM between 1956 and 1963, as well as their earliest recordings for Decca from 1963 to 1968. The outstanding backing musicians include Red Allen, Benny Birchfield, and Buddy Spicher.
CDR OSBORNE BROTHERS 1968-1974 100,00 M/M new copy SS (4-CD LP-sized box set with 24-page book, 109 tracks) After Rocky Top, the Osbornes became the most successful act in bluegrass, and tried hard to bridge the gap to mainstream country music. The 109 songs in this set wraps up the story of their Decca/MCA recordings, and includes such hits as Tennessee Hound Dog, Georgia Piney Woods, and the remake of Ruby, Are You Mad.
CDR PATTO Patto 18,00 Repertoire reissue
CDR PEACE JOE Finding peace of mind 19,00 World In Sound
CDR PENTANGLE Cruel Sister 29,00 M/M new copy SS reissue 180G Music On Vinyl
CDR PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon 18,00 M/M new copy SS 2CD experience edition - album remastered + unreleased studio & live recordings
CDR PREGADIO ROBERTO (con Edda Dell'Orso) Eva la venere selvaggia ost 10,00 killer price!
CDR PUENTE TITO Top percussion/Dance mania 10,00 killer price!
CDR RED CRAYOLA Malefactor, ade 10,00 killer price!
CDR REICH STEVE Music for 18 musicians 18,00 Nonesuch
CDR RICO & the RUDIES Blow your horn/Brixton cat 15,00 Trojan UK
CDR RISING SUN Born to be wild (Radioactive Rec.) 10,00 killer price!
CDR RITCHIE JEAN Singing The Traditional Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain Family 20,00 EX-/EX Tartare T-8014
CDR RIVERS JOHNNY At the Whisky Go Go/Here we Go Go again! 16,60
CDR ROCKETS The Rockets 19,20 pre Crazy Horse
CDR ROLLING STONES s/t (England's Newest Hit Makers) 10,00 killer price! ABKCO's Remstered series w inaugural edition certificate
CDR RONNBLOM F ANDERS Ramlosa Kvarn 15,00 reissue swedish songwriter
CDR ROOM Pre-Flight 20,70
CDR RUEDA JESUS Piano music 10,00 killer price!
CDR SAN MICHAEL'S San Michael's 10,00 killer price! 1971 swedish prog classic
CDR SBB Hofors 1975 18,00 M-/M-1975 recordings
CDR SCHULZE KLAUS Stars Are Burning 19,00 M/M 2CD contains the complete concert at The Brussels University on April 16, 1977 & There Shall Be Sung Another Golden Age record in Arnheim, Holland on October 28, 1979
CDR SEVENTH DAWN Dreams +6 18,00 Bella terra reissue
CDR SHEPP ARCHIE On Green Dolpjin Street 10,00 killer price!
CDR SILL JUDEE Judee Sill 19.50 M/M new copy SS JAP press
CDR SILVERSTEIN SHEL Inside Folk Songs 20,00 usato/used M-/M- Water ‎ water215
CDR SKATALITES Guns of Navarone 10,00 killer price!
CDR SNOW MICHAEL Musics For Piano, Whistling, Microphone And Tape Recorder 150,00 M-/M- Track & Light Recordings ‎ TLR 04 - 2 CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue - USA 1994 - on cover: SNOW '94 50/190 handwritten
CDR SOFT MACHINE Fcelift 10,00 M/M new copy SS 2CD Voiceprint ‎ VP233CD Recorded at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, UK on 26 April 1970
CDR SOFT MACHINE Live 1970 10,00 M/M new copy SS Blueprint ‎ BP290CD
CDR SOFT MACHINE Turns On Volume 1 10,00 M/M new copy SS Voiceprint ‎ vp231cd - different studio versions
CDR SOFT MACHINE Turns On Volume 2 10,00 M/M new copy SS Voiceprint ‎ vp231cd - different studio versions
CDR SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Taking Out Time-Complete Recordings 1967-1969 40,00 M/M new copy SS 3CD box RPM
CDR SPIRIT Time circle 1968/1972 19,00 2CD
CDR SPRINGSTEEN BRUCE The rising-limited editon!! 25,00 40 page booklet-rare out of print!!
CDR SPUD Smoking on the bog 20,00 Kissing spell
CDR STANT BARBARA That man of mine 17,00 all known recordings, an undrground soul favourite
CDR STANTON CANDI s/t 19,00 26 nuggets of pure southern-fried soul
CDR STEELE TOMMY and the STEELMEN The rock and roll years 10,00 killer price!
CDR STEVENS MEIC Rain in the leaves: the Eps volume 1 19,50 the Welsch Bob Dylan eps
CDR STEVENS MEIC Sackloth & ashes: the ep's volume 2 19,00 Sunbeam
CDR STEVENSON MICKEY Here I Am 10,00 M/M 1972 debut LP plus 2 bonus tracks by the sixties Motown producer killer price!
CDR SUN RA Cymbals & Crystal Spears 18,00 M-/m- 2CD Evidence ECD The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums
CDR SUNDANCE s/t 20,00 rural psych from California killer price!
CDR SUNNYLAND SLIM She's got a thing goin'on 10,00 killer price!
CDR SWEITZER HENRY Te Deum 15,00 M/M Cd-R Creel Phone
CDR TAJ MAHAL The natch'l blues 10,00 killer price!
CDR TAMS The best of The Tams (BGO) 10,00 killer price!
CDR THE FIVE AMERICANS s/t 16,60 20 tracks, Sundazed
CDR TOBY JUG and WASHBOARD BAND Greasy Quiff 18,00 Kissing Spell 2001
CDR TOOTS & The MAYTALS Reggae Legends 10,00 killer price!
CDR TOQUINHO E VINICIUS Brazil 10,00 killer price!
CDR TOURBIN JEAN YVES Gayan 10,00 french artist only released in Denmark 1981 prog folk killer price!
CDR TRIO Conflagration 10,00 killer price!
CDR TURNQUIST REMEDY Iowa by the sea 10,00 killer price!
CDR UTIMATE SPINACH s/t 19,20 una verla perla 60's
CDR UTOPIA Redux'92: Live In Japan (CD + DVD) 10,00 M/M new copy SS an Esoteric recordings definitive remastered edition + DVD Live killer price!
CDR VALLE MARCOS Marcos Valle (1970) 32,00 M/M new copy SS JAP press
CDR VANGELIS/JON ANDERSON The Friends Of Mr.Cairo 10,00 killer price!
CDR VELVET UNDERGROUND La Cave 1968 18,00 2 October 1968 La Cave Cleveland, Ohio Keyhole records
CDR VINCENT GENE The E.P.collection 10,00 M--/EX+ See For Miles
CDR WAITS TOM Franks wild years 10,00 killer price!
CDR WAKEMAN RICK Live At The Maltings 1976 10,00 killer price!
CDR WALKER SCOTT Sings Jacques Brel 10,00 killer price!
CDR WARHORSE s/t 10,00 killer price! w one Deep Purple founder
CDR WENDY & BONNIE Genesis 20,20 San Francisco 1969, due sorelle tra folk e west coast
CDR WET WILLIE The best of 14,50 pure american sound
CDR WHISKEY HOWL s/t 10,00 killer price!
CDR WHITFIELD BARRENCE & the SAVAGES s/t 7,80 live infuocato
CDR WILLIAMS TONY Life time 10,00 killer price!
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